Thursday, August 13, 2020


Thirsty Thursday

First off, no one is named Thursday. Who would do that to a child?

I tried to find some photos of people with drinks in their hand from Mac's Outback. I wanted to go old school and find something like that. Instead, as I was doing a search, this lovely, exquisite woman appeared and how could I resist?

Anna Lee was a gem. I am sure some of you know that she was one of the nuns in the Sound of Music movie. So respected and loved.

This brings me to my Question of the Day.

There really isnt a patriarch or matriarch on the show anymore. And by that I mean a senior member of the family that presides over the shenanigans of the group. I always loved David Lewis' diabolical side. He was as sweet as could be with Lila and put her on a pedestal and then behind the board room doors he was conniving and underhanded. John Ingle had a different take on the character. He was less business man and more family. But still, he was Edward Q. Both of them nailed the roles in different ways.

Most soaps have had a matriarch/patriarch on their show at one time. I remember on Loving there was the Aldans, Cabot and Isabella. And of course on Dallas we had Jock and Ellie Ewing.

In the comments, please mention your favorite patriarch/matriarch (either one or both) and what soap they were from. And do you think anyone on GH qualifies for that title now?


Based on sonya’s recap, I was compelled to watch yesterdays show. It was pretty good. Of course, I have issues so I am going to try to channel my inner Karen and make a few comments and observations. 

My father died of dementia in 2014. There was a day close to the end where he told me and my brother that he was ready to go. GH doesnt always get it right, but they did with this storyline. And Max just nails it. Why can’t all their stories be this good?

Are we referring to the woman with Jason as “FakeJan”? If not, then could we? Those of you “of a certain age” will understand the reference.

I think ELQ stocks is a tired storyline. It has been done many times, and frankly, it does not work without Tracy. And where is Monica? (I know… COVID. I get it) I am intrigued tho. This will give Wally some more screen time and hopefully also Lynn. I hope this segways into something bigger with better storylines. Will this have a direct effect on the Nurse’s Ball?

NuBrooke looks a lot like Idina Menzel. Is it just me? Anyone else?

The makeup on Ingo is so wrong on many levels.

Is Nina still searching for her daughter? Oh, move on already.

Gee…. you think Nelle is going to kidnap Wiley? You think? You should see the shocked look on my face.

Man, I hope Mike has a twin brother. 

Tad was fired. I am sure he wont be gone for long. He’s a fan favorite, no matter what soap he is on.

Carly was reserved. I have to say, I really like her when she is like that and not acting over the top. 

Jason was… human.

Wednesday was a good show. Very soapy. Karen would have liked it if she wasn’t sitting on a beach somewhere. I’m glad I watched.

But now it is on to Thursday. You’ll be happy to know it is my last day filling in for Karen. Talk about Thursday’s show and welcome Karen back from her mini-vacation tomorrow.


  1. clarification:

    when i said that Tad was fired, I meant the character of the lawyer was fired by Nelle on the show. I did not mean the actor. I just re-read it and realized that could have caused some confusion.

    1. Yes, I'm sure those of us who saw the show know what you meant. I am certainly "of a certain age," but am baffled by your "FakeJan" reference.

      And I couldn't think of anyone named Thursday, either.

    2. I think "FakeJan" is the Brady Bunch episode where Jan wears a black wig trying to look different

    3. Yes, I was thinking it might be the Brady Bunch . . .


      Eve Plumg was making the tv movie "Diary of a teenage runaway" when they made the Brady Bunch Variety Hour. SHe couldnt be in it, so Geri Reischl stepped in for 8 episodes and famously was labeled "fake jan", Anytime an actor steps in for an established character they are referred to as a Fake Jan,

  2. I think Ned and Olivia are being groomed as the new patriarch and matriarch of the show and I am fine with that. I like both characters and it will help get the Q's back front and center in storylines after Bob Guza decimated the family in the early 2000s.

  3. The explanation about Monica not being at the meeting was that her vote would have been compromised by the fact that she is the one responsible (with Bobbie) for Nelle's lawsuit that is causing the financial damage to GH. Seems that donations have dropped off due to the fear that GH will lose the lawsuit.

  4. I had hopes that Lois might be matriarch at some poing but shes turning into a worse screw than Carly. Everyting is a screechy arguement with her. I'm at the FF stage with her now.

    And, you're right. Carly was so much calmer and more tolerable yesterday. I can actually listen to her when she's like that.

    They seem to have gotten rid of most of the older males so there's no one I can think of for the role of patriarch either. I can't see Ned filling the role.

    I sincerely hope that Nell isn't Nina's daughter. We'll be stuck with her forever. Have it be Willow...her mother's not above kidnapping or buying a baby... or get a new person who's not a psycopath.

    I like Tad. Now that Nell is refusing to pay his character maybe he can turn on her. and tell someone she said she's going to leave the country and it sounded like she was going to take Wiley with her. (That was said after she fired him.)

    Thanks for filling in David. I always enjoy your input and points of view.

    1. Lois?

      With Nelle handling that necklace like every minute, and the build-up of dislike between the 2 characters, I would be shocked if Nelle is NOT Nina's daughter. . .

    2. lol Don't know where my head was when I wrote hat. I meant OLIVIA.

  5. Family importance and unity have been missing at GH for sometime. Lila & Edward were simply the best.
    Looks like Nelle will take Wiley and run. I really want Brad to be the one to take her down. Just read he is back on set.
    Yes, Mike's story has been excellent from the start. Funny, his story started in 2018 and has been amazing to watch. The baby story also started in 2018 and just seems way too long with no end in sight.
    Thanks Dave.

