Monday, October 12, 2015

You need some Sketchers, Sam

Sam sprains her ankle out on the parapet because she WORE GIANT Heels to do a JOB? WTF? Ever hear of Sneakers? DUH... Nik and Greens almost catch them but don't. Jake has to carry her. Aww. I still don't get any chem off those two. NONE. And I am not a JaSam OR a Liason fan so doing jump on me. 

"I didn't do anything..YOU Did my Mom" Says Kiki after telling Nina not to redecorate Silas' apartment. Kiki throws Vodka in Ava's face. Kiki gets cut off by Neal (That's the bartender's name) but she grabs the vodka bottle and shatters a bunch of glasses. 
Franco and Nina continue to be adorable. "I'm always comfortable with you"... they go to have sex together. 
Kiki however gets arrested for the bar stuff and Morgan calls Franco. Damn it. 

Dillon and Val talk. He finds out that she isn't pregnant. They are so the weak link on this show for me! 

By the way, in the beginning of the show Jordan yells at Dane IN THE SQUAD room!! 

Boring Lante stuff. 


  1. I think I had written here before that Sam and Jake are dating in real life, so I guess they have SOME chemistry!

  2. BobTodd and Nina's home: One minute Nina doesn't have a problem with walking on McSilas death spot, and then the next minute she does! ROFL! Why can't they all just live at the Brownstone!?!?!! Love the conversation BobTodd and Nina had! She only had sex 1 time. :) Oh BobTodd, Nina, and her cupcakes are ready to have sex. Nina and her cupcakes feel warm and close to him! :)Oh rats Morgan!!!! Couldn't you have called later?!!?!!

    Wyndemere: So basically,

    GreenHayden: What was that noise?

    Nik: Uhhh I don't know let's go find out.

    Superwoman: Oh ow ow ow ow! My ankle!!!

    Superman: I will help you!!!!

    Oh of course! Now he can carry her around. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. If you weren't wearing high heels then you wouldn't have a sprained ankle dummy! And yeah Karen I was thinking she should have worn sneakers.

    Back to the Fortress of Solitude....

    Nik: Now where were we?

    GreenHayden: Oh you know what? I am not ready for sex. Don't be mad.

    Nik: I'm okay.

    Nik's Johnson: Rats!

    Oh the only thing that was really interesting, is GreenHayden's face when she left the room!!!! Evil face!!! LOVE IT!! What are you up to!!?! :)

    Police station: Oh this whole scene is insane!!! Now Val is moping because Dante thought she was pregnant?!!?! Come on Val! Snap out of it and get back to work geez! And then she has to tell Jordan the boss what Dante accused her of. Give me a break!!! Oh and now Jordan has to scold Dante?!?!

    Haunted Star: So basically,

    *Dillon kisses Lulu*

    Lulu: What the hell are you doing?!!?!?!!!!?

    Dillon: I love you!!!!

    Lulu: I am married! I am married!!!! I am married!

    Dillon: I know, but,

    Lulu: I am married! I AM MARRIED! I AM MARRIED!

    Dillon: Dante is all wrong for you!

    Lulu: I AM MARRIED! I AM MARRIED! I AM MARRIED!!!!! I have to get out of here.


    Val: I need a drink!

    Dylan: You can't drink! You are pregnant!!!

    Val: No I'm not!

    Oy! How long are we going to have to watch Val tell people she isn't pregnant??!! *facepalm* Let's see. Nate and Maxie. And whomever they told! This could be days and days and days. Maybe weeks!

    The floating rib: Why is Morgan there! His father is alive, so Morgan should go see Kevin Collins!!!! To get diagnosed as bipolar!!! Oh shut up Morgan and go see your sister!!! Oh there is Kiwi. Drinky drinky drinky! Wow either Kiwi has strength, or that bottle was very weak!!! ROFL! Kiwi wins the line of the day!

    Kiwi: Why don't you get a hold of this bitch!

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! And now Ava is all wet! ROFL! Oh oh time for Kiwi to go to jaily wailey!

    Lante home: So basically,

    Lulu: Dillon and I kissed!

    Dante: You did what?

    Lulu: Well, actually, he kissed me. He says he is in love with me.

    Dante: I am going to kill him!

    Lulu: No don't! I I wuv you Dante. I understand now! You kissing Val meant nothing just like Dillon kissing me was nothing! Let's make love!

  3. "AntJoan said...I think I had written here before that Sam and Jake are dating in real life, so I guess they have SOME chemistry!"

    Sure probably in real life but not on the show. And ummmm now I want Jake to grab me and put me over his shoulder. :)

  4. Thank you! I said the same thing, wth was she doing wearing 5" heels, serves her right. Haha! I was always a Liason fan but Jasam did grow on me, some. I too though feel the same as you about Jake/Jason and Sam. I do however like him with Liz. I think Becky and Billy play well off each other. I honestly wish they'd keep Jason dead and let Billy stay Jake. The whole Dilly (btw loved that yesterday on SS) and Val thing, ugh.....wish they'd be written off. Maybe the new writers can lose the dead weight and not have a bloated cast and uninteresting characters.

  5. "Michelle Latta said..Haha me too Sonya!"

    What? To have Jake put you over his shoulder? :) Hehehehehe!

  6. Um, Nina bought the apartment in like, 5 minutes? Even for a soap that is ridiculous.

  7. I'm glad to see that the new writers brought back the straight romance. Does anyone know if there is any chance they might bring back the gay romance?

  8. Yeh, (Sonya) he can put me over his shoulder any day :)

  9. Sam has to wear 5 inch heels or she would come up to everyone's waist. I like the new tempo but the storylines are really dull. I can't stand looking at Silas's dreary apartment. Morgan still not working as well as Kiki-just hanging around the bar. And I guess Nina will be supporting Franco.

  10. "Michelle Latta said...Yeh, (Sonya) he can put me over his shoulder any day :)"

    Uh huh. :)

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  12. Hey look what I found!

    "Teresa Castillo made a hilarious mistake on General Hospital that made it on air and one of her fans caught it. When Sabrina was talking to Felix on the phone this past week, it’s a wonder he heard her at all.

    Amanda Brown Bolding posted the mistake on Twitter and Castillo thought it was so funny, she retweeted it herself with the response,”haha.”

    Sabrina was discussing her possible pregnancy with Felix on that infamous day that her pregnancy tests ended up with Valerie and she got Valerie’s bag of candy. The mixup led to Nathan thinking Valerie was pregnant and Sabrina buying more tests and eating Twizzlers as she stared at a bunch of positives in front of her face."

    What's the mistake? She was talking to Felix with her phone upside down! ROFL!^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

    I never noticed hahahhahahahaha!

  13. Hey everyone! You have to watch Dr.OBRECHT on you tube! She is appearing in Fear the Walking Dead Webisodes Flight 462! Type Fear the walking dead flight 462 in search bar to watch! I fell over when I saw who she is playing!

  14. The webisodes will be a series of 1 min episodes! Can't wait to see what she does!

  15. The webisodes will be a series of 1 min episodes! Can't wait to see what she does!


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