Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Surgery: UNCLE

***WARNING: SUPER CRABBY BLOG AHEAD.  IF you don't wanna know, DON'T READ IT!!  Sorry but that's the way it is, Blanche. 

I'm yelling it. UNCLE. I'm just at the point of not watching very much. To think that I was jazzed last week and then this week?  Ready to bail.  Reminded me I've watched soaps way, way too long and have seen the same stuff happen over and over way too many times. 

For those that say I can't write a positive blog on GH I shall refer you to last week's Sunday Surgery. 

It's Wubby Hubby's BIRTHDAY TODAY ... so I'm eating some Cake and Ice Cream! That will cheer us all up!

CATV 3 20151014 1324(1)

Yes, Sonny and Carly's wedding was a nice family affair. Bobbie, Lucas, Kristina and NuJoss all trotted out for a day of celebration. But you know what? Well, it was the FIFTH TIME. So, guess what? Whatever. Not only that...the whole "did Sonny kill Carlos" crap is going to be flying. We know Paul put Sloane's body there. *sigh* I also think it's mildly hysterical how they've changed Michael's wardrobe to look 'more mob'.  :eyeroll: really?

Sam and Spinelli Cry over St. Jaysus. I am SO SICK OF THIS. Hayden's memory, Jake's Hayden is working for someone...:throws up hands: I am almost hoping Billy Miller and Tyler have a knock down drag out where at the end Nik just yells:  "For God Sakes, you're JASON...just go get your motorcycle and be done with it".  

CATV 3 20151014 1358(3)

My smart, feisty Anna.... losing it and seeing ghosts again. Going to Patrick for medication. Finola is amazing. This direction for Anna? Disappointing. She went through this after Faison was in the hole and  then gone--she went through this when she first shot Carlos. Enough already. 

The straw that broke this girl's back? The whole Carlos might be Sabrina's baby daddy. FOR F Sake. Please. If you can't think of a new story line after a million who's the daddy then I'm not watching your show. It's not fun, it's not "exciting" and I'm sure before this is all freaking over there will be some stupid DNA tests or switches coming up. By the WAY-- Carlos died May 18th. Sabrina's flashback of them kissing and her confused face was ON THAT DAY. Ergo she's not "just" pregnant. She's WAY pregnant. She's a nurse. She felt sick and seemed shocked when Felix asked her if she may be with child. 
And BTW, kill off a character only to give him a story AFTER he's dead? We all know Carlos had more airtime after he died as a ghost than in a whole year. Now he's back skulking Anna again and appearing in Faux Flashbacks.

 I just can't. 

CATV 3 20151015 1320(10)

So good to see Laura this week. Oh wait.... why put her in there when you can have Lulu talking to god in the chapel or Valerie on ALL THE TIME with her whining Dante crud? Double that for Dilly.  I thought it telling when Nik walked in and talked to Lulu-and I realized they hadn't spoken to each other since PRE-Hayden shooting. LOL.  Lulu trying to get pregnant again. Great. Can't wait. 

Why haven't they shown at least one Cam, Jake Jr and Aiden scene? Did you see that Jake Jr. is going to be 'troubled"? Kevin is going to be busy with everyone in town soon! 


CATV 3 20151012 1356(45)

Kiki showed me how to make this face. 

CATV 3 20151012 1307(51)

Seriously? Like... really?  I, Lulu...can incubate a baby?! 

CATV 3 20151013 1332(11)

And I ate the WHOLE THING. Right there. Ate it.  And I liked it! 

CATV 3 20151013 1355

Please be poison 

CATV 3 20151014 1310(44)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Yes, I did appreciate the grossness of this. 

CATV 3 20151014 1331(34)

PROP OF THE WEEK:  Body in the water for months. Face? Almost gone? Wallet. Totally intact. AND...Carrrrrlos apparently had a "Vista GOLD" card. 

CATV 3 20151014 1349(8)

BODY POSITION OF THE WEEK: Good ol' Ava...and did you note the new gallery paintings? I hope Ron got to keep his portrait! 