  6. Um, last time we saw Mike he was unresponsive and needed a feeding tube. Did I miss something or is he just having a lucid moment? Nu-Brooklynn reminds me of Juliette Lewis. Looks like Jason has a wig and rubber piece where he is supposed to be shaved. Does anyone miss KM? Didn't think so. Ingo may look really tan because he works as a lifeguard during his time off from GH. Still don't see any social distancing between the actors.

  7. One of my best girlfriends works in the entertainment industry in Hollywood. She told me she thinks that GH actors first have to quarantine for 14 days, then are tested regularly while they are put up in hotels that have special services. She says they may do this for something like 3 weeks at a time, and film tons of episodes.

    1. Sounds good. They know what they are doing. 😊

    2. "AntJoan says, while they are put up in hotels that have special services."

      I've been meaning to ask, what special services? :)

  8. Glad to hear that AntJoan - didn't really think they would be careless. Thanks!

  9. Aren’t Carly & Sonny supposed to be the matriarch & patriarch?

    1. Meaning by the way they have to be involved in every storyline.

  10. Nobody good for Matriarch and Patriarch

    1. I was saying the other day, when Liz was quoting Mary Mae Ward, that I could see her in the matriarch role when she is much older, as she is very wise and kind.

  11. Was I the only one thrilled that Willow and Michael won?

  12. Ahhhh Lila. :) A wonderful sweet woman she was. :)

    "Based on sonya’s recap, I was compelled to watch yesterdays show. It was pretty good."

    What did you think of today's episode? :)

    The Q's home:

    Nedlia: Ned and Olivia are arguing. :( She is so upset she is crying. She is talking about family! Hate to see mom and dad arguing. :(

    Wiley's room:

    Willow and Michael: They put invisible Wiley to bed. We don't see him. So Willow and Michael have some eye sex and Willow says she loves Chase, but she is so happy to be married to Michael! Uhhhhhhhhhhhh what?

    The floating rib:

    Brooky, Chase, and Sasha: Brooky is whining a lot. Sasha texts Olivia. Olivia comes down there and talks to Brooky. Chase talks to himself saying he still loves Willow. :(

    Blue haired girl and Sasha: Well well well.. Blue haired girl gives Sasha some drugs in the bathroom!! Will Sasha make out with it? Time will tell.

    Chase and Sasha: OH BOY! Sasha DID make out with the drugs! Her eyes are buggin!!!!! YIKES her eyes are really buggin!!

    Olivia and Brooky: Olivia gave Brooky a room at the metrocourt. Awwwww. :(

    The hospital:

    Sam and Brando: Man! Sam is practically growling to him. He is trying to tell her he isn't the enemy. She hates him! You know what that means? :) They will be having all the sex soon.

    Friz: They are not agreeing about Ava's unveiling. She says it's a farce. She is not going to it.

    Jason's room:

    Carly and Jason: Carly has a present for him!!! It's a helmet!! HAHAHAHAHAHA. She wants him to wear it all the time he is riding the bike. He agrees. She wants to buy him shirts that are not black. HAHAHAHAHAHA. She talks to him about Nelle and how she didn't have good parents. She had Virgina who loved her! Jason wants her to be careful with Nelle. Carly feels bad for Sasha who gave up so much! Oops big mouth Carly! ROFL! Jason is like HUH?! What?! Carly is leaving quickly hahahaha! Carly wins the line of the day.

    Carly: Good people nice people drive me crazy!


    Jasam: They are holding hands! ICK! *Grabs a hand sanitizer and throws it at them*

    Lulu and Sonny: UGH! Lulu is whining to Sonny about Cyrus.

    Lulu and Mr. Erikson: Ah Mr. Erikson one of the board members of the hospital. Lulu says Nik has the money for the hospital, but no no no Mr. Erikson says Cyrus will help! RA RO!


    Nik and Queen Ava: Queen Ava has Carona hair and Carona shirt. :) Nik says that he won't divorce Ava unless he cheats. Nik says that Spencer doesn’t want to be with his father without the money. Karma Nik! Karma!

    Lulu and Nik: Lulu has got the carona hair too. Yes Nik wants to give money to the hospital.

    Queen Ava and BobTodd: BobTodd is there to get the painting.

    Nik on the phone with Spencer: We don't see Spencer.. WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP! Nik lied!!!!!! Spencer and Nik are working together to take down Ava! So does this mean Spencer forgives his father?! I have to have a Nik and Spencer scene!!! :)

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine and goes to June 1994. The first nurses ball!!!! :)

  13. Sonya, Don't you remember? Laura told something to Nik about the whole Spencer thing, and when he left, he obviously was going to take her advice! I didn't know exactly what she told him, but, as soon as he spoke to Ava about Spencer, I knew that was it.

    Someone here said that Jason has a thing on his head to look like he shaved, but I looked closely, and it really looks like he shaved the sides, you can see the veins in his head, and some of his hair looks like it might be growing in a little grey.

  14. "AntJoan says, Sonya, Don't you remember? Laura told something to Nik about the whole Spencer thing, and when he left, he obviously was going to take her advice! I didn't know exactly what she told him, but, as soon as he spoke to Ava about Spencer, I knew that was it."

    Oh yeah!!!! :) I remember that. Well we need a Nik and Spencer scene when Nik went to see him! :)

    "Someone here said that Jason has a thing on his head to look like he shaved, but I looked closely, and it really looks like he shaved the sides,"

    Looks so realistic! :)

    "some of his hair looks like it might be growing in a little grey."

    OH! I didn't notice.

  15. Having a hard time accepting NuBrooke; to me she is awful. NuSam is meh ... I am amused at how happy a Valentine is. Matriarch/Patriarch should have been a Emily Quartermaine and Nicholas Cassadines EXCEPT Emily got killed off during a writers’ strike, so I supposed our matriarch is Laura Webber Baldwin Spencer Cassadine Spencer Collins (Or something like that) and patriarch is Ned ...


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