Wednesday, October 14, 2015

EYE am Sorry!

I didn't feel great yesterday and my eye was bothering me..and it only got worse. Even after I took out my contacts. Anyway, I have a nice abrasion on my cornea! Ugh. I got drops for pain and it makes it difficult to see very long and the computer is the worst. Hopefully, I'll be right as rain tomorrow--
NuJoss airs today-- I think I'll wait to see her on DVR instead of watching live. I'm taking some drugs and sleeping.

OY...long week already! 


  1. That happened to me on my brother's wedding day. I was in the wedding, and my eye was watering all day long like crazy. People thought it was strange that I was so emotional over my brother's wedding. But it is no fun, and burns like crazy. Good luck, and feel better soon. We NEED our WUB QUEEN!!!!! Miss you.

  2. I didn't know there was a nuJoss, I LOVED the other one, I am sooooo sad :(

  3. Karen, hope you feel better soon.

  4. Karen, I know you are not having fun. I've had abrasions on both of my eyes. Take care.

  5. Oh dear. Poor you. Take care and I hope it heals soon.

    NuJoss was on today and although I balked at the idea I must confess that I liked her better than the other one. She's not as old looking as I was expecting and she's a good little actress.

    I know the other Joss had a lot of fans and she was a good actress but they'd turned her into a caricature who seemed to play for comic relief, like a lot of characters under the new regime. IMHO This one worked into the family nicely.

    And more than a few people are going to be happy when they see the wedding scene. I won't say any more till everyone checks in.

    Lots of mob related stuff today but it was a blessed relief from over the top Kiki. I just turned the telly off yesterday.

  6. Awwww Karen! I hope you get better soon! :(

    Jerome Gallery: So basically,

    Ava: Please Paul! I beg of you! Please don't make me do bad things until I get my daughter back!!! PLEASE!!!!

    Paul: Awww Ava don't cry. I am not completely heartless. Okay I will let you win your daughter back, and then I will have you do my bidding.

    Oh Anna shows up!

    Anna: Liar liar liar pants on fire! You are a lying liar that lies!

    *Ava spinning in her chair.*

    Ava: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Okay we are done here Anna! Get out!

    Anna: Lying liar that lies! Oh I got a phone call.

    *Anna gets a phone call from Paul*

    Anna: I gotta go liar!

    *Anna leaves*

    The pier:


    Body in the water!!!!!! Who is it?!!?! Oh the face is messed up! The fishes ate his face?!!?! How convenient!!! Oh there is an ID.. Oh it's Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos. Hmmmm. Maybe the body is really Mr. Yum Yum's, and Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos planted his ID on the body! OR Paul planted the ID on Mr Yum Yum's body! I have watched soaps for wayyyy too long! ROFL! Ever since I was little. :)

    Police station: Nathan is about ready to eat his donut, when Val grabs it from his hand and throws it in the trash! ROFL! So basically,

    Nathan and Val:


    Nathan: I'm sorry. I was wrong!


    Nathan: Do you forgive me?

    Val: Yes.

    Nathan: Are we besties again?

    Val: Yes we are.

    Anna and Jordan: Awww they are no longer hair twins.. :( But at least they are talking about Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos! :) Maxie and Dillon show up because of that dead body in the water.. Maxie wins the line of the day.

    Val: Everything okay?

    Nathan: Yeah they are just a little shaken up.

    Maxie: Or knocked up.


    Dillon and Dante:

    Dante: You stay the hell away from my wife!


    Maxie and Val: So basically,

    Maxie: You're scratchy and you are sleeping with Dillon, and you're pregnant.


    Maxie: But I saw the pregnancy test in the trash!


    Maxie: I'm sorry. You and Dillon,

    Val: ARE NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whew.. Val is yelling a lot today! ROFL! Who else will she yell at tomorrow!?!?! Either she is pmsing, or she is really pregnant! ROFL!

    The hospital chapel: Oh time to get married! Oh the new Joss!!! Oh she is so adorable!!! :) Kristina is back! YAY! Lulu is warning Sabrina about Michael!!! WHAT THE HELL?! This is the second time Lulu warned Sabrina about Michael! SHUT THE HELL UP LULU!!!! Oh Joss is doing the wedding march with a piccolo! :) Uh Sonny isn't wearing his breathing tube! That is so stupid! Geez the priest isn't saying anything to them! Carly and Sonny already know how the wedding goes ROFL! But wish the priest would have said more.

    Priest: I now pronounce you husband and

    *Dante's phone rings*

    Dante's phone: Hey answer me!!! Don't ignore me!!! Don't put me on ignore!!!! How rude!

    Priest: I now pronounce you husband and wife.

    Well it's about time they are married!!!! :)Now the drama can begin! I can't wait for,

    Carly: I'm sorry Sonny!

    *Sonny breaks barware*

    Sonny: You faithless whore!

    ROFL! Good times. :) Oh oh! Dante finds out Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos is dead.. Poor Sabrina. :( Oh Sonny are you and Carly going on your honeymoon now? I think Carly will have to be on top. Oh wait they are going to wait for a honeymoon until Sonny gets better.

    Joss: Mom.. Uncle Sonny. Where are we going on our honeymoon?

    Sonny: I was thinking Iowa.

    Carly: Iowa?

    Sonny: Yeah they got great corn.

    Joss: That would be awesome!!! I love you uncle Sonny!


    Joss, Bobbie, and Lulu: Lulu tells Bobbie her and Dante are thinking about adding to their family, and poor Joss is so confused! ROFL! I guess Joss doesn't know who Dr. Lee is hahahahahahahahahahaha!

  7. sonya said.... SHUT THE HELL UP LULU!!!!

    lol I actually yelled that at the tv. She should mind her own business. Why is she trying to undermine Michael and Sabrina's relationship?

    Wasn't it great to see all those family members at the wedding?

  8. "Di I actually yelled that at the tv."


    "She should mind her own business. Why is she trying to undermine Michael and Sabrina's relationship?"

    Yeah I have no idea!!!

    "Wasn't it great to see all those family members at the wedding?"

    Yes it was. :)

  9. Just a note...corn is out of season in Iowa this time of year, we all know it grows in the summer.
    Maybe someone should tell those writers in 'always summer' southern California!

  10. Oh, c'mon, I'll take a "Children of the Corn" joke any time I can get it!!

  11. Hope your eye is better today Karen!! I like the new Joss. We will only see her probably just a few times a year so it doesn't really matter who plays the role. I was happy to see Kristina, Bobbie and Lucas at the wedding, but had to fast forward most of it because I cannot stomach Sonny and Carly. Everyone looked great, though.

  12. Maybe if nuJoss gets good reviews we'll see her more often. The last one was in such ridiculous story lines that it turned some people off seeing the kids together. This child looks like she could be in the background of a scene while others are acting without having to be front and center so she may be "home" more often.

    I'm happy that the other actress got a good role. I think Broadway is definitely her forté.

  13. I like nuJoss but she looks 12. Also, she isn't quite as snarky - which I don't like because snarky Joss is def. Carlys kid.


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