Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Let Me 'Splain....

CATV 3 20151008 1334(46)
BUT...BUT... do I PEE on these or what? 

Oh, this week's blog is going to be a treat. Well, either a treat or a quagmire, I'm not sure how you are all going to take all this! I did find GH Wed-Fri to be some of the best I've seen in awhile. Just good old soapy-goodness.

I know we don't always agree on how the show is going, so it will be interesting to hear everyone's take.  Maybe I had a blow to the head that caused me to really enjoy myself! 

What should we eat to celebrate my good mood? Lobster Fritattas and Red Vines!!! YEP! Alberta Approved! 

I'm going to give an example of why I really liked the show.  The flow was great.  Listen up!
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Nate talks to Dilly at the Haunted Star, reads him the riot act and....

CATV 3 20151008 1334(32)
Then runs into Val at Kelly's where she drops the donut (and the switched bag). He picks it up and then.....

CATV 3 20151008 1358(33)
Shows the pregnancy test  to Dante who confronts Valerie. 

Did this take DAYS? No. Did we get a giant interruption in there? No. Dillon also sees the test and tries to tell Lulu but fails because of her big interrupts mouth. Valerie is mad Dante would think she was pregnant and throws the test in a garbage can where Maxie happens to see it. Yes, the whole caper is totally "Three's Company" mistaken-switcheroo but it was done in 2 days. 
CATV 3 20151006 1346(13)

And hello....there were more than 2 people in scenes for the most part all week. WHAT!!!?!! At one point in the Floating Rib there were a whole slew of people PLUS extras..and a bartender! 

Sonny had a good talk with the family. Yes, I wish Kristina was there but what the hell are you gonna do? Sonny got mad when the wheelchair came and he had to go get his MRI. BUT! He went and who did he run into in the hall? Why, it's Ava who rushed into GH with Avery because of a rash. (She and Liz had quite the talk about excema at one point, btw). Sonny snarles and threatens  Ava but she wasn't going to take it.  Then, on the same day, Sonny goes back to the room, tells the fam about his seeing Ava and agrees to marry Carly to get Avery back. Geesh... cohesion! Honest to goodness follow-up on one damn day. :THUD: 

CATV 3 20151008 1307

Tracy got out of the living room and went to see Paul and give him a timer for his office and tells him to talk to Michael. Which he does..pretty quickly!

CATV 3 20151008 1349(3)

Tracy then goes to Sabrina's (SHOCK HORROR) and Michael comes in after talking to Paul to confront Tracy.  That happened in a chronological order. Yep. Smooth as silk. I didn't have to wait 3-4 days to see the follow-up. Thank you. 

Sabrina went to the Floating Jake's after seeing Felix at the hospital. She gets sick at the site of the ribs and he suggests she may be pregnant. She gets a test but switches it out with Valerie's bag at Kelly's. (see above). Sabrina is indeed, pregnant. Just when Michael is dressing all Black like the Don he wants to be.  Oh dear!! Remind you of Liz/Jason when Jake was coming?! 

Anna is back and had adorable scenes with Emma this week-- "you're my hero". Of course she feels guilty because she killed Carlos and now Paul the DA even knows. Later, they make Robin a necklace for her birthday and Sam walks in. Emma is all upset because she thinks Sam might feel badly. Awwww. Emma also starts talking about dead people interrupting weddings and "could that happen again"? "OH never EVER" say Anna and Sam. 
GULP. Poor Emma. She just just going to be a MESS with all this, no? I am wondering when Sam finds out it's Jason if she'll stay with Patrick out of guilt? I don't know. I also think Jake/Sam should have more of a spark of recognition here, they really don't. I mean they do have hijinks together like....

CATV 3 20151009 1350(42)

Going to Wyndemere when they think Hayden and Nik are at Kelly's and sneaking in. But there's no-- "oh my deja vu" that should have been going on with Sam since day one if this is going to work well, imo.  I know they are trying to tidy it up now but the dragging out of this story has taken it's toll. 
CATV 3 20151005 1348(24)

On the Laura front, she's ready to take over as maven du'Port Charles in a big way. First she goes to tell Sam about Jason and well...since they were engaged, switched her story to 'need a neurologist' in the area. 

