Wednesday, August 5, 2020


Are make up colors off? Or is it my TV? Very orange today. Maybe they have to do it themselves?? 


Nelle meets Val and threatens him. Not sure with what but... anyway Valentin tells her NOPE. He has her documents down in the parking garage where she has to get them. 

Sam lays into Neil tells him her mama was disbarred. Neil didn't know..


Alexis and Diane talking about Nelle being thrown under the bus by Nina LOL ...Diane wonders what she's going to do now that she's disbarred. Alexis has no idea. 

Sonny dreams that the feeding tube cured Mike and he was back to his old self. He goes to take Mike to #GH to get the feeding tube. Liz sees them. The Dr wants to talk to Sonny about the procedure and possible complications. 

Felix comes out ...tells Sonny he's working with Yvonne.  Sonny wonders why she's in the hospital. She got a feeding tube and got infected and now is on a ventilator. Sonny wants to see her. I think it's too much for him to bear. Felix says her husband couldn't let her die. She's restrained so she doesn't pull out the feeding tubes. 

Liz then talks to Sonny. REALLY good dialog about letting go. Mary Mae quote even. She tells Sonny Mike won't have any quality of life if he's on a feeding tube. When Jason and Carly show up, he tells them he changed his mind 

Michael and Willow..Michael's hair is def due to the quarantine .. LOL  They are talking about letting Wiley see Nelle if they get custody.  She's due for a court appointed visit. Nelle shows up 1 an hour late, Wiley's taking his nap. She's pissed. 

She puts a tracking device in his Kangaroo animal. She goes out and we see 2 passports. She's going to try to grab him. 

Valentin tells Sam he wants to "borrow" Scout and Dany's shares of ELQ.  He'll have proxy vote and it would revert back to them when they are 18. Sams' like NOPE I don't need money. He says; Did I say anything about MONEY? He tells her he can get her to see Jason ..yada yada. 

END: SONNY tells Mike he can let go. Sad..Sonny cries, Mike cries, I cry. Sniff. 



  1. I enjoyed today's ep. The scenes with and about Mike were great. RH has the most expressive face when she's acting. Her scenes with Sonny were fantastic. I also loved seeing Felix again and I thought using him in that scene was the perfect way to transition to Sonny's realization of what had to be done.

    And I cried during the final scene with Sonny and Mike too.

    I just hope thay don't have Nell kidnap Wiley. I hope they have her try and she gets caught with Wiley and the forged documents she said didn't exist. I can't deal with even another month of this dragging out and certainly not with another kidnapping.

    My main peeve....There's so many people in this show being blackmailed now that it's becoming beyond ridiculous.

  2. P.S. I don't know why someone hasn't grabbed a clue and pressed record on their phone when their talking to her or Silas.

  3. People were really 6 feet apart from each other, but it seemed like they were using trick camera work. Making it seem like they were close, but they really weren't. I forgot to mention yesterday, that Nelle wearing that dress of hers, that when she was yelling at Nina, she wasn't holding onto her half heart necklace. Where was it? She had no pockets. Unless she had invisible pockets. ROFL! Ah well. On with the show. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    V.C. and Sam: They are 6 feet apart! ROFL! I am glad they are doing it, but it's still so funny. :) Oh he got close to her! Yikes! Feels like trick camera work hmmmm.

    V.C. and Nelle: Nelle threatening V.C.! HAHAHHAHA. Fun fun! :) Her passports and everything are in the parking garage and she has to go get them? ROFL! Afraid of handing her documents V.C.? Carona fears? :)

    Sam and Neil: Oh boy! Sam is feisty and Neil has carona beard. :)

    Alexis's home:

    Alexis and Diane: 6 feet apart friendship. :) Oh made me a little nervous when Alexis was giving her the mug. What is wrong with Alexis's wrist?!?!! Have I missed a scene? Did I forget something? Is it an old war injury when she had sex with Ned all those years ago? Someone knocking on the door, and Diane opened the door really slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwly! ROFL!

    Alexis and Neil: Yeah I don't want them together anymore. Same damn conversations and they are just not going anywhere. Alexis needs a new man.

    Carson's bedroom:

    Carson: Well when Mike showed up and talked about surgery and feeling better, I was thinking is this a dream?! Sonny and Carly 6 feet apart! :)

    Jarly: My Jarly! :) They like to google! :)

    Q home:

    Willow and Michael: Michael with his corona hair! ROFL! Actually he looks nice! Oh my Nellie is an hour and a half late to be with Wiley!!

    Willow, Michael, and Nelle: Oh too late! Wiley is sleeeeeeeeeeeeeping! SHHHHH! Don't wake him! He can't be with her! Nelle wins the line of the day.

    Nelle: Look at that. Mr. Hopscicle has a little pouch. Shouldn't it be Mrs. Hopcicle? Don't you want Wylie to be politically correct?


    The hospital:

    Sonny and Mike: MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

    Felix and Sonny: Are they using a doll for Yvonne?

    Sonny and Liz: Liz is so smart!!! Great scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) She is not sitting next to him.

    Sonny, Jason, and Carly: OH GREAT! So glad Sonny changed his mind about Mike and the feeding tube!!!! Thank you Liz!!! Sonny touches Carly's hand, and they didn't hug.

