Sunday, August 9, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Returning To Regularly Scheduled Broadcasting


Oh it's been A WEEK PEOPLE!! We are back in business. First of all, it was a good week just in the fact the show was new.  So, I did have a grin on most of the time. 

New Faces, new sets and ... a bunch of stuff I need to talk about. So, belly up to the bar and get ready. 

WEEK OF THE NUFACES!! Two temporary replacements showed up on our screens. 

First up: NUSAM (Played by Lindsay Hartley) popped up this week and really just lit up the screen. I was a big fan of Kelly for a long time but as you know, lately, I found her to be miserable in her job. So, I welcomed a change. I thought Lindsay did a great job. She had a wonderful rapport with Laura Wright. 


Second: NUBROOK!  So, I did notice that Amanda Setton looked PG ... I mean REALLY PG. I did wonder why she always wore those blazers. Welp. Guess this was it. Briana Lane will be taking over the part for now. I'm thinking with all the COVID going on, Amanda may be out awhile. Anyway, I LOVE Amanda but I really liked Briana too! She did a nice job. Held her own with Maxie/Kirsten. Yeah! 


POP UP OF THE WEEK: It's DANTE! Looking mighty good!!! Right now he's still in Switzerland away from everyone but that's ok. We know he'll be back.  I do think it should have been kept a secret. We would have died if he just showed up! 


REAL LIFE OF THE WEEK:  Mike, Mike Mike. Yet again they get this right.  Sonny wanting to save him but then seeing Yvonne on a ventilator after her feeding tube went wrong. I'm glad he came to that realization himself (with a little help from Felix and Liz) rather than Carly harping on him. 


LIVING WILL OF THE WEEK:  Oh, foreshadowing much? Jason wants Carly to be his Power of Attorney in case anything happens to him. He's seen Mike slip away and wants to make sure that's not him. So, he asks Carly because he thinks Sam loves him too much. At first, Sam is pissed. Then she realizes it's the right decision. Then? Oh yeah, Jason flies off his bike and Carly has to sign his papers in GH. :eyeroll: Don't we have enough ish going on with Mike?? And BTW, if Jason wakes up and has no memory or is "someone else" I will stab some people. 


NO ONE WANTS THIS OF THE WEEK: No. No. Nope. While she and Lulu's talk about keeping the baby or not was good, NOPE. Just no.  PS Maxie gets bad hair of the week. EESH. 


MISSTEP OF THE WEEK:  Cyrus. Cyrus. Cyrus. I'm not feelin' him. Love the actor. Love that Sonny might have a decent enemy in town but the story is so... weak. Now he wants to be on the board of the hospital. Money laundering? Drug running? And the Jordan link isn't working at all. She's just annoying. I don't care about her at all. Make Brando his son maybe? That might make him interesting. Did he ask Brando to tamper with Jason's bike? We aren't sure the favor he wants. Maybe that was it. I don't like Brando either. So-- whatever


CHARACTER OF THE WEEK: Let's hear it for Liz. Loved her talk with Sonny about Mike. She is being written as a nurse and I love it. 


RUNNER UP: Nelle. Not only did she tell boring Nina off but she also got new passports for she and Wiley to get out of town. After going to the Q house, we also find out there's a GPS in Wiley's Kangaroo. Yes, I'm team Nelle. Willow and Michael give me the creeps. Truly. 


Jason fell off his motorcycle, has a head injury and needs surgery
Mike is not eating
Peter's still around. Blah
Robert suspects Holly might be alive
Maxie goes in for a blood test but has had 3 positives at home
Dante is thinking he should stay where he is
Sonny decides not to put the feeding tube in Mike
Valentin offers Sam a deal for Danny and Scout's ELQ proxies
Brook Lynn is the new "voice" of Deception; she'll write a song
Cyrus tells Jordan to get him on the board at GH 
Brando may have tampered with Jason's bike on Cyrus' orders
Nelle is planning on leaving town


Dante's Doc 

So, I would like to say: Happy to Be Back! The show this week just picked right up where it left off. Now I would have like to have had a small time jump and then gone backwards a bit through flashbacks but... I know that would have been a ton to organize. I'm sure everyone was just figuring out who would be on set, when and how. I'm not going to bitch too much. Live tweeting again was a blast and so was doing the blog. My fingers ached and I couldn't type as fast as usual lol !! 

Good to have you here too! It's been too long. How did you feel watching the show again? You could tell they were distancing some of the time but other times it felt like there was nothing going on. Hairstyles for the men were the funniest. LOL They changed the most! Chase was so clean cut I didn't recognize him!! 

Ok, have a great Sunday. I will be here tomorrow. After that I'm getting away for 2 nights in the 1000 Islands. We need it. We were due to go to Luxembourg and England but--well, NOPE.  It's a distanced thing and here in NY everything is very masked. (so don't worry about me!) I'll be back Friday!! 


  1. Agree with all, except I don't like Nelle and want to see a good ol' "who dun it?" with Nelle dead.

    Dante's doc, wasn't he on OLTL. I forget his name. He sure is fine with all the grey hair. Suits him well. And Dom looks great as usual. Dom has done some great acting in the past, especially when first on the show, hope he gets a good story line. I don't mind Dante and Robin coming back. Nelle, not so much

  2. P.S. Forgot to say thank you Karen and have a good vacation.

  3. OK, so no one responded to 2 of my comments: 1) Irked that tempBrookLynn has no Brooklyn accent! 2) With Sam having to visit Jason due his injury, now likely she will give in and let Valentin have her children's proxies.

