Thursday, October 1, 2015

ZOINKS! Michael looks like Freddie from Scoobie Doo! He's holding Morgan 'back' from attacking Ava. 

Lulu hears Valerie saying she 'can't stop thinking about him" and covers it by saying she was thinking of Sonny/waiting. 

Ok, so CARLY finally gives up Avery to Ava. That baby even loved the policeman that was there!! Morgan was all pissy about it. "we should have taken her to the island"!! BTW, the baby plays Peek a BOO with her blanket and is so cute. 

THE PORN movie is being made on the Haunted Star. You know it's a porn. God, look at the set!!! No crew around? No Kraft Services? NOTHING! Oh, there's an "intern' there.
So the sex scene starts and Maxie takes off her shirt and he SEES LULU!! bahahaa. Later, he says Lulu's name and Maxie figures out Dillon is in love with Lulu. 

Sam has on a nice LOBSTER-red top! She and Anna are talking. Anna is telling her she wants help to find out who shot Sonny and knows it's not Carlos but won't tell Sam why. Anna also talks to Sam about marrying Patrick. 

Paul tries to get intel on Anna from Nate.  Nate says some things about Anna, nothing major. He goes into the hall and asks Val what is wrong. She says "Dante"
Val serves ZERO purpose, ugh..she's just so boring and drab and ugh. I miss Scott Clifton!

SONNY NEWS:  He's out of surgery. He might wake up, he might not...he might be disabled, he may make a full recovery. Yada yada... Patrick's not sure about "his quality of life". He's going to need EVERYONE'S SUPPORT people!! Everyone!! So get with it! 

ANOTHER mass shooting. OMG. This is just... maddening. There have been 45 school shootings this year. We don't even HEAR about most of them anymore. That's how common they are!


  1. so, the new writers' idea of romance is... PORN?

  2. Wait minute...Morgan was trying to attack Ava? Fall in love with GH? Yikes! BTW November 25th is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women .

  3. david said...
    so, the new writers' idea of romance is... PORN?

    Not the new writers yet...

  4. I loved the scenes with Avery today. She gave that policeman the biggest smile when Carly handed her over, and she didn't want Ava to take her from him. lol And the peek a boo with the blanket was adorable.

  5. So, about Dillon's movie, I'm not so sure it's porn, just veeerrry low budget, like GH being super cheap with the sets - my thoughts...

  6. Karen! A porn movie!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    SamTrick's home: Sam, her cupcakes, and Anna have a nice boring chit chat. But then Anna had to bring up Robin and all that mess that happened. Is this a forshadowing of when Sam finds out Jake is Jason? Will Sam struggle on what to do? Will she think I can't hurt Patrick! So I will stay with him! DOH! Oh later Patrick shows up. Sam says he should take a shower. Yeah good idea. Patrick's hair is a mess! :)

    Police station: Nate and Val scene. They are having a nice boring chit chat. Val is all whiny.

    Val and Dante's unborn baby: Mommy! I'm here!!!!! Can't you feel me?!

    Paul and Nathan: They have a nice boring chit chat.

    Sonny's home:

    Kangaroo Meeber: Oh oh Kangaroo Meeber has shown up again! Bouncy bouncy bouncy.. Anger anger anger. Grab grab grab. Threaten threaten threaten.

    Kangaroo Meeber: Listen you son of a bitch! If you don't HAVE our sister back by the time my dad wakes up from surgery, I am personally gong to kill you!

    Someone get Kangaroo Meeber to Kevin Collins ASAP!!!!!! He needs to be on meds ASAP!!!!

    Little AJ: So adorable!!!! I can tell they switch babies. One twin is talkative and the other is quiet. :)I wonder which one is which. :) Little AJ was so happy seeing the cop! :)

    Ava vs Michael: Hehe! LOVE IT! :)

    Ava and Carly: Ava you should have your baby!! But you can't keep little Avery from her father!!!!

    Ava's home: Welcome home AJ! The apartment exploded in stuffy animals!!!! :) Love it! Oh Paul shows up. Paul and Ava have a little boring chit chat.

    The haunted Star: This was REALLY fun!!! :)I like that guy video taping them! Sex scene time! Oh oh Dillon sees Lulu instead of Maxie! BAHAHAHAHAHA! Maxie wins the line of the day!

    Maxie: Do I need to straddle you more?

    ROFLMAOPMP! Great scenes. :) Oh? Maxie isn't going to tell Lulu that Dillon has the hots for her?!!?! *jaw drops* That's a first! Oh Val shows up and kisses Dillon like there is no tomorrow!!! Hmmm is Val gonna have sex with Dillon to try to get over Dante? And then oh oh she gets preggers! Then we will have who's the daddy? UGH!

    The hospital: Oh oh! Will Sonny be okay or not!?!?! Does he have the maxie pad on his head? And is that the reason why he may not get better?! Well, the wuv of his family will help him LIVE!!!!! Looks like they are all in a prayer circle! ROFL!

    KeyRing: Well KeyRing have been dating for 6 months! They are engaged now!!!! They will get married at the end of the month! :)

  7. "david, the new writers' idea of romance is... PORN?"

    ROFL! Sure why not?! :)

  8. If Valerie is in a WTD story I just have to say WTF because, um, it's been THREE MONTHS it would be obvious, even with this crappy writing.
    Karen, I also miss Scott Clifton, I try really hard to love this Dillon, I almost like him, I just am not invested in him - I might like him as a new character, he just is NOT Dillon (I am still not invested 100% in this Lulu, but I love this Jason, go figure) Anyway, sadly, I am hoping something gets rid of Valerie and I mean permanently, caught in the cross-fire somehow PLEASE. And I was sad that Carlos tease wasn't real. And I am over Paul (bored) and the Ava mob boss story and so many other stories. I swear the new writers better turn this crap over QUICKLY.

    About the mass shooting, I hadn't heard but I just read the story (I have been almost off the grid today, until now) it makes me so sad. And no one wants their civil rights taken away? Isn't it a right to think you can go to school and not be killed? that has to be a more fundamental right than anything in the constitution. Geez. #ihateguns

  9. As an Associate Professor at a 2-year college, and our campus is in the country outside Atlanta, I wept this afternoon when I heard about the Oregon massacre. Please be careful out there. Let's live, love, laugh, and learn together safely.

  10. "Julie Langley said...As an Associate Professor at a 2-year college, and our campus is in the country outside Atlanta, I wept this afternoon when I heard about the Oregon massacre."

    Yeah it's very sad. :(

    "Please be careful out there. Let's live, love, laugh, and learn together safely."

    Yes we should!!!!

  11. I see Dante inherited his Dad's super sperm.

    I kind of like least I like to look at him. I think Lulu and Dante will have enough drama with a pregnant Valerie so I'm hoping they bring a single female and write a good romance story for him. (this is my plug for Serena Baldwin)

  12. I'm busy trying to muster up my support for sonny


It's the day!

  BTW, I forgot to note in the Sunday blog that the Daytime Emmys will be shown on CBS Friday night at 8pm! Hey, that's prime time, baby...