Monday, October 19, 2015


Newbie alert..that chick down there is on...her character name "Darby Collette"
She likes Morgan. She knows Molly from PCPU they all want to go to a party tonight. 
WHY isn't "Darby" Serena?  Scotty's daughter--she could chase after Morgan and Scotty would have a fit. (Sonny's son_). AND She's Franco's 1/2 sister!! SO two ties. She could move in and piss off Kiki. PLUS Lucy gave birth to her!! 
Maybe she IS Serena. In disguise. 

Michael loves Sabrina...Sabrina looks at Carlos' photo in the paper.  You know..because he's prolly the Daddy. Maybe.  Sabrina says she loves Michael. He yells that he's gonna be a baby daddy. 

Sam and Spin are worshiping St. Jaysus on the dock still. Jake comes out after talking to Nik. I wish he'd jump in.
Oh, JaSam both see a shooting star at the same time. awwww. @@

Jake got nothing out of Nik. Nik talks to Spencer later who tells him that it's obvious he's in love with Hayden. 

Ned tells Olivia he doesn't want to lie anymore and he's done.  YEP. That's that. Days of Our Lives got him and he's gone. Olivia is sad.
The reason he left is stupid, btw. Doesn't like the LIE. The one he helped create. Oh well. 

Spencer was on..


  1. It's a shame this isn't some old tired sitcom. Whenever someone got amnesia on a sitcom, people would devise plans to hit them over the head and try to get them to gain their memory back. And it would go back and forth and back and forth. They would remember, then forget, then remember, then forget.

    What I wouldn't give for someone to get a baseball bat and knock the crap out of both Jake and Hayden a few times and get this storyline moving FORWARD.

    (Oh wait. It is moving forward. hasn't everyone received their Facebook postings that state "won't be long now", "it's getting closer" "are you ready", "what's going to happen next" blah blah blah blah.

  2. david said...What I wouldn't give for someone to get a baseball bat and knock the crap out of both Jake and Hayden a few times and get this storyline moving FORWARD.

    PMSL Thanks for that David. I'm still laughing.

  3. Oh dear, for those of you who are not "seasoned" like me (and some others), I should have given some examples.

    How many of these do you remember?

    All it takes is a knock on the head and everything reverts back to normal!

  4. I had written that I thought Olivia's baby looks like her, but today I thought he looked African-American, am I seeing things? Also, the new chick, she looks WAY older than Molly.

  5. Felix and Sabrina's home: If Sabrina is 6 months pregnant, I can buy she didn't know she was pregnant. She was in denial. I watched that show I didn't know I was pregnant. So many reasons a woman would not know she is pregnant... But Michael not noticing, yeah he is blind. :) Michael wuvs Sabrina! Awwww! :) And they are gonna live together!!! Awwww! Love my Amish Mabrina! :) Are Amish Mabrina gonna be tainted? :( Michael wins the line of the day!

    Michael: You hear that everybody!!? Sabrina Santiago and I are having a baby! I am going to be a father! WHOOOOO!

    ROFL! Awwwww. :) So let's see... Back then, Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos stayed with Sabrina, they made love, and then the next day he ties her up to be found ROFL! Or was it that same day? Well I remember he wanted to protect her from getting in trouble. Awwww. :)

    Julian's home: More Molly vs Julian!?!?! Come on Molly get over it!

    Molly: The next time Julian gets a mysterious phone call, dig yourself a hole, and put your head in it!

    HEY THAT IS RUDE MOLLY!!!! You don't talk to your mother that way!!! Alexis! Say something to her! Don't just stand there with your mouth open! (Even though Alexis's mouth drop is funny hahaha) Oh oh who is Julian talking to!?!

    Ned and Alexis: WALLY KURTH YAY! I know he is leaving and he is only staying for one day. :(

    Olivia and Ned: Geez that baby has dark skin! Oh wait I get it, he is supposed to be Italian! ROFL! Wow Olivia was going to propose to Ned!!! :) When Ned was breaking up with her, his reason for doing it was a little odd. Ned? Bothered by lying?! HUH?! But then he talked about his daughter, and I get it. I buy it. He wants to protect his daughter. He doesn't want his daughter to lie. I will miss you Ned. :( Poor Olivia.:(

    Haunted Star: That girl shows up talking to Morgan, and I'm thinking hey who is that pretty gal? Oh wait I know that is Darby isn't it? YUP IT IS! :) Darby Collette? Collette sounds more like a middle name than a last name. And yeah Karen, she could be Serena! :)Molly has a fake ID!!?! WHAT?!!?!?! :0 Molly you have changed. :) You aren't the same girl who used to think everything was a romantic story!! :) I like that. Oh and here is Kiwi drinking again. Oh oh she got her keys taken away. Kiwi wants to have a ride with Morgan?! HUH?!!?! Kiwi you got other people who would love to take you home!!! Your uncle Julian! BobTodd, and Nina!!!!!! Stupid girl! Well Morgan is leaving! Now what?!