Laura laid into Ol' Nikolas pretty well though. She had her best dialog in years. (and it wasn't involving LUKE AT ALL!!)  When Nik mentioned that SHE 'left him behind to go be with Luke"...she should have pointed out that his Uncle basically enslaved her and she was escaping. But whatever. Nikolas is up to his eyeballs in everything it seems. Hayden over heard he and his Mama talking about having her shot and who Jake really is. She's got a plot coming, and I think it involves ropes and Victoria's Secret bras. 

CATV 3 20151009 1300(17)
Pride goeth before a........ Fall.

CATV 3 20151009 1339(23)

One plot that's still boring me is the MOVIE that Dillon is shooting. It's sloppy and all over the place. Just weird. They can't really show it like a "real movie" would be shot (even a low-budget one) so why bother? Make it a Vine and move on. Anyway, Dillon's assistant leaves the camera on when he and Val discuss her tryst with Dante. Later, the assistant sees it, thinks it's great stuff and asks Dillon about it. Dillon is all busy and says "You're the editor, do what you want". Ergo, you KNOW it's getting into that thing. heh. 

CATV 3 20151008 1358(9)

Maxie tells Lulu Dillon loves her..yada yada. I just dont' get any vibes off of Dillon but blah so it doesn't phase me.  I did like it when he ran to Daddy after Nate back-threatened him. That I could buy. 
CATV 3 20151008 1342(9)

Olivia is back. She sees Mopey Dante in the hospital. She says she wants to leave the Brooklyn life behind because it's too hard to do both. Dante tells her he and Lulu want another baby. Yes, they are trying for another. I can't figure out the whole "where's the embryo/egg' thing so I'm not even getting into that right now. 
Olivia leaves guess who she runs into ? Welp, none other than ol Jules himself! In the hallway no less--carrying the baby! She makes up a story about adopting a kid from her church (like you can just do that) and he seems to buy it? We'll see what Alexis thinks. 
CATV 3 20151008 1309(39)

Oh, Alexis asks Julian to move in with her-- into Sam's penthouse place (I guess Sam is at Patrick's so who cares) and he says yes. He also gives her a scrapbook of the Davis' girls that he and Molly made. He and Molly are trying to "mend fences". Which will be good if he's living there, no? 
CATV 3 20151006 1318(26)

Julian and Ava do a bit of bonding too...taking Baby Adorable Pants to The Floating Rib for..? Well, not sure if she was entertained or not? Kiki told her Mama to get lost in pretty short order. That's not a dress I'd eat ribs in, btw. #mess 
CATV 3 20151006 1356(26)

More on THE  "Kiki Saga"... Seems Kiki has been hold up in the "apartment of death" as Nina calls it; drinking and chilling out. They find her at the bar, downing shot after shot of vodka. I mean like A LOTTA Vodka.  Some guy hits on her and Todd rushes in to save the day (yes, he was "Todd" in that moment). I was so sad it wasn't Kris A playing her because it would have been a classic Starr/Daddy moment. Sniff. Long story short, not only can Kiki drink any 400 pound sailor under the table, she's going to have a happy little family with Nina and Franco. Where her Dad was stabbed.
Hey, why not? 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: I'm so mad I do NOT have a picture for you but there were no Wed photos I could find. Anyway, it's the scene where Carly is talking to Morgan and Michael about the 5 family meeting. First off, they are all talking over each other, just like we do in real life. (no one pauses as much as people do on soaps!). Carly was yelling at Michael for going and Morgan was all "I didn't go mom.." and Carly looks at him and says "Yeah but you WOULD have" . LOL I thought it was brilliant and SO real.  I just really enjoyed the whole exchange. 

CATV 3 20151008 1356(26)

PROP OF THE WEEK: Could have been the PG test...or the Red Vines, but the photo album wins. 
CATV 3 20151006 1356(30)

FACE OF THE WEEK; Oh my gosh..LOOK at that Daddy face!! I love Roger. 

