Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mr and Mrs Jake Doe

Haunted Star...god that set is SO BORING AND never is it hopping. lol That bedroom? Welp. Whatever. Val and Dilly argue about NOT telling Lulu the truth. He wants to she's like "no way".  

RIC is back from wherever he was for forever.  He says it's going to be a tough fight. Sonny is all "YOU THINK I can't FIGHT"??!!  

Ava and Scotty talking about custody. He says it's going to be a tough fight. Scott says she's up against a 2 parent household. 

Kiki texts Morgan she's "Sorry". Layin on the couch -- drinking. Morgan comes over and she offers him snacks. She looks at his phone. Darby texted him. She texts back "Can't having Sex with Kiki" . Morgan finds it. Then leaves. Ava comes over and asks Kiki to testify she's a good mother. Yeah, RIGHT. Nope. 

Liz and Jake: She gets them a sign that says "Mr and Mrs Jake Doe" for the front of their house. I'm serious. Then, they try to fill out their marriage certificate. Can't do it. Not even close--but Liz says: OH WELL..whatever. No matter. 
Um, yeahh that IS a matter. 

Darby is not a decent actress. Sorry.

GH Ratings are abysmal. WOW. 


  1. I hope things get better. Just heard that Tristan (Robert Scorpio) will be back in December. And with Finola and Genie just signing multi-year contracts ... Just hope the writing improves.

  2. I haven't seen that Paul! Where did you find it?

  3. :-)

  4. Tristan is back? Okay now that's casting news!

    So Sonny's paralysis story line is all about him man-paining about not feeling like a man because MOB!!! Okay. I guess that is in character for him but not what I want to watch. Character has run his course and Mo ain't no Tristan.

  5. Thank God for Robert #$%^(*& Scorpio to liven things up! Now lets get kickass Anna Devane back.

    I get the impression they've been doing nothing but treading water with the story lines (or lack thereof) until the new writers make dramatic changes happen in November sweeps -- at least I hope that's what they will do. For now they are covering the same old ground --How many times is Dylan going to ALMOST tell LuLu about Dante and Val? How many times are the same characters going to ALMOST find out who Jake is? How many times is Paul going to tease Anna with what he knows about Carlos? How many times is Kiki going to act like an unemployed booze bag with no purpose to her being other than to act out at Ava and Morgan?

    Good heavens, just get to the damn point already. Or risk losing more viewers.

  6. Bobtodd and Nina's home:

    Red Wine: Hahahahahahhaahahahhahahaha!

    Wait wait!!! Kiwi texts Morgan I'm sorry!?!?!! HUH?! There is no need to apologize to that idiot Kiwi!

    Kiwi wins the line of the day!

    Morgan's phone: Sorry, can't. - busy having sex with Kiki.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Kiwi JUST got interesting!!! :) Do more of that Kiwi!!!! :) Morgan finds out of the text, so basically,

    Morgan: Uh what? What's going on? Duh what did you do Kiki?

    Oh shut up you idiot! I just love their scene today!!! Kiwi is drunk ROFL! When there was that knock that the door, Kiwi thought it was Morgan, she seemed hopefully that Morgan came back! :) Oh Ava!! You got some nerve asking for her help!!

    Red Wine: Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Jerome Gallery: Scotty and Ava have GOT to have a fling!!!! :)

    The hospital:

    Ric and Liz: Awwww a scene with them. :( But on the bright side, Ric still has got those hot glasses!!!!

    Sonny's room: Blah blah blah. *stares at Ric with his glasses* Yum! :)

    Carly: There is no question that you are an incredible father.

    Me: Oh yes. He should win the father of the year award! I mean he NEVER had sex with his son's girlfriend and had a baby with her. He never put a bomb in a car and almost killed his daughter. Those things were just rumors.

    Liz and Jake: Oh a present!!!! Mr. and Mrs. Jake Doe!!! :) And what will happen if they got another baby? If they have a son will they call him John Doe? And what if they have a daughter? Will they call them Jane Doe? Oh time to fill out forms!!!! YAY! But oh oh. Most of it will be left blank!



    Where were you born.........


    Uhh hmmmmmmm...

    The floating rib:

    Darby: She seems like some sort of psycho.

    ROFL! Yeah Darb you gotta be careful and watch your back! And if you have a bunny, keep it hidden! What the hell is on her arms?! Hahahaha!

    The haunted Star: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Maxie and Nathan: Oh Maxie grow up!!!!!

    Maxie and Dante: Oh Dante burned you Maxie! ROFL!

    Dylan, Lulu, and Val: So basically,

    Dylan: Val! Dante is a lying liar that lies!!

    Val: Don't tell Lulu anything you jerk!

    Lulu: What is going on? What did you want to tell me?!

    Val: That Dylan and I are a couple again.

    Awwwww! Val and Dylan are a "couple" how sweet. :)

    Val's fake cat Gunnar: When am I ever going to be shown!!?!!?!

  7. Sonya, the only thing interesting about the Haunted Star scenes is that I'm now wondering if Nathan's costume will include tights. hehe

  8. "Di said...Sonya, the only thing interesting about the Haunted Star scenes is that I'm now wondering if Nathan's costume will include tights. hehe"

    Oh I hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  9. Maxie said the word "little" when she talked about Nathan's costume! Here's hoping!

    Sonya, ITA @ Ava & Scotty!

  10. "little"? Now I'm thinking Tarzan. hahahahahaha

  11. "Julie Langley said...Sonya, ITA @ Ava & Scotty!"

    Sava for the win!!!!! :)

    "Di said... "little"? Now I'm thinking Tarzan. hahahahahaha"


  12. At least they are starting to realize Nathan is nothing more than eye candy and aren't forcing the actor to act much, LOL.


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