Friday, August 21, 2020

Friday Day!


First 5 min is recap of yesterday.

Brook Lynn is down! Liz overhears Ava and Nina about the whole clause thing. Franco is eating something (my fave). Julian snuffs out Monica! 

People just wandering around talking. Nothing really. Val/Anna... Lucy freaks out to Amy about not finding Brook. 

Ava says something to Nina like Even tho LIz looks Innocent, she's a serial cheater LOL. Nina calls out Ava falling for Nik. Ava calls out Nina for still liking Valentin.  Liz should have run and told Franco right away. She finally tells him but Franco says it's Nikolas ' fault and she says it's Ava's. 

WE keep seeing Brook Lynn laying there. Monica laying there. 

Olivia tells Ned he's turning into his grandfather by the day. 

Chillow --they go to the Q house to "check on Wiley" 

Julian takes Wiley.. he drops the rag in his pocket. 

2:30 Still no musical number. 

Robert tells Olivia she can go see Dante!! Olivia is overjoyed!! She's so happy!! She HUGS HIM! Ned sees it LOL Oh, Robert has to go with her because civilians can't go alone. Ned talks to her later says YEAH! He'll go too. She says NO, he can't just she and Robert. 

Michael and Willow find Monica, can't wake her up.  She's not sure what happened. Willow goes upstairs. She comes down, "Wiley's gone".... Um, most basic white girl reaction GEESH!! LOL 

Dustin and Lulu find Brook Lynn. Lulu is like @@ and goes to call 911. She finds Ned and Olivia and tells them to come. Brook is taken out on a stretcher. 

Julian has Wiley at the docks. He thinks back to Ava telling him to just kill Nelle... he's like hmmm....Nelle comes out, asks why Wiley isn't in her car yet.  Jules just stares at her.  TELLS her someone has to stop her. Pulls out a gun. 

Last Number for the Nurses Ball.. they all sing.  Montage

LYNN HERRING IS gorgeous in her jeans and tshirt!!! 


  1. " most basic white girl reaction" Seriously? I don't know any white girls, or anyone else, who'd react like that if their baby was missing. I expected her to come screaming down the stairs.

    And didn't Julian knock the hanky out of his pocket on to the floor? I think that will come back to haunt him.

    I hope they're not toying with us with the scene where he pulls the gun . I want to see her dead with a bullet in her head and him rescuing the baby. Although given the love TPTB have for Nelle's character she'll probably end up getting credit for rescuing Wiley. Wake up Brooke Lynn! And no amnesia! That's been done to death.

  2. brooklyn will have damaged vocal cords. she wont be able to talk.

    1. ahhh....That's possible. And it would be a great way to go. Then the new actress doesn't have to be a good singer.

    2. Yes, I agree. Brook Lynn's singing career will be over (at least for awhile), and she will be distraught. This may draw Dustin closer to her.

  3. The nurses ball/Telethon:

    Friz: So basically,

    BobTodd: No Nik is the bad guy!

    Liz: No Ava is the bad guy!

    Me: Hey hey calm down! They are both bad guys!!! :) ROFL!

    BLQ and Nelle: BLQ sandwich's throat is slashed!!! Oh no! She won't be able to sing anymore I bet! Probably not for a few months, but then someone will save the day and restore her! :)

    Lulu and Dusty: Lulu is in a panicky shocking state!!!! She can't move!! Call 911 Dusty!! Geez how long was BLQ sandwich on the floor bleeding? In real life she would have bled to death.

    Willow and Michael: They are patting themselves on the back.

    Michael: Luke is definitely Tracy's life partner.

    Uhhhhhh hell no! Laura is!!! I will never get over L&L! L&L fan forever!!!!! :) I want L&L to get back together when someday GH is cancelled.

    Lucy and Amy: AMY! She lost weight! Wow she looks great!! :) Lucy wins the line of the day.

    Lucy: I think I'll do a little tap dance. I don't know how to tap dance. I hate tap dance. Just stall!

    ROFL! I do love this new dress she was wearing. :)

    Nedlia: No no no! Mom and dad arguing again! :(

    Anna and V.C.: Awwww she liked his performance. :) Who didn't? :)

    Olivia and Robert: Glad she is able to see her son!!!!! :)

    Jax and Nik: Yeah Nik you better listen to Jax. :)

    BobTodd and Nik: Bobtodd eating while talking to Nik! HAHAHAHA LOVE IT! :)

    Q home:

    Julian and Monica: Oh out you go! Have a nice sleep! Oh I bet Leslie Charleson is excited doing this storyline! She hasn't had a drama storyline in ages!

    Julian and Wiley: Julian texted Nelle that it's done? Uh no it's not done yet Julian! You still haven't let the house!!!!! Oh now you leave. Oh Wiley looks like a baby doll! ROFL!

    Willow, Michael, and Monica: Monica just woke up! Of course she won't remember anything yet. She looks all sweaty too. Willow finds out Wiley is missing, and she doesn't scream or yell or anything! She comes down all calm. :) Maybe she is in a state of zen.

    The pier:

    Julian: I'm the world's biggest coward.

    ROFL! He admits it! :)

    Nelle and Julian: Oh boy! You going to make her eat that gun Julian? :) Or are you going to talk her to death?

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to watch Stone tell Robin he is HIV postive!* So heartbreaking. :( Oh and he got shot on the leg.

    Then Robin takes him to the hospital for his leg.

  4. Saw the last 15 mins maybe, definitely watching on Hulu but can I say HOLAAA!! JULES! I LOVE YOU! Finally you grew some balls! 🤣😂🤣 will he explain to Carson and company how he has Wiley???

  5. Oh forgot 1 other thing. The Nurses ball/telethon is over?!?! Just like that?!!? But Chase didn't sing!!!! :( Where the heck is he?! Now I will have to watch his past performance on youtube.

  6. Did they cut Chase & Sasha? He was in spoilers for yesterday seeing Chillow, didnt happen. Then today Chillow planned to leave telethon but when they got home they talked abt seeing Chase & Sasha perform...

  7. I read that they filmed the.little actor that plays Wiley in his own bed at his own home since kids are not allowed in the studio currently. Great idea but we may not see him again for a long time

    1. "lindie says,I read that they filmed the.little actor that plays Wiley in his own bed at his own home since kids are not allowed in the studio currently."

      Oh really? Awwwwww. :) I love his name on his bedroom door! :)

      "Great idea but we may not see him again for a long time"

      Yeah probably not. That's okay as long as the little munchkin is safe. :)

    2. I will miss all of the wonderful child actors on the set. I hope this pandemic is over SOON!

    3. Not to bust anyones bubbles but doubt it will be. People just can't seem to wear their mask and/or social distance. I mean jesus...we've got college kids acting the fool have parties, cause they think nothing can't touch them! 🙄🙄 I'm so over this yr. I'm so glad GH is back but I am ready for my other shows to be back when it's time and it's not gonna happen...

    4. Yeah I just want 2020 to be over and the virus to end.. :(

    5. Here's an article about filming the Wiley scenes. It's so cute.

  8. Haven't watched Friday's show yet but love the comments.
    The Nurses Ball would have been a great distraction for a major sting on Nelle instead of the old blackmailing bossing around of Julian. It could have been grand. And dramatic. He won't kill her. But how's this: Ellen is Nelle spelled backwards. Her injury causes severe amnesia resulting in a reverse personality and she acts like white bread. Like Willow. And this goes on and on. We never know if it's real. Until someday.

  9. Lynn Herring is 61 and looks half that age. She and Becky H. are amazing!


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