Monday, October 5, 2015 I need a Neurologist

LIZ is NOT happy 

Liz is so jelly that Jake was at the Oodles restaurant with Sam!! He tells her about the Chinese restaurant. She says Sam has to get over Jason. Like, NOW. 
Hayden calls her and wants to know why she broke the vase. Nik freaks out--and grabs the phone. 
Nikolas is acting like a guilty ass instead of a cool-as a cucumber Cassadine. Why? Geesh, he's gonna blow it. 

Sabrina talks to Anna about Carlos and his being a suspect in Sonny's shooting.  She says he would have contacted her if he was back. Anna looks guilty. Emma tells Anna she's her "special person" and reads an essay about how great she is and only uses her gun on bad guys. Anna looks guilty. 

Michael and Tracy:
"My father is gravely ill"....

Tracy: NO your father is DEAD"! !! 
Then she apologizes!! GEESH! Kick him out of the mansion if he's going to be a Corinthos!
Oh, btw, Tracy used to be totally IN THE MOB so this dialog about bad mob-guys is stupid. 
Anyway, Michael says that Ava told him Carlos shot Sonny. Tracy realizes he went to the mobular meeting. She says he's NOT a Corinthos and whomever shot Sonny is not his business.
Michael disagrees. 

She'd better kick his ass out. Nope-- she apologized instead. 
Later, Tracy overhears Paul on the phone when he says "I can't be tied to this". 

Laura comes in to tell Sam and Paddy about Jason. BUT GUESS WHAT!! OMG, she can't because they are so happy about being engaged!!
SHOCKER.  She asks Patrick to be her "Local Neurologist"... 

She leaves and goes to Wyndemere and finds Nik and Hayden making out. 

Todd is going back to being Kiki's dad. He saves her from a perv at the bar and holds her accountable for lying about her job. He makes Nina make her some coffee. Kiki needs to learn how to act drunk.
He suggests that Nina and he move in with Kiki. Nina says no! 


  1. We said the same thing about acting drunk with Kiki. After that many drinks she'd really be slurring her speech at least.

    Kiki said "I don't know where to go." *Di shoves her fist in her mouth to muffle her reply.*

    Poor Kiki has nothing to do all day. THAT'S BECAUSE YOU DON"T HAVE A JOB! Like normal people. We don't all sit around all day, freeloading off someone, and talk to our unemployed friends or make out with our unemployed boyfriends.

    Sorry but I find it hard to feel sorry for this girl.Sure her boyfriend cheated on her with her mother but she cheated on him with his brother. Losers and cheaters reap what they sow.

    She did lose her newly acquired father but if she had a job and workmates there would be people there for her to help her out.

    The Liz quilt and Anna guilt is getting old already.

    And Emma is adorable.

  2. Give it time people. The new writers scripts start today.

  3. Karen hahahaha that picture! :) Too funny. So true. :)

    The floating rib: I couldn't concentrate on BobTodd and Nina's conversation, because I was distracted by someone who keeps talking in the background. I was wondering who that was. Oh look it's Kiwi trying to get drunk and being hit on by a cute guy. Awwww BobTodd said that Kiwi is his daughter. :) Sweet! BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: That's not nice. Unless you are jetting off to the opening gong to the shanghai composite index, Lets get you out of here.



    Liz and Jake: Oh Liz is a nervous cheerleader again! Ra Ra sis boom ba! Oh GreenHaden calls.

    GreenHayden: Do you remember the vase that I threw and broke at Wyndemere? It happened months ago, I know, but you got to remember! Do you remember in high school when I jumped over that billboard? Do you remember when I lost my virginity in high school? Do you remember when I helped you with that bully who bullied you?

    Anna and Emma: Anna doesn't want to Emma to write an essay about her! HAHAHAHA! That's because she is so guilty about murdering Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos! Geez Liz is feeling guilt and so is Anna! This guilt thing is so boring and annoying.

    SamTrick home: HI LAURA! Oh You had your hair colored. :) Cool! So basically,

    Laura's thoughts: Oh so now that you are very very happy and are going to marry Patrick, I won't tell you that Jason is alive! His son doesn't need to know. He has a new father in Patrick. Nobody needs to know Jason is alive. I will keep this to myself.

    Time to tell the fam about being engaged!!! Oh everyone is excited! The stinky bomb is up in the air ready to fall!

    Wyndemere: Geez Nik! You have got to stop being controlling! She is very suspicious of you already! If you want her to not be suspicious, Stop being so dumb!

    Q home: WOW Michael!! What the hell?!!?!! Being all pissy! Of course Sonny is Saint Sonny! He is perfect! Why does Tracy have to apologize?!?!?!! Why don't you just pack up and move out of the house Michael, and go move into Sonny's house!!! And change your damn last name back to Corinthos?!!?!

    Kiwi's home: Wow Kiwi is all whiny. And is talking a mile a minute. Oh I get it, when she is drunk she talks a mile a minute!!

    Kiwi: Oh I don't have a place to live! I am so boring. I have nobody. I have nothing.. I lost my daddy. You are not my father Franco!

    Well, she is right. She IS boring!! Awww BobTodd wants her to live with he and Nina. Nina says no! ROFL! I don't blame her. Kiwi and Nina don't get along.

  4. "Di said...Kiki said "I don't know where to go." *Di shoves her fist in her mouth to muffle her reply.*"

    ROFL! How about some duct tape too? :)

  5. sonya said... Stop being so dumb!

    Speaking of being dumb, Sonya...How dumb is Nina when drunk Kiki has to tell her what Franco means? PMSL

    And I might need that duct tape too. lol

  6. Ugh, Kiki looked drunk for about 1 minute. That actress is so awful. Loved Emma and Anna-she is such a doll. Genie looks great and I would really like to see her for once in the opening credits, which would mean she is staying for awhile.

  7. "Di said...Speaking of being dumb, Sonya...How dumb is Nina when drunk Kiki has to tell her what Franco means? PMSL"

    ROFL! Yeah that was funny. Did Nina say give her some tea with honey? She doesn't have a cold! Hahahaha!

    "And I might need that duct tape too. lol"


  8. OK, I know we are supposed to "give the writers time" since this was only the first day that their material has aired. Having said that, I expected more from today. Although I liked Anna/Emma scenes and I enjoy Tracy telling it like it is, I really saw no difference between today and the past few weeks. I supposed that means that at least there is continuity; but on the flip side, does that mean that we're to expect more of the dull, boring stuff that's been airing the past few weeks?

  9. Ron C. was listed today as the head writer still.

  10. Julie, thx for the heads up. I was under the impression that the new writers' material was airing today.


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