Friday, August 7, 2020


 I'm here ready to close out the week! 

Image Dr. Navarro's OBGYN office... she's in surgery so Maxie has to wait. BUT, the nurse does the test and Lulu's in there. Maxie tells Lulu she took THREE at home tests and they were positive. GROSS. 
DAMN IT. She and Lulu talk about whether or not Maxie would want another baby. 

Finn and Porita. She's looking at pics of Violet. She talks to him about Trina. She says daughters are hard work. 

Peter whines to Anna at the Metro. He doesn't wanna sit next to Robert at the wedding. wahh. Robert comes in, he's mad about the story Peter wrote about Holly in his paper. Peter leaves. Anna yells at Robert for being mean. 

Sam and Carly talk about how much they hate Peter LOL Sam thinks he framed Dr O . YEAH SAM! 

Jordan at Cyrus' ...he wants her to use Nelle's lawsuit somehow to get the hospital to put him on the board? 
Don't get it. I guess because he has money? UGH whatever. We find out later that Cyrus was the one to make Jason have the accident. 

Sonny walks into Brando's garage.  Tells Brando about Mike. Brando relays a story about Mike and a horse and.. having to put it down Designed to make Sonny feel better. 

Jason is still layin' in the road. Curtis finds him. Calls GH...they get him there. 

HOSPITAL: Jason has a TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY lol.. Poor Carly's going to have to decide about the plug probs (but he'll wake up).  Anyway Portia and Finn say he needs surgery. Carly signs consent. He may DIE! OH NO!! lol 

MONDAY: Franco is on 


  1. Jason will be fine, heaven forbid he wakes up as jason quartermaine. and can they write Anna any dumber

  2. I'm glad they opted for Carly making the decision about a surgery, not pulling the plug. That would be too close to Mike's situation, and way too soon. I bet they're going to have someone try to take out Sonny now and Brando will save him. That will get Brando in place to watch Sonny while Jason's in the hospital. And get him closer to Sonny if he's a Fed.

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. This Maxie is pregnant is terrible. Peter is a very BADDDDDDDDD man. And, I like Maxie when she isn't doing stupid stuff

    1. I think Maxie being pregnant is crazy too. (Did the nurse actually say she was?) We have enough invisible children on this show already.

  4. Accident scene: It took hours and hours and hours for Jason to be found. What happened with the accident? Did he slip on a banana peel or something?

    Jason and Curtis: Curtis don't touch Jason!!! Where is the hand sanitizer?


    Sonny and Brando: Brando with his horsy named Smokey! Come on Brando sing him the song.

    "On top of old smokey all covered with snow
    I lost my true lover for courting too slow
    For courting's a pleasure and parting's a grief
    And a false hearted lover is worse than a thief
    For a thief will just rob you and take all you save
    But a false hearted lover will lead you to the grave"

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carly and Sam: Sam is practically,


    Anna and Robert: Oh Anna shut up! Don't call Robert an idiot! Unless you are trying to tell him you love him. Otherwise, you are the one who is a blind idiot! And no you are NOT right!!!! Stop defending your horrible nephew!!

    Hiney and Carly: LAURA AND WES SCENE TOGETHER YAY! :) Oh boy.. You just can't hide your feelings for her can you Wes? :) It's written all over your face. :) Oh my! Carly threatening Hiney with Sonny! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!

    The hospital:

    Portia and Finchy: Hmmm. Are they trying to see if they have chemistry? Portia is right about what she said. Kids are tricky. You just don't know how they are going to feel.

    Liz, Portia, and Finchy: Saint Jason is coming!!! Get ready!!!

    Maxie and nurse: Maxie wins the line of the day.

    Maxie: Maybe I need a time machine or a boyfriend that shoots blanks.


    Maxie and Lulu: 3 pregnancy tests! UGH UGH UGH UGH!!!! She is having the spawn of Satan's baby!!!

    Jason's accident: Oh boy!!! Brain injury! Who will Jason wake up as? Elvis? Jake Gyllenhaal? George Costanza?

    Hiney and Carly: Hmmmm another scene with them. Me likey. :)

    Hiney, Maxie, and Lulu: Oh yes! Great idea to lie to him about why Maxie is there.. Satan Jr should NOT know about the baby! Shhhhhhh!

    Cyrus's home:

    Cyrus and Jordan: Are they going to kiss? Have a fling? Share a sundae? What is going to happen next on the Cyrus and Jordan storybook romance?

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1999. Emily attacks Carly. HA! I remember this.

    1. I'm kinda tired of Anna being written as stupid. 😒

      Also, the writers didn't look up that NY is a helmet state. 🙄😂

    2. "Tanya says, I'm kinda tired of Anna being written as stupid. 😒"

      Yeah me too!

      "Also, the writers didn't look up that NY is a helmet state. 🙄😂"

      ROFL! Apparently not! :)

    3. Jason isn’t much for rules.

  5. OH! And yesterday's the bold and the beautiful, they used a mannequins for the kissing scene with Brooke. You can tell it's a mannequin! She wasn't moving when Ridge kissed her! BAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA! And he was trying not to laugh! :) The start of 2:07. You gotta see it! ROFL!

  6. I do think Jason will wake up as Jason Quartermaine and he will be looking for Keisha!

    1. "DanDan says, I do think Jason will wake up as Jason Quartermaine and he will be looking for Keisha!"

      That's a beautiful dream. :(

    2. That would be hilarious!! I hope so...

  7. Finally Franco! I wonder what RoHos hair will look like? LOL!!
    Ok I'm over whatshisface...Cyrus..🙄

    1. Yes, Cyrus, please go away!! So Carly will have to make the DNR decision, like 2 mins. after she signed the papers.

      And then Sam will have to linger by Jason's bedside, so she will HAVE to do something about her parole officer, so she will HAVE to make a deal with Valentin re her children's shares . . .

  8. I hope: 1) Jason's TBI turns him back into preppy, non-murdering Jason Q, and Carly and Sam are like, "WTF? Who is this?" 2) Maxie has an abortion. (There, I said it.)

    1. Kevin or maybe Maxie will have a miscarriage.. I don't know what the writers are planning.

  9. I hope they are using green screens or old footage. They are VERY close today

  10. 2 things. Jason would be all smashed up and bloody.

    AND, Why didn't someone just shoot Cyrus already? Makes no sense

  11. Wish Anna came back with a brain; still missing

    Does anyone think Brando messed with the motorcycle? Had a weird look on his face

  12. I guess they are trying to get Tristan Rogers off the show already. Sending him to Holly's "funeral". I hated listening to Anna No Brain berate him, when Robert is the one that's right.

  13. hopefully Robert going to Holly's funeral will lead to a story for Robert an adventure would be nice...only if the show it no off screen stuff


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