    Mike's room:

    Sonny and Mike:

    Sonny: You can go.


    "Karen says DONATE ON TOMORROW"

    I was trying to figure out what that means, and then it popped in my head! You mean Dante! ROFL!

    1. VC doesn't want his fingerprints on those documents when she gets caught. lol

    2. "Di says, VC doesn't want his fingerprints on those documents when she gets caught. lol"

      ROFL! He could have worn gloves!! Hahaha! :)

  4. RH should be lead actress, she has so much emotion in her acting. she reminds me of Genie Francis. unlike screeching carly and mumbling sam.

    1. So true. She needs a better storyline.

    2. Copy that Witch, I couldn't agree more. Liz had me in tears describing "grace". I totally lost it!

  5. Nelle murder who-dun-it ----------have that storyline and then the murderer turns out to be the SISTER of Nelle's ex that she killed on the kayak! PLEASE!!!!
    Diane should be on every show...……..just sayin

  6. Oh I forgot to mention Nelle's hair. Is it just me, or did it go from really thick to not so thick? Like thick to thin. Hmmmmmm.

    1. Looks the me at least. She just curled it.

    2. "Michelle L says, Looks the me at least. She just curled it."

      Hmmm. Yeah you're right. :)

  7. ITA that RH was/is amazing, what an actress! It looks like what we all have been going through this year has caused her to be even more wise and mature. When she quoted Mary Mae Ward, I felt like she will become another shining light like her when she is older.

    I thought that Michael's hair looks terrific--funny that it grew like 4 inches in one supposed day! Nelle's hair, on the other hand, looked plenty thick to me, Sonya.

    OK, can someone please tell me if anyone else is getting severe anxiety from watching the actors interact> Every time they get close to one another, I hear alarms going off in my head. I really hope they are doing this safely, I'm sure they are, but I can't figure it out. Are they shooting on separate screens? Are they all being tested daily? If they are feeling at all unsafe, they are such amazing actors that you wouldn't even know. I hope and pray that they all are safe and healthy.

    1. Maybe hand sanitizer before they hold hands?? Cause I wondered the same.

    2. I really think they’re shooting twice and putting together. Sometimes you see that edge around that looks like green screening.

  8. "AntJoan says, Nelle's hair, on the other hand, looked plenty thick to me, Sonya."

    Oh okay. Cus when she was with V.C. it looked really thick and a lot, and then when she went to see Michael and Willow, it wasn't that thick and less hair. *Shrug*

    "OK, can someone please tell me if anyone else is getting severe anxiety from watching the actors interact> Every time they get close to one another, I hear alarms going off in my head."

    YES! I was so nervous when they were shaking hands and really close together!! Yikes!!!

  9. Is Vanessa Marcil hinting at a BRENDA return??? Maybe for Mike's funeral?

  10. Gh needs brenda back.want her with jax

  11. I finished watching about 10 mins ago. I cried too. Poor Mike. I know it's his time, but still...good scene between Liz and Sonny, yes I said something good and it had Sonny's name in it. LOL!
    Loving Michael's hair, LOL Quarantine hair haha!! Speaking of orange, yes Karen, Michael's makeup did look a little off. I'm glad to have GH back but damn it I want to slap Nelle. 🙄 so sick of her....🙄🙄🙄

    1. I'll be happy to hold Nelle while you slap her around, Michelle.

  12. Everyone pretty much covered my thoughts, but I'm going to say them anyway!
    1. What is up with Alexis's wrist?! I'm done with Neil, too.
    2. Liz....I cannot gush about her enough! Her quoting Mary Mae Ward and her explaining "grace" absolutely killed me.
    3. Michael looked awesome. Hair, face seemed thinner, and he looked more mature.
    4. Yup, Diane should be on every show, Liz too.
    5. NuSam needs a sammy. (see what I did there? Lol!)
    6. No one looked orange to me.
    7. I do notice if I think actors are too close to each other. I get a little twitchy if they are.
    8. Nelle is not dead yet. I am extremely disappointed.

    1. "Julie H says, 5. NuSam needs a sammy. (see what I did there? Lol!)"

      She needs a sandwich? :) Or a Sam Malone from Cheers? ROFL!

  13. Random thoughts:

    ** I like Michael's hair. He looks more mature.

    ** Loved the Diane/Alexis conversation. It rang true to the characters, and was the type of interaction that GH used to do so well.

    ** Liz' talk with Sonny was fantastic. So human, so true. Becky is a good actress.

    ** I am still liking Lindsay more than Kelly. Hopefully, they make the change permanent. (But give her a new hairstyle.)

    ** Hey, folks: Give Neil a chance. I like him him! LOL

  14. Wanted someone to slap Nelle. But they can't because of COVID. Stupid Covid

  15. I liked Michaels hair too. Dante looks good. His cell doesn't. I miss him with Julie Marie Berman. New Sam has a lot of hair like me but nicer. Crying like a baby over Mike story line. That is the best stor line in a long time IMO

  16. I hope Laura is the one to take Cyrus down.

  17. Hadn't thought about that. I wouldn't want someone touching my face during this pandemic to do my makeup

    1. "lindie says, Hadn't thought about that. I wouldn't want someone touching my face during this pandemic to do my makeup."

      Me neither! Or my hair!


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