Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Nurses Ball 2020


Nurses Ball! I'm only here for a bit... I'm getting my hair done at 3..so I'm leaving early!! 

It's a telethon this year, people are working the phone banks instead of having dinner and drinks. That money is going "right to frontline workers and giving to HIV directly". So, they are raising money to "make sure our workers have everything they need to keep us safe" --which gets the COVID in there a bit. 

Nelle's going to cause trouble. I hope I'm here to see it. 

SO, everyone is in Tshirts to work the phones. People come in on the red carpet. Very.. uneven dialog and show. It's like it was last minute and just..awkward. BUT!! Whatever. Glad it's here. What did you think? Nina and Lucy looked nice, Carly looked like a matron. I hate Michael's hair.  


  1. so not acts? That makes sense as to why Lucy didn't have rehearsal - I kinda like that idea lots...…. I have read that Cyrus kidnaps Wiley and Nelle uses the tracker to find him......then I read that Julian kidnaps Nelle......so I don't know
    BUT what happened to Brook Lynn's song?
    WHERE is Kevin?

    1. I think they'll still have acts. This was just the beginning.

  2. It better be TAGGART on that pier!!!!!! although I wonder if it's Holly???????

  3. Well...I mean, I'm sure it was last minute. They're been back in production a short time and I'm sure the NB was a big thing for them and they wanted to get it out there. They changed it up, for the front line workers so hey...I'm ok with that. Some things tick me off but I've learned to overlook the little things. We have our show back. 😊❤

  4. Jurtis home:

    Jurtis: Jordan is using some lotion on her hands and arms.. Hmmm or is it hand sanitizer? :)

    The hospital:

    Jason's room:

    Jasam: Oh look it's Kelly Monaco she is back! At first I thought Sam was going to get on top of him and kiss him.

    Liz and Jason: First Liz is on the phone with BobTodd and blows him off, and now she is in Jason's room whining so much!! Oh she decides to go to the nurses ball/telethon after all!

    Q home:

    Michael and Willow: Nelle is using her tracking device to follow Wiley. Michael and Willow are having eye sex.

    Monica, Willow and Michael: Awww Monica is staying with Wiley. :) Oh oh Monica where are you taking Mr. Hopsicle?!!?!?!

    The nurses ball/Telethon: So this telethon is about essential front line workers! I love it!!! :) And all the men wearing the nurses ball shirts, I can see their chesticals! :) And I can see Sonny's nipples. :)

    Carly, Lucy, and Nina: Carly's dress, meh. Lucy's dress no I don't like the color. Nina's dress I love!!! :)

    Jurtis: Jordan got a text!!!! It's work related?!!?! Hmmm did Taggart text her?

    Michael and Willow: More eye sex! I hope they are using protection!

    V.C. and Nina:

    V.C.: Hello Nina.

    Damn that was sexy as hell. :)

    Robert and Olivia: Oh they are flirrrrrrrrrrrrrting!!! :)

    Spinny and Nelle: Oh my my my! Nelle spilling the tea! Spinny ran out of there like a bat outta hell! ROFL!

    Spinny and Robert: Aaaaaaaaaaaand right to Robert where Spinny spills the tea. :)

    Private room: Oh I love it!!!! Everyone is going to work in each private room. Sam and Brando! UGH! Shut up Sam!!! Brando didn't do anything wrong!!!

    Dressing room:

    Lucy and Maxie: Lucy wins the line of the day. She wants to cut her dress.

    Lucy: I just feel like I need more excitement. So I think I'm going to show more leg. I'm just going to give it a little slice.


    The pier: Man's feet walking up to Jordan.

    Jordan: You look pretty good. For a dead man.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? Taggart baby is that you?

    Jordan's preview: I'm glad they didn't show who she is talking to. :)

  5. it better not be something like - BOB or the other agent who died - it better be Taggart!

  6. I thought today's show was beautiful and perfect. They were honoring the first responders and front line workers, I was crying.

    1. I enjoyed it too! I wish Liz would've been there though...

    2. "Michelle L says, I enjoyed it too! I wish Liz would've been there though..".

      Oh she showed up! :) She wasn't very happy though.

  7. Yay, Maxie got her roots done! Good show today with so many cast members.

  8. Yeh her hairstyle looked good today

  9. I loved yesterday's show and teared up right along with AntJoan. The telethon idea was a good one, and I thought all 3 ladies on the red carpet looked lovey. I liked Carly's dress way more than Sam's lips and her attitude toward Brando.

    I cracked up when Spin used the phrase "spilled the tea" and Robert was like "huh?" Lol!

    Liz needs to change her attitude which I'm growing quite tired of. What was that mess with her and Jason all about?? But, I too am happy the show is back and I'm really looking forward to today.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed those lips. I thought some one had punched her in the mouth. No wonder she can't talk properly. She could hardly move them.

    2. It's not so bad when she smiles, but when she was "talking" to Jason, I was like "what happened to her??" She's a very pretty woman, too. I just don't understand.

    3. I noticed the lips, too. Maybe that is why she didn't return right away, she was recovering from whatever procedure she had done. LOL

    4. I forgot to mention how much I liked Julian's hair and sideburns. He looked like a rebel from the fifties! :)

    5. "Julie H says, I forgot to mention how much I liked Julian's hair and sideburns. He looked like a rebel from the fifties! :)"

      ROFL! A rebel without a cause hahahahaha! :)

    6. The lips are bad. She still can't talk

  10. Excellent idea to make the Nurses Ball a telethon. Very creative for the short term story. Wish they could do the same for the long and longer term story lines.
    KM came back to work on Mon. On air Tues. Wow. Yes, she does have some fish lips but I hope she shows some renewed energy. Maybe if they had her do something besides lurking around. She needs to work. Does she really have children?

  11. Carly looked like she was wearing the curtains. Kelly definitely had some work done

  12. They aren't social distancing. Must be isolating together???


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