Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Saving The Day

 Jason calls Epiphany to come and patch up Taggert in the safe house!! She's a mobular nurse now lol --Oh, she KNEW ABOUT TAGGERT'S FAKE DEATH. !! She helped. She won't tell anyone she saw him. His gunshot wound is thru and thru btw so he'll be ok. She leaves. Jason calls Sonny and says he's handling it. 
Carly then tells Sonny to go help Jason "it must be important". 
Taggert wakes up. 


Brook Lyn wakes up, remembers Nelle talking to her in the dressing room.  She gets all aggitated. Ned gets a doctor. She can't talk, so Sonny tells her to nod about Nelle. She nods yes. They get her a pen. She's too shaky to write. Doctor comes in, everyone has to get out. He tells Brook Lynn not to talk. 

Nina is still at the Qs. Jax comes to the door, looking for her . Jax is trying to console Willow and says Nelle will be found. Olivia calls and tells Willow that Brook confirmed that Nelle took Wiley. 

Sasha's at the PCPD. I guess to be "with" Michael? I don't even know. Michael is trying to get into Nelle's phone but can't get the password right. 
Michael goes to see Brook Lyn. Even tho she shouldn't talk, she tells Michael there's a GPS tracker on Wiley. Michael figures out (with a fake flashback) that the password is the date of Nelle's kidney operation. 

Jogger on the road redux, she gets the Amber Alert. Nelle is driving still, talking to Wiley. The jogger calls the Amber hotline. She says Nelle has been gone about 20 min. Then we see Nelle stop the car and say "We are here"!! 

Nelle is hiding in the Q cabin... in the woods "They'll never look for us here" Oh, not sure it's the "Q Cabin"...someone said it's where Michael took Nelle eons ago? 

Chase is talking to the jogger (That was fast)...she shows him which way Nello went. 
Nelle sees That the Kangaroo was left in the get away bag! She freaks out. 

TOMORROW: Michael fights Nelle! 


  1. Nelle, meet your jail cell.....

  2. I hope Michael had sense enough to call Jason on the way. And I'm feeling very vicious where she's concerned. I hope she leaves Wiley, makes a run for it and crashes on one of those sharp turns. Dying in a burning car would definitely be karma.

    I loved seeing our Phiffy again. I wanted to reach through and give her a hug.

    Had to watch on the Canadian channel as ABC in Boston had a 50 minute interruption.

  3. Really enjoyed today's show. So like how they intertwined BLQ to the Nelle. Wonder where the Taggert story will go. So, they had Willow, Nina, and Sasha together. Will Willow and Nelle be twins????

  4. Q home:

    Nina and Willow: Playing backgammon?!?!?!! Seriously?!!?!?!? Wiley is missing and you are playing a board game?!!?!?! What happened to freaked out Willow from yesterday? I want her back!!

    Nina, Willow, and Sasha: There was no reason for Sasha to be there. She is not necessary! I hope she isn't high. Oh Sasha left. Nina and Willow miss Sasha? UGH! Oh hi Jax! :)

    Sasha outside: So basically.

    Sasha: Hello cocaine.

    Cocaine: Hello baby. Open the bag and let's have some fun.

    Private cabin:

    Jason and Piffy: Piffy helped Taggart to fake his death?!!?!?! YAY! :) Wait Taggart was shot?!??!!? NO WAY! He was not shot!!! Julian and Taggart fought, and then Julian pushed him into the wall and then Taggart went down. No gun went off!!! Come on writers!!! Nice try!!

    Jason and Sonny: Sonny wins the line of the day.

    Sonny: How the hell is he alive?!!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Well at least he didn't say, he is supposed to be dead! ROFL! Like people usually say on a soap! How the hell is he/she alive is a lot better dialog! Must be cold in that room. Taggart's nipples were hard! :) Oh Taggart is awake! :) YAY!

    Police station:

    Chase and Michael: Michael has got to find the password to find Nelle in the GPS! Hmmm. It's Chase! Stupid Quartermaines! Sixteen candles!

    The hospital:

    Ned and Brooky: Ned!!!! Stop making me cry! :( She needs a whiteboard Olivia!! Not an envelope!!

    Sonny and Brooky: I love all the nodding Brooky was doing.. :)

    Michael and Brooky: Stupid fake Michael and Nelle flashback! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    CarJax: She isn't touching his arm hahaahaha. Well, that's because Nina isn't there! ROFL!

    The lost road:

    Jogger: She has been gone for at least 20 minutes.

    20 minutes?!?!!?!? She just left!!! I think she is too nervous and really meant 20 seconds!!

    Jogger and Chase: Nice to have known you lady. Nelle will hunt you down now. :)

    Number 2 private cabin:

    Nelle: Wait who packed the Roo? Did she do it?

    1. I think Julian packed the Roo.

    2. "Di says, I think Julian packed the Roo."

      Oh okay! Good thinking Julian!!! :)

    3. Thanks for the recap Sonya! I think Julian packed the roo, too! :)
      I applauded when Piffy said to Jason that you and Sonny aren't the only people in town with secrets. HAHAHAHAH! Love that woman to pieces!

      The backgammon game had me flashing back to college. We played endlessly. I didn't know it was still a thing, lol!

  5. "Julie H says, Thanks for the recap Sonya!"

    You're welcome. :)

    "I think Julian packed the roo, too! :)"

    Very smart Jules! :)

    "I applauded when Piffy said to Jason that you and Sonny aren't the only people in town with secrets. HAHAHAHAH! Love that woman to pieces!"

    Hahahaha yeah I love her too. :)

    "The backgammon game had me flashing back to college. We played endlessly. I didn't know it was still a thing, lol!"

    Hahahahaha me neither!!!! :)


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