Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Take-Out

CATV 3 20150928 1312
As I look over the blank page before me,  staring out the dirty window, (heh) my mind is just wandering all over the place. I'm trying to come up with new ways to say the same old things I say week after week.
It's getting very hard.

I could pretty much sum everything up by saying: no secrets revealed, baby Avery was yet again passed over like a sack of potatoes and the mob? Well, alive and well in Port Chuck ready to be taken over by young bucks and a lady in a red dress. 
I know you want the full shebang so here we go!

I'm going to have a Snickers, maybe it will make me less cranky.

I'm going to do some of the blog a bit differently this week. I need to for my sanity. Excuse the whatever is going to happen--- 

CATV 3 20150928 1320(3)

I'm out of the mob.
He IS out of the mob...
I'm OUT of the mob...

CATV 3 20150928 1322(14)

Carlos shot Sonny.
Um, no he didn't.
Yes, he DID...
Okay then...welcome to the five-six whatever families. Wear black next time.
Yeah, and every third Friday is pot-luck.

CATV 3 20150928 1358(25)

With this ring I thee...

CATV 3 20150928 1358(31)

Ping! zap..OH..ouch...ouch...eee... BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP ....

CATV 3 20150928 1358(32)

Oh no! NO! Patrick?  What the hell! 

CATV 3 20150929 1318(26)

I'm going to have to operate.
Is that safe?
It's never safe! Sonny may NEVER BE THE SAME!
Yes...wait and wait, it will be several days for his recovery. Several. I suggest you go home and support each other.  A lot. Sonny will need your FULL support. 

CATV 3 20150929 1354(17)


Meanwhile on the docks, the new mobular boss makes a move....

CATV 3 20150929 1358(23)

Anna killed Carlos Rivera...I have the key to the box that the gun is in..
You do?, you can have it.

Ok,'re dead. Bye Sloane 

CATV 3 20150928 1337(27)

Oh my gosh, you are Jason Morgan!
Um, no I'm not, m'am...
Forgive Grandmother she gets confused
I'm not confused, this is Jason Morgan, look at those eyes..
Um..well, I
We are just here for Chinese food and memories..
NO! NOT TRUE! You the real Jason!
I know, let's renew our vows to make her feel better!
Um, OK! but only if you leave those two knick knacks behind...they are weird.

CATV 3 20150928 1328(40)

On to the next day.... .(you may sip your tea now..)

CATV 3 20150930 1300(20)

Wait, you're telling me we are in bed again? everyone can see my pecks.

And we can tell everyone what's been happening all week..
How can we possibly do that?
Don't worry, we get another chance at Kelly's when we eat ribs..
We do?
Sure we do...because that's what we do. Talk about stuff so people know what's going on in case they've missed part of it.

Well, as long as I get some ribs, that's cool.

CATV 3 20151001 1313(6)

Give me my baby...
No! Never! 
I killed Claudia, I can kill you too!
Ma'm, I'm here to keep the peace...
Give me my baby...
Maybe we should..I mean.. there's a court order and all..
Told you we should have ran to the island!
Sure, no one would EVER look there, Morgan. Duhhhh.
BOYS! Stop it...
Um, give me my baby, my milk's coming in..
God, Ava, she's like a year old now...
So..I didn't get to see her at all..
Ok,'s the baby...she's not going to like it though...

CATV 3 20151001 1321(28)

Oh, yeah, she hates it, can't you tell? BYE! See ya! 

CATV 3 20151001 1319(53)

Hey, my face is on Maxie's body...what the..what? 

CATV 3 20151001 1319(56)

Just shut up and enjoy it, will ya? 

CATV 3 20151001 1358(37)

But..I am thinking of Lulu..
So? I am thinking of Dante.

CATV 3 20150929 1300(24) this shows my 'playful side' ?
Sure does! Nothing says "Willing to be a dork" like a bib!!

Hey, wanna move in together?
What about here?
What are we going to do about mope-along Kiki?

Did you hear her say she's working for a "Japanese Investment Firm"?
Hey, Do you smell gin?

OMG..I want to marry you! too!
It's perfect! !!
We are perfect!

This is perfect...!!
What could possibly go wrong? 

I gave you a ring nothing.
Nope. Perfect. 

CATV 3 20151001 1321(11)

CATV 3 20151001 1321(16)

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Darling Baby-Pants played Peek-A-Boo with the blankie! 

PROP of the WEEK:  Aw, I made it myself! 

CATV 3 20150929 1335

CATV 3 20150928 1312(14)

FACE OF THE WEEK;   Billy Miller. This was his face the entire "I was suppose to just go get Chinese Food, not this other sheeze" stuff. My face too. For the love of all things Soapy END THIS NOW. I've said this every week for like 20 weeks! 

So, basically it was Dillon's 'movie' which turned into a confession by both he and Val that was taped by his assistant. ERGO, it's going to come out sooner or later (please be sooner). Sam and Paddy are engaged. Sonny's..well, whatever. He's just in limbo now. Probably Mo got some vacation time.  Paul killed Sloane and gave Anna the head's up on the Carlos' stuff. Anna and Sam are going to PI together. SamTrick is engaged. (Poor Emma). 

Oh, and Laura's back. 

