Thursday, October 15, 2015

2-Day Catch Up

I breezed through yesterday's GH... NUJOSS.. is NOT my old JOSS that's for sure. Where's my sassy girl!!? Kristina was there... Nice. Bobbie, nice. 
Joss playing the recorder ahahha. 

I see the art gallery is still in usage. 

BODY in the harbor...with no face, yet WALLET ALL OK! LMAO...whateverrrrr. Passing it off as Carlos. Awww.  Paul so smart. 

HAHAA on the IOWA Corn..

OK, today's show.
Stupid Dante going off on Dillon. Duhhhh. Dillon is like: Um, LOOK AT YOU! YOU SHOULD TALK! Dante's

Maxie's roots grew out since yesterday. She and Nate talk. Boring ALL THEY DO IS EXPOSE what's been said. WEEK AFTER WEEK! 

Lulu is thanking god for her improved uteri and eggs. Nikolas comes in, she says she doesn't like his ELQ takeover but he's her brother so.... whatever. She said Laura doesn't like Hayden much. 

Hayden wants to see Patrick on her own.  Patrick is talking to Sam about her PI work. How long they going to argue about all this? Jake, argue...PI Stuff..argue.  Sam leaves and goes to Jake/Liz' house.

Hayden sees Patrick...and the damage has was minimal. She should have had her memory back by now.  Why doesn't she? 

Sam's gonna get Spinneli to read the file that they stole from Wyndemere.  She calls him and HE SHOWS UP AT THE door 5 minutes later LMAO. GEESH. He didn't fly Southwest! 

I'm going to update spoilers so leaving blog at 2:45


  1. I noticed Maxie's hair too! I actually liked the marriage scenes, I do wish Avery was there, like nuJoss, she's toned down, and the Iowa corn was hilarious! Loved the recorder. haha!! Yeah Spin is back!! Hahaha funny about not flying SW, no kiddin' right!

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  3. Nathan and Maxie: Yes Karen... I noticed Maxie's roots are showing! :) So basically,

    Maxie: Tell me your secret!!! Tell me your secret!!!! I told you my secret! You tell me yours!!! TELL ME! TELL ME! TELL ME!

    Me: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    The hospital:

    Sam and Patrick: Sam wins the line of the day.

    Sam: I'm starting to think my ankle has unexplored erogenous zones.

    ROFL! And Patrick just ignores her hahahahhha! I think her going to the doctor's for her ankle, is a great continuity. :)

    GreenHayden, Patrick, and Liz: Love the scene between GreenHayden and Patrick! Glad he gave her Kevin Collin's card!!!! :) Liz accuses GreenHayden of lying?!!?! Is she serious right now?!!?!! Liz you are the pot calling the kettle black. YOU are a lying liar that lies!!!!! So SHUT UP!

    The chapel: I was wondering who the heck Lulu was talking to at first, but then I realized. :) Then Nik the satan shows up! What!? He wants GreenHayden to not EVER remember who she is?! DOH!

    Liz's home: Hmmm her kids do karate?! Cool! :)Oh Jake is lying to Liz!! Wedding present my butt! SPINNY!!!!! :) Crack the case Spinny!!!

    Police station:

    Dillon and Dante: So basically,

    Dante: You stay the hell away from my wife! I know you kissed her!

    Dillon: You stay the hell away from Val! I know you slept with her!!

    BAHAHAHAHAHA!Dante really! You are angry at Dillon? You are a hypocrite! So is Liz!

    Flashback Thursday: Hmmm. No Carly and Sonny scenes today! Well here is flashback Thursday for you. When Sonny called Carly a slut! ROFL!

    Don't get me wrong, I do love Carly and Sonny together, but when they had really bad times, it was hard to want them together! But Maurice Bernard is always a great actor! :) He shines with the original actress who played Carly, and all the recasts, except the 2nd one.

  4. I watched about 20 mins of yesterday to see some of the wedding. (FF'd thru everything else.) Sabrina looked beautiful! Just stunning! That outfit hid her belly really well, too.

    Everything else...Meh!

    Karen I hope your eye is on the mend.

  5. I noticed you mentioned Brad and Rosalie in the spoilers. Has it been 6 months already? Brad/Lucas/Rosalie are like the white sale at JCPenney. They bring them out FOR ONE DAY ONLY and then put them back in storage for 6 months.


  6. "David says Brad/Lucas/Rosalie are like the white sale at JCPenney. They bring them out FOR ONE DAY ONLY and then put them back in storage for 6 months."

    ROFL! That's a perfect way to put it! :)

  7. A little news for Julie Berman fans.

  8. Elizabeth is completely cracking under the pressure of keeping this secret.

  9. the whole show is wash, rinse, repeat


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