    Wyndemere: So basically,


    Nik: I can't breath!

    Jake: Tell me who I am!!!

    Nik: I have no idea. You don't want to know who you are anyway!!!!

    Jake: Yes I do!

    Nik: No you don't!!! I can call the police!


    Jake: You know you can drag this out.

    Me: Oh and he will Jake! He will! UGH!

    OH SPENCER!!!!! HI HONEY! :) Hey his voice sounds different! :) Spencer knows what's going on!!!!! He knows his daddy wuvs GreenHayden! :) And Spencer knows that his father does the mating dance hahahahahaha!

    Pier: Awww more Spinny and Sam scene. :) Oh oh Jake shows up! UGH! No Spinny don't leave! Oh great. Sam and Jake chit chatting. So basically,

    Jake: Nik Nik Nik Nik.

    Sam: Nik Nik Nik Nik.

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. Star light start bright, the first start I see tonight, turns into a shooting star!!! Actually that was a beautiful view. :)

  6. "AntJoan said...I had written that I thought Olivia's baby looks like her, but today I thought he looked African-American, am I seeing things?"

    Oh no! You are not seeing things. :) I noticed that too.

  7. Also, I had commented about Julie Andrews's daughter looking just like Laura, but no one responded about this :( I thought they were the same age, and looked them both up, they were born in the same year! (I know, no one cares, but she looks SOOOO much like Genie . . ., at least to me.)

  8. AntJoan said...
    Also, the new chick, she looks WAY older than Molly.

    She is way older. The new actress is 26. Molly is 18.

    And I agree about the baby, AntJoan. It wasn't the same one. It hasn't been confirmed as to who portrays Leo but Lisa LoCicero said on Twitter that there have been a few Leo's (who have auditioned) but they are still looking for the right one.

    Lisa also confirmed on Twitter that her daughter, Verity Jann, portrayed Leo for a few seconds on October 9, 2015.

    I think the one that Julian saw in the hall looked more like it could be his baby.

  9. P.S. You're right, AntJoan. I looked her up. She does look like Laura.

  10. "Di said...She is way older. The new actress is 26."

    Oh thank you! I was googling the actress to see how old the actress is! I forgot. 26 huh? She looks 20 to me.

  11. She looks 26 to me! And, thanks soooo much, Di, for following up on the Laura look-alike :)

    Gee, they are STILL auditioning babies? Don't they think it's disconcerting for us to keep seeing different babies? Did they think we wouldn't notice? Did they think we wouldn't notice that one is Black? The one that Olivia was holding in the hall, that one looked like her, as I said before, that was the right baby for her, I think.

  12. "AntJoan said...Did they think we wouldn't notice that one is Black?"

    They probably think we are stupid and blind. :)

  13. AntJoan, she does look a lot like Genie! That new actress is too mature to hang with Molly and TJ and does look like a composition of a few other blah young actresses. Like Kiki isn't bad enough. I guess the first baby cried too much and they thought they would slip in an Afro American baby and no one would notice. Nice to see Ned but who really cared about that relationship. Also I like having Spinelli back but how much longer will we be subject to the endless conversations about Jason at the docks? It is really sickening already. I think Nik is in lust, not in love. This show is really bad now.

  14. Did Shawn and Olivia have a one night stand before he went to jail?

  15. Don't forget, Scott and Lucy's adopted daughter Christina, who was actually raised by Lucy and Kevin. She was actually a brunette unlike Serena

  16. who looks like Laura??? I must have missed it in between all of my fast forwarding.

  17. One of Julie Andrews daughters?

  18. Shawn and Olivia . . .hehehe . . . Yes one of Julie Andrews's daughters, named Emma, and they are EXACTLY the same age, too!

  19. Nance, they were not on the show, she was on Rachel Ray.

  20. Why is Olivia's baby African American , please tell Jake from State Farm he's Jason agh so tired of these stories old writer much better


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