So, that's it. Short, sour and without apology.  Laura has been strangely absent since coming to Port Charles, and my Nico are not really doing anything interesting but babysitting drunken Kiki so... that's that. One of my friends...who shall remain nameless but I did do podcasts with her (cough...Belinda...cough) --is liking the 'old school' approach.
How about you?
Have you had enough with the WTD stories?  Do you want Lulu pregnant again? What about Dillon's movie? Are you intrigued that Jake may be Demon-Child? 


  1. First: Well done blog. It is not you being cranky it is hard to sit through an hour of this show without wanting to toss your remote at the screen.
    Second: Even as a JaSam 1.0 fan if this storyline doesn't get somewhere soon will kick Jake, Liz, Zombie boy and Nik off the Pier of Doom.
    Third: This no matter who the writer is-it's a STUPID story. Reason being the people that make this more interesting Helena, Lucky, Rick and especially Robin are MIA from it. As a MOM Liz would take her skinny, skanky butt to Cassadine Island and bitch slapped Helena back to her youthful daze for stealing her son got four years. Would've asked WHY? What was done to him and ?GET him a damn therapist. Rick not Laura should've found out and used it against Nik & Liz. Hell even Britt would love the irony in this when Liz is being a hypocrite. WHY is Robin still MIA? Why does no one question this especially her soy parents, the uncle who RAISED her or the freaking brain surgeon husband who should know better?
    Finally: YES, I want Elizabeth Imogene Webber's halo riding, I'm so needy, 5 time married, 3 time baby daddy, ALWAYS resting bitch face to get "dragged for Filth" got this storyline and Laura, Lucky, Nik, can join her. BUT this is Jake's fault for being happy being a strangers housekeeper, bed warmer, babysitter, and guard dog rather then find out who he was. This story had so many ways to be great and in the end is trite, boring, bogged down in stupid and ineffective because of LAZY writing.

  2. GM, Karen, I am first to wish your hubby a very Happy Birthday!! My hubby's b-day is Oct. 6--gotta love those Libra men!!

    I had commented, I think yesterday, about Sabby's 6-month pregnancy, gee didn't she notice, or didn't Michael notice when he slept with her? I hope Carlos is actually alive, but I guess likely he isn't.

    The new writers better do something FAST to save the show--my suggestion: bring back ALL the wonderful GH vets, use them A LOT, we will be so much happier, no matter what crap they write!

  3. Libra Men...Virgo Women.

    It's a wonder I haven't killed him yet lol

  4. The show is a joke, travesty, horrorshow.

    It is worse now than any other time in my 37 years of viewing- repetitive, dull, Sonnyfest.

    It's sub-Guza!

    Grant Putnam needs to take out tptb.

    My once great show is like the bodies Jack the Ripper left behind- mutilated and disemboweled.

  5. Good Morning Karen. And Happy Birthday to Mr. Wubs. :)

    This is your blog & you can WELP if you want to.. I have been saying it for months. Ron and Frank just let too much talent walk out the studio. Actors playing characters many loved for years and years. Too much heart and chemistry to replace. Good actors playing characters we love can some how "mask" bad writing. If that makes sense.

    I don't understand why any fan of Liz would be supporting this Jakeson story. And now we have the character of Nik being thrown to the wolves in its telling. I have lost all interest in anything related to Dante and Lulu. ER bores me and DZ looks bored to tears. So pass .. watching her drone on about having a baby - pass me the hot pokers.

    I get the Sonny / Carly supporters thrilled. But yeah 5x. White dress, bouquet of flowers. Escorted by Lucas down the aisle? A bit "thick" if you ask me. Not to mention the "sonny' worship... nope..

  6. My grade for the new writers is the same I gave to Ron. A solid F.

    Thank you for your well written blog Karen. Everything that is wrong with GH is spelled out clear as day. How is it that we all see it but TPTB don't?? What a damn mess.


  7. Love hearing others saying what I thought months ago when I packed my bags and left PC for good. Moved to Genoa City and half I did. PS we want Billy Miller back!