I have no idea where Lucas is, I guess he doesn't work at GH much anymore--or he'd stop in and see his sis. Kristina? No idea. Bobbie--um, where ever. Monica? (aahahhaha STOP LAUGHING). Tracy? Probably in the living room.  Brad? Felix? Dr. O? Why isn't she in checking on GH's most famous patient?  That whole thing with Olivia having Jules' baby and he still thinks it's dead? 
Hmmmm. Oh well.

NEW WRITERS stuff starts Monday, people. So, let's see how this is all gonna roll. I'd better not be getting 10 weeks of drunk Kiki and Morgan the mobster. Nope. 


  1. Hahahahahahahahha! This was great Karen! :) The whole thing is freakin funny! :)

    "As I look over the blank page before me, staring out the dirty window"

    Clean that dirty window! ROFL!

    "I'm going to have a Snickers, maybe it will make me less cranky."

    Yes! Eat a snickers!! You are not you when you are hungry! Love that commercial! It's so true! :)

    "PROP of the WEEK: Aw, I made it myself!"

    That sign!!!! That beautiful beautiful sign!!!! Here is the video of that song!!!

    I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign
    Life is demanding without understanding
    I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign
    No one's gonna drag you up to get into the light where you belong
    But where do you belong?

  2. Now that Helena is safely locked away on that Greek island, couldn't Robin at some point at least Skyped to say Jake is Jason? That whole aspect didn't even seem to be addressed!

  3. You've been bored and negative for a few weeks. Why not take some time off? Honestly, you're not unlike the show - repetitive with the same thing over and over again, yet you complain about it.

  4. Whoa! Don't shoot the messenger! If GH is repetitive, boring, and lacking anything worth being positive about, how could a review be any different? Would readers prefer that a critic lie? Omit the obvious and try to find "the silver lining"? Instead, the blog attempts to provide humor, which is a welcome change to the non-humorous crap going on in Port Chuck.

    I have a better idea for annoyed readers: Don't read the blog. Free Country, freedom of choice, and all that.

  5., hello... I did change it up and I DID A NEW FORMAT. IT's what happened on the show in a nutshell.
    I have taken time off.
    Why you read my blog? Because,'s 100% my opinion. so...

  6. "ABGP 11 said...You've been bored and negative for a few weeks. Why not take some time off? Honestly, you're not unlike the show - repetitive with the same thing over and over again, yet you complain about it."

    Karen can be positive, when GH warrants it.

  7. Karen, I LOVE your comments... You always say exactly what I was thinking as I'm watching GH. New blogger... longtime fan!

  8. Karen, LOVED the SS today, cute and funny!!

    PLEASE do not criticize our Wub mistress, if you don't like the blog, don't read it!

  9. Karen, you do a great job, u speak my mind on most days. Do they think we are in suspense over what's happening with Sonny??? The brightest spot on the show is little Avery, what a doll :)

  10. I like the new tongue-in-cheek format. Just cut to the meat. I skip reading he comments because so many Rehash what you have already said.

  11. I love your new format - and baby you just write it as you see it - if someone wants sweetness and light and how wonderful the show is head on over to the official ABC homepage. I'm at your page everyday. It's the only way I'm still watching GH. It had gotten so good there for awhile. A Girl can dream can't she.

  12. I know you all think all I want is sweetness and light, That's not the case. Karen and I understood each other in the end so please give it a rest. Karen, I thoroughly enjoyed the comments this week. Just brilliant, and this Sunday Surgery "Take Out" was DEAD ON. Thanks and talk with you sometime.

  13. Blogger kdmask said..., hello... I did change it up and I DID A NEW FORMAT. IT's what happened on the show in a nutshell.
    I have taken time off.
    Why you read my blog? Because,'s 100% my opinion. so...

    I read your blog Karen because it has always been sharp, witty and very descriptive of the show. Your take and insights have pretty much been impeccable; however, the past few weeks, it has seemed repetitive and disparaging. One thing I have always found to be a bit odd is when bloggers get 1 negative comment they don't handle it very well. They always zero in on the 1 negative comment and ignore the others that "rave" about the blogger. SMH.

    And, believe it or not, I have always supported you site. I click on affiliates' links and ordered items via Amazon. I'm not being mean - just honest.

  14. Thanks for the laugh once again, Karen. It was a perfect description of what happened this week too, and so much more entertaining. Keep up the good work.

  15. LOVE the new format. Hilarious :-) I have a feeling we're in for more repetition until November sweeps starts.

  16. ABGP..thank you for the affiliate clicks and Amazon :)
    People are protective of me, I know that--and I had someone on facebook call me out about being so negative and I've promised to try to be more 'objective' when I present the overview of the show. I've tried hard during the week to be more..narrative than negative. (honest, I have)
    This week I felt like changing it up and doing some parody/nutshell things. I really have been down on the "Sonny Surgery" show, I will give you that. It seems like the soap went from way too many stories to two. (Sonny/Jake).

    BUT! I do respect your opinion and didn't mean to sound pissy-- sorry

  17. Thank you for the insight and perspective Karen. I look forward to the changes with the new writers and the Jason reveal so I'm optimistic things will improve. And, I look forward to your take on things as well.

    I apologize if I went too far with my original comment. Have a great week.

  18. Karen, It's your blog; be pissy if you want to be.

  19. I love the format this week, too! All comments are welcomed here - negative and positive. We get a bit defensive of our leader since if it weren't for her we wouldn't have this lovely place to come to.


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