Friday, August 14, 2020

Move That Curtain!


 Wyndemere--portrait unveiling.... everyone is gathering. Lucy looks great. Maxie looks awful. Lulu's hair?? UGH I hate that style ..Nina looks nice.  

Dr. Terry is on!! Tracy voted with Valentin. Dr. Terry is like WHA? Then Liz talks about Ava, the portrait and how people are celebrating "The Old Franco" and she "that's not who her husband is now". 

Lulu and Maxie talking about Maxie being pregnant. She hasn't told Peter because she's not sure he wants kids because of his Faison genes.  In the next scene, Peter is talking to Dustin about not wanting kids until he met Maxie. 

Finn and Anna planning the wedding and should he invite his dad? 

Franco and Ava in the stables. She's sad because Nik brought up Kiki just to hurt her. 


Nik and Liz go to find Franco and Ava.. they end up on the parapet. Liz tells Nik about Cyrus being head of #GH   LIZ LOOKS FANTASTIC!! 

Liz sees Ava and Franco in the stables talking closely and she's jelly. Ava leaves. Franco says he's glad to see her. 

Liz basically says that Franco painting Ava is bringing him back to his 'bad boy days" . Which is just so weird. It's only to get Liz with Nik or something. 

SO, the portrait was "shocking" but we don't know why, people just gasped at it's unveiling. 

Lucy says the Nurses' Ball is TOMORROW??????? What. 



  1. Maxie's dress is awful. I feel like this Ava/Nicholas, Franco/Liz story line is so boring. I miss the Ava that was giving Nelle a hard time earlier in the week. Such a odd group of people at the unveiling. Nice to see Scott and even though Lucy is in trouble it is so nice to see her often on the show this week. I wish Nicholas was portrayed more sexy dark prince like Tyler Christopher played him.

  2. The floating rib:

    Finchy and Anna: Blah blah blah. Blah blah blah. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. When is the damn wedding?

    The hospital:

    Friz: Damn Liz! Get over it!!!

    Liz and Dr. Terry: What is the point of having Dr. Terry on when they never show her?


    Ava and Nik: Ava looks all sparkly. :) And Nik WELL HELLO!!! :) Nice body Nik! Queen Ava is even affected. :)

    Nik and Liz: Oh yes let's go to the paprapet! Franco could be there.. Did you just manipulate Liz you jerk? Hey are you trying to kiss her?

    Scotty and BobTodd: YAY! A scene with them.. Is there food? Time to eat! :)

    Friz: Oh Liz changed her mind! :) Oh wait she is changing her mind again. I have whiplash.

    Lulu and Maxie: Lulu has carona hair, and Maxie looks like a librarian. Shhhh Hiney doesn't need to know that he is going to be a daddy.

    Lucy and Maxie: Man Lucy you still have great arms. I have a girl crush on her arms! Wait what?!!?! Nurses ball tomorrow?!?!!? HUH?!!?!?!!?!?!

    Lottie: Either Lucy is lying about her true intentions or she really believes what Jordan said about Cyrus! Nah she is lying about her true intentions! She is not nieve to believe Jordan! Yeah Lucy listen to Scotty! You can't trust anybody with a ponytail! HAHAHAHAHA!

    Nik and Lulu: Lulu has got a good point there Nik. Anyway it's time to bring the old Nik back!!! Liz is waiting.

    Dusty and Hiney:

    Hiney: Oh there is the love of my life.

    Love of your life? UGH!

    Hiney and Maxie: No Hiney, Maxie is okay. You don't need to know about the bun in the oven.

    The stables:

    BobTodd and Ava: Hmmm did you see their foreheads? It looks like they were sweating!

    BobTodd, Ava, and Nik: BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: Sure I'd imagine being rejected by a kid that you lied to and said you were dead for three years. That's gotta be rough. Makes you a little cranky.


    Parapet: Ava and Nina: Ohhhh besties!!! :)

    The unveiling: What!?!?!?! What's wrong with the painting? Is she naked? Did someone draw a penis on her chest? Does she have a snake for a head? Does she look like Madusa?!?! WHAT IS IT?!!?!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to February 12, 1981!* Before Diana Taylor's death.

  3. Never brought the problem Finn has with his Dad. I’ve always been convinced Finn slept with his stepmom. When are we going to find out Chase is Finns son?

  4. all I know is Rebecca Herbst found the fountain of youth

  5. That is out of character for Sam. She would NOT give her give proxies to Valentin

  6. I am so tired of them making all the women on this soap stupid. So, Lucy is being stupid with Cyrus, Sam is being stupid, Brooklyn is being stupid. And of course, Anna lost her brain a long time ago. They have completely ruined people. Oh, AND of course, Jordan is being stupid. So, tired of this show

    1. I think Laura still is smart.

    2. Laura is my VERY all time favorite and she is very smart and better stay that way!!!!!!!

    3. I agree about Laura, she did not turn into a stepford wife like the others.

  7. Wouldn't you think after a 5 month break the writers could have brought something new to the table. No, it's still a disjointed mess. Elizabeth always knew who Franco was and accepted it. Now another attempt at a couple switcheroo. Darn stupid.
    Plus...making the bad guys win is not something I want to see right now.
    They seem to tape these shows with low lights often. Kind of in tune with doom and gloom. When I FF I can tell when to push play because the screen darkens.
    Oy...Maxie and Lulu have their Halloween get ups on. Hair included.
    I do think that Finn's step mom was his girlfriend but he is not old enough to be Chase's father. But it is GH.

    1. michael easton is 53 and josh swickward is 28 yrs old. I also thought his stepmom was his girlfriend and chase his son.

    2. "Witch says, I also thought his stepmom was his girlfriend and chase his son."

      I always thought that from the beginning.. Then I just dropped it. Then yesterday when Finchy and Anna were talking about his dad and dad's wife, I had that thought again. That his stepmom used to be his girlfriend before her being his stepmom.

  8. Yup, Finn is old enough to be Chase's Dad.


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