  8. Thanks once again for a great blog. And happy birthday to hubby.

    I have given up on the show, I'm afraid. Unless they do a suicide story with Kiki throwing herself on the same bridge her mama fell from I don't want to see her any more. (maybe Morgan could go over too, trying to save her.) And as terrible as that storyline would be it would at least generate some good guilt-ridden acting from some others and would be something totally new and fresh. (Kevin's name has been mentioned so much the past few weeks we know he has to be coming back soon. So we'll be back to the scenes with two people discussing the past over and over and over again soon enough. )

    They have also got to stop turning all our old good GH people into villains. Leave us a few decent people on the screen.

    And this is not the Godfather!!! Get Michael out of the black clothes! Even Sonny has a black t-shirt on in bed while Valerie runs around with a top made from his old hospital gown. We get it. He's a gansta! He runs the show now.

    My tv went off when they showed that faux flashback of Carlos. That was beyond stupid. It was almost 6 MONTHS ago!

    kd said...And I ate the WHOLE THING. Right there. Ate it. And I liked it!

    Thanks for all the pictures and quotes. This one was my favorite. First good laugh I've had this week.

  9. If I were actually watching I'd say this is total crap. I'm not watching and weaning myself off Twitter #GH also. Your blog makes perfect sense they have nothing new and I don't want to see SSDD.

    Guess I just plain don't care

  10. "Please be poison"! Lol, that's what I'd like to be drinking when I'm watching this nonsense!

  11. I just saw a DVR'd Rachel Ray show from last week with Julie Andrews on and her daughter. HER DAUGHTER LOOKS JUST LIKE LAURA (Genie F). Same smile, same hair, same/close height and weight, same posture/mannerisms, I did a double-take!! Someone else please check this out, if you can . . . Her name, I think, is Emma Hamilton.

  12. The pictures and captions were soooo funny. Thanks for some good laughs!

    I can't even remember why Nikolas is keeping the Jake secret anymore.

    I thought the angst with Sabrina's baby (because there always has to be some) was going to be her conflicting emotions with Michael getting deeper into the mob and her fears for safety. I cannot understand why the writers are throwing a random WTD with a made-up flashback to complicate things further. And yes, once characters are killed off on GH they get more storyline as flashbacks and ghosts (see Silas, A.J.).

  13. the new writers stepped into story lines that were hot messes and characters no longer acting themselves. this past week we've seen more progress than we have this past year. let's face it they just can't start writing for these dumb plots as if one day here and the next gone or having the characters act like night and day in their behavior. sam is finally acting like her rebellious self instead of a boring dr's soon to be wife, jason is finally getting to act instead of standing around as a good looking bump on a log, finally anna will address the issues of her conscience that were written as nothing for what 2 yrs, liz would have never lied this long and hopefully she'll be back once this uncharacteristic lie comes to light, these are just a few examples. i predict once they wrap up rc's idiotic plots we will finally see gh as it was pre rc destruction of the show.

  14. Thumbs Up Karen, I agree!! Dumb stuff! When will they move on ? Good Actors, Bad story lines. Except for KIKI, BAD ACTOR!

  15. don't apologize, Karen, I thought it was a great blog. I think the show stinks these days...nothing exciting there at all

  16. If they do the WTD story line for Michael and Sabrina I will no longer watch the show so over it. It doesn't even make sense.

  17. Oh yeah. I'll keep watching. Like a rubber necker at a car accident scene. I'm so ashamed......

    Don't expect anything to be resolved until November sweeps.....same as it ever was.....

  18. Hey someone stole my name!

    Anyway happy birthday to Karen's hubby!!!! Great Sunday Sugary!

    "And BTW, kill off a character only to give him a story AFTER he's dead? We all know Carlos had more airtime after he died as a ghost than in a whole year."

    I know!!!! It's crazy!!!!! I really want Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos to come back alive!

  19. Great Blog :) and come on do they REALLY think we are that stupid as to believe Sabrina's baby could be Carlooooosssss? OMG. I do think the stories are moving a little faster since the new writers came on board, keep it up :) We don't want to lose GH, still say Sonny needs to go and Carly hate their characters so much, I ff through them all the time. I'll be glad when Dante gets found out by Lulu, heck everyone else in Port Chuckles knows about him and Valerie.


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