CATV 3 20151009 1332(11)

RUNNER UP: I put this in context...Nik sees Hayden's "boobies" and gets all cute: 

CATV 3 20151009 1332(20)

You know, I saw nothing LOL... but...there they were!  I need to talk about the other things I'd like to see. Yes, the mobular stuff is a bit much. I hope things shift back to some ELQ. Over all though, I'm happy with what I saw at the end of the week. I wasn't bored. I wasn't going :HUH:? 80% of the time and on Friday, I actually wanted to get home to see the show live! Can't beat that! 

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One more thing, @SourceJenn of TVSource Magazine (great site for ALL your TV needs) pointed out that Nina actually walks around Silas' murder spot in the apartment. lol 

SO, that's it kids. I'm hoping more holes get filled, some characters come to the forefront and others fade. 
HAVE a great Columbus Day-- it's fall 'perfect' around here!! 


  1. Yay, I am first again, thanks for the great, happy SS!! I did wonder about Nina and the "murder spot."

    One thing I have been wanting to say for a while, apropos of nothing. I can't understand the way they dress most of the women in soaps. This is upstate NY, folks are pretty dowdy up there (no offense to our wonderful upstate NYers, I grew up there myself!). But there is a Midwest vibe in upstate NY, it is NOT NYC!! Teens may dress in slutty outfits, but adults rarely do. I don't think adult women go around with their boobers hanging out, for the most part. The only adult female who dresses normally, I think, is Liz. Sam dresses like a slutty ho, and she is too old to do this, although she does have the body for it, of course!! Middle age women who are not at work DON'T go around in cocktail dresses and heels! Sorry, but they DO NOT!! I am older than Ava and many others, and I wear skinny jeans and tops/sweaters when I am not at work. I NEVER wear cocktail dresses, unless I am at a wedding, and do not go around in high heels! I guess they try to match the outfits to the character, but most of the get-ups are ridiculous!

    1. Well, soaps, especially GH, is as far from reality as it can get. It's supposed to be escapist fun. I don't have a problem seeing women dressed the way I'd like to if I could afford it and had the figure. The only thing that kinda bothers me are the sleeveless dresses and blouses in mid-winter. That's a bit much, but otherwise I'm all for the glamor.

      They are dropping an anvil with Michael's all black attire. (He's getting bad like Sonny!) Not too subtle.

      I enjoyed this week's show especially the Nina/Franco stuff. Stafford and Howarth are so good at playing these fractured, damaged people who are trying to figure out how relationships are really supposed to work when you love someone.

      I will be happy if the new writers can show us something about the identity of Nina's father as well as end the whole Jake/Jason debacle. And I'm hoping they get the Jake reveal out for November sweeps if not sooner.

  2. Uh...Hey now. I'm going to have to respond to the prior post. Agreed. The way that GH dresses their characters is completely unrealistic, given that Port Chuck is supposedly located outside of Buffalo, NY. However, I do not agree with any "Midwest Vibe". That is totally absurd. The vibe is: "We are buried in snow over 6 months out of every year, so we choose functionality over exposing are skin to -30 wind chill". Thank you very much. Location is precisely why I have always mocked the mob heavy storylines. Have these maroons, who call themselves "writers", ever actually GONE to Upstate New York? Yes. It's on the "border" of CANADA, via LAKE ONTARIO. And, yes. There has been limited organized crime in the Buffalo area. However, the majority of Upstate NY is farm land, with farmers. Not mobs. For years now, I have been unable to watch an entire epi of GH, because it's SO ridiculous, it's laughable. Presently, there are HOW many mob families represented on GH? I'm not sure there are still that many mob families active in NYC.;) P.S. Hail to Syracuse, NY - Winner of the Snowball Award of NYS for many years counting.....

  3. Wow Karen! You are right! It didn't take days or weeks for anything to get done!!!! :) WOOT WOOT!

    "Nate talks to Dilly"

    Dilly? ROFL!