    Thanks, Karen, for the SS!

    1. AntJoan

      1) Haven't seen new BrookLynn yet. Like the other one

      2) So stupid, why would Sam give away her kids proxies. I wouldn't give anything away of my kids (if they had anything. lol)

  4. I really didn't care for nu-Sam - in that she looks way too old to be Sam - seeing her with Alexis really stood out - didn't look mother and daughter. WHY is the tracking device in the kangaroo? I didn't get that at all.
    Cyrus is not working for me either. He's too creepy - you can't tell me that SOMEONE wouldn't kill him or find a child of his (still think it could be Sasha's dad)-----and Jordan still can't act......I DID like Jason explaining to her why she has to pretend to follow his orders, but in reality it's a stupid storyline.
    Steve Burton said on his Patreon that he IS NOT leaving the show - not sure why the accident EXCEPT that I TRULY think Brando is a FED and was supposed to KILL him but couldn't.
    AND AND AND we need Jordan on the phone again with TAGGART - get him back - talk to him about what he is doing and let's bring down Cyrus...
    loving Olivia and Ned's storyline because it's realistic....
    hate hate Julian and Nelle storyline.

    1. I think Jason had the accident so that: 1) Carly will have mucho drama when she has to decide whether to use the DNR; and 2) so Sam will be forced to give Val her children's proxies, allowing for a "takeover" drama.

    2. Tracking device is in the kangaroo which Michael said Wiley had to have with him at all times when they went out. Nelle will track him to a location where it looks easy to kidnap him, ie: the park.

    3. Okay - that TOTALLY makes sense now!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Just me but I love fill in Sam. I don't think she looks too old to be Alexis daughter. In fact I think she looks kinda like NLG. I wish we could keep her. LOL!
      I do however agree about Cyrus! Not working for me either. I wish someone would kill him and Nelle.

    5. Did Sonny see Cyrus in the motorcycle/ auto shop? Wouldn't Sonny suspect Cyrus or Brando? Who else could it be?

  5. "I thought Lindsay did a great job. She had a wonderful rapport with Laura Wright."

    YES! :) She was great as Sam! I want to keep her! :)

    "Second: NUBROOK! Anyway, I LOVE Amanda but I really liked Briana too!"

    Her name rhymes with Quartermaine! Briana Lane Quartermaine hahahaha. Anyway meh she doesn't have that edge that Oomph that Amanda does.

    "POP UP OF THE WEEK: It's DANTE! I do think it should have been kept a secret. We would have died if he just showed up!"

    Yes! I agree. They should have kept it a secret.. That would have been a glorious surprise.

    "NO ONE WANTS THIS OF THE WEEK: No. No. Nope. While she and Lulu's talk about keeping the baby or not was good, NOPE. Just no."

    I don't know what the writers are planning. Maybe since Maxie said she doesn't know if this is the right time for a baby, but then decides to keep it, then she will have a miscarriage?

    1. No one has said this, but I'm sure that Hiney wants a baby to cement his romance with Maxie. That way if/when all of the bad stuff about him comes out, he'll still have a hold on her.

  6. Happy to have the show back.
    Agree with most of your thoughts Karen, except 'team Nelle'? She is 'good' but a sociopath through and through.
    Now there are 2 of my favorite actors on GH...Jeff Kober, Cyrus, and Christopher Cousins who I hope becomes a cast member.
    The temp girls are fine but Brook Lynn should have an accent and be instantly annoying...makes her all the more special.
    So many different looks. It's amusing. 'Maxie' has lost so much weight, but that hair. It's time for Hiney to go. And of course Holly is alive. As is Taggart. I hope.
    The Cyrus/Jordan thing is beyond ridiculous.
    Aside from joy of having GH back...and with a new show even on is great to have this blog back and running!
    Thanks and have a lovely mini vacay!

  7. Team Nelle for me too. Sometimes you have to root for the bad girl. She’s way more interesting than Michael and Willow. If they can make her a good mom that would be great. Just hate that anyone that ever crosses Sonny/Carly loses (think Ava)

    I think the gal playing Sam looks as young or younger than Kemo

    1. i agree both look the same age

    2. I love Ava, it took a bit but I cannot stand Nelle. I can't stand CarSon either so it's just Nelle. I just really hate her. She gave up her kid and she's done all this crap, lied and now, "oh I want my kid back"...he was stole from me. GAG...ME. Sick of her ALWAYS winning.

    3. I agree Michelle about CarSon and Nelle - Nelle is dangerous, unfit to be a mother to Wylie and a psychopath to boot. NuSam is a good actress but Brooklynn needs the accent. Laura W. was glad to finally work with her boyfriend but can't stand him either. Hate that Maxie is pregnant. She already has 2 kids! Jordan is so expressionless. I don't particularly like Liz's hair and Maxie's is just awful.

    4. Yeh Maxies cut is cute but the growing out color, not so much. Bad choice to wear it up like that.


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