Monday, August 17, 2020



OMG ! My old school Franco!! Yes!! CO77x and the monkey face!! FRANCO swears he didn't do it.. Liz yells and thinks Ava did it for publicity. Franco says she's crazy. Liz storms out. Everyone leaves. 

Ava overhears Lulu talking about Nikolas and the fact that he probably did this. 

Metro: Brook Lynn tells Carly that Michael isn't CEO of ELQ anymore, Valentin is. Val comes in and Brook says "you owe me an apology"..the go to sit down. 

Anna, Chase and Finn talk about the wedding and Chase's break up with Sasha. Also he custody stuff. Man, the actor that plays Chase looks really different. No gyms during COVID maybe? Or is it just the missing scruff?? 

Jax and Nina go to the Metro and tell Carly about the painting. 

Liz ran to the Parapet?? Ok.. whatever. She says Ava is going to "destroy whatever good is left in Nikolas" ..OMG how stupid. I HATE THIS direction of the story. HATE. 

Brook Lynn got thrown out of the Q house? LOL

NO one took a pic of that monkey painting... 

OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, Ava goes and yells at Nik and they talk about hating each other and ..OMG they almost KISS BUT BECAUSE OF COVID it cut away!!  Then they came back and Ava said "How dare you"!! Nikolas "How dare YOU'!! Ava: you can't manipulate me with sex! And she leaves. 

BUT the seed is planted for NAVA lust!! 

Frank teases new storylines on Daytime Confidential. They sound boring ?


  1. Boring is a nice description. After I read that I went to the GH page and ranted a bit. IMO it is going downhill when it could have been flying high with all the fans who missed it.
    Personal note about the monkey: I love animals of every type. Don't kill insects, talk to birds and any animal that will listen. Except for one: monkey's. Any type. Just can't stand them.
    I really want some of these characters back as they should be. Kudos to the actors on GH that can make inane stories tolerable.

  2. well the previews he teased are just dumb. I coulda done those teasers...…
    WHERE is Kevin and I don't remember why Laura wasn't at the unveiling when she told Lulu she was going - is this a COVID thing with G Francis?
    SO glad Ava heard the REAL story that Nik was doing to her.
    Sad that Ephinany hasn't been in any hospital scenes before or now ----at least we have Felix.

    1. I get that Max Gail is a treasure and wish he could be a cast member however...a what if story about not having dementia seems weak to me. And totally unrealistic. I feel depressed after watching GH sometimes.

  3. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carly and NuBrooky: Hahaha. Carly doesn't want to give NuBrooky any alcohol because of the last time she was there she fought with Lulu! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Nina, Carly, and Jax: Uh what is with Carly touching Jax's arm? :) Nina all jelly. I love my Jarly, but really if Carly kept touching my boyfriend's arm? Yeah I would say something. Nina say something!!!

    Wyndemere: Monkey see monkey do? :) Liz is accusing Ava of doing that to her painting, all the while Nik is drooling all over Liz and looking like he is in love with her.

    Nik and Liz: HOLY HOT DAMN! He wanted to kiss her!!! :) There was a huge spark between them. I felt it and saw it! YEOW!!!!! I wanted him to kiss her.. I still love my Friz though. :)

    Lulu and Dusty: Oh my!!! Lulu has a big mouth! Ava is gonna kill Nik!!! :)

    Nik and Ava: HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP!! Stupid virus!!! Ruining everything!

    Ava: I may hate you, but I am not going anywhere.

    Nik: Oh you hate me? I hate you.

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Hate sex a comin!!!! Come on Nava!!! Let's get the hate sex going! :)

    Ava: How dare you!

    Nik: How dare I? You kissed me.

    THEY KISSED! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Sure we missed it, but that's fine! THEY KISSED YAY!!!! :)

    "Karen says, BUT the seed is planted for NAVA lust!!"


    Friz: UGH! Stupid storyline!!

    The floating rib:

    Finchy and Chase: Finchy wins the line of the day.

    Finchy: What was there a group meeting or something? You sound like Anna.


    Maxie and Hiney: Oh thank you Anna for interrupting them! Maxie was going tell Hiney she got the preggers!! And boy she wishes he shot blanks! ROFL!

    Maxie and Anna: Blah blah Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    1. Looks like you are going to get your Nava hate-sex! Boy were they hot! Lol!

      I couldn't post for a few days as I had cataract surgery, and I just got caught up yesterday. Nik in a towel? Oooooh-wheee! I was all aflutter like Ava! :)

    2. "Julie H says, Looks like you are going to get your Nava hate-sex!"

      Haha. YES! :)

      "Boy were they hot! Lol!"

      Yes they were, unless you are being sarcastic. ROFL!

      "I couldn't post for a few days as I had cataract surgery,"

      Oh! How did it go?

      "Nik in a towel? Oooooh-wheee! I was all aflutter like Ava! :)"

      Yeah me too!!! Whew! :)

    3. Not sarcastic at all, they were hot! Eyeball is doing very well, thank you. Who knew it was so bright out...during the August! LOL!

  4. dreadful storylines on DC. they had 4 months to come up with something creative, and this is the best they can do?

    Hire me and Karen. STAT

  5. So this not-so-new Nik seems to have some real chemistry with Liz and Ava, I like it very much. I also like him in a towel! My goodness! I was liking the Spencer/Nik plot until loose-lipped Lulu spilled the beans, and BLQ is right, Lulu is a self righteous hypocrite.

    Liz's attitude bothers me and makes no sense. And I'm a fan of her's!

    Please spare me from PLP being a dad. I just can't with him and Maxie. I poster on DC calls him Pooter. I likey! LOL!

    Lastly, I agree withe the majority...the upcoming story lines don't sound very thrilling.

    Mumbles is back today. Oh boy.

    1. "Julie H says, I poster on DC calls him Pooter. I likey! LOL!"

      Hahahaahahahahahaha. Why Pooter? I likey too! :)

  6. Lulu, actress and character, is so incredibly annoying. I wonder if Spencer is hiding somewhere at Wyndemere and defaced that painting, which looks like it wasn't all that great to begin with. So funny not to see that kiss! On B&B they are using actors' spouses/partners for those scenes. Pooter needs to go.

  7. Can we talk about how ridiculous Lulu's hair looked? She is really is irritating.


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