    "First off, they are all talking over each other, just like we do in real life. (no one pauses as much as people do on soaps!)."

    Hahahahaha! No kidding! :)

    "One more thing, @SourceJenn of TVSource Magazine (great site for ALL your TV needs) pointed out that Nina actually walks around Silas' murder spot in the apartment. lol"

    Well yeah! Nina has been doing that a lot! :) That is why I asked before, how the hell is she going to live there, when she can't even walk on the spot that McSilas died on!? :)

  4. Actually, Ron C and one of the breakdown writers, Chris VanEtten are from ROCHESTER, NY..
    I don't think the writers have much to do (if anything) with how characters dress? Not sure, that may be production/wardrobe?

  5. I agree with the comments about attire-it should be more seasonal and appropriate. However, I like to see some nicer than normal everyday dressing. Sam climbing walls in 5 " heels was ridiculous. Great SS Karen, as always. Having Kiki stay in the home where her father was murdered is pretty sick, but that is typical of Franco. Means well but no logic. Same with him having Nina buy the place. Michael has totally morphed into the total unlikeable Michael Corinthos. I cannot even stand to watch him anymore. I hate to say it but I wished Sonny would die so we could get rid of MB. Sonny and Carly, with her snarling, have expired as far as iI'm concerned and emotional scenes just don't hit the mark anymore. I am glad that Laura, the voice of reason and compassion, is back. Emma and anyone scenes are wonderful, as is baby Avery. Baby Leo was crying too much and a distraction.

  6. "LindaV says Baby Leo was crying too much and a distraction."

    I was wondering if baby Leo had colic.

  7. Well, PC is in that magic little part of upstate NY where it never snows. The residents don't even have winter coats. One thing that has bothered me for the last 40 years, where to the female characters keep their keys, make up, etc.? Not one of them ever has a purse, handbag, backpack, you cannot stuff all that into the pockets of skinny jeans.

  8. Yes, the purse thing ALWAYS has bothered me, women just walk out the door into the day/night, no coats, jackets, purses, etc. One of my good friends (also named Karen) and I found out soon after we started working together years ago that we both are GH fans, and have been dishing about GH ever since. Our emails sign off with "See you in Port Charles!" (she does not live near me). I pointed out to her years ago how the lack-of-purse thing drove me crazy, and we both have been speaking about it ever since.

  9. Good blog Karen! I do agree about the flow being a bit better, although some scenes did come off quite awkward to me. The Julian/Liv scenes were just terrible. Perhaps it's just the actors getting used to the new writing and what's expected of them? I'm definitely not happy with the direction the stories seem to be going as they seem to be following directly in Ron's trainwreck path but it's only been a few days so hopefully that will change in the coming weeks. I think I expected immediate course corrections like Days did when their new writers took over. Hoping and wishing GH becomes "must see tv" for me once again. For now...meh, take it or leave it.

    Lovely fall weather here in RI! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend :)

  10. I've got such a bad feeling they"re going to make Dillon obsessive crazy and ruin the character.

  11. OK, I'll concede that the past few days have been somewhat better. Having said that, the new writers REALLY need to bring Monica back to the forefront and this is what I suggest. I think she should file a civil lawsuit against Sonny for him being responsible for A.J.'s death. I'd like to see her go after him financially in every way possible and allow the courts to go through all of his business dealings. That would at least be a start to dismantling his little empire. After all, Monica has lost the most (Alan, Emily, AJ, Jason) due to Sonny's association with the mob. Doesn't sound like rocket science.

  12. Sounds good to me Liam!!!! :)

  13. I want to see Hayden marry Nikolas, trick him into thinking he doesn't need a pre-nup because she has no memory and is a damsel-in-distress. Then, divorce him and take 1/2 of everything including ELQ. If she's going to be a regular, they need to integrate her into the cast more and have interacting with more than just the 30's crowd.

  14. Karen I am so happy. The shows last week were so good. Best in a long long time. You go girl, your recap SS was the best!!!

  15. I think the put Sam in heals because she is so much shorter than everyone else. It helps with keeping their heads in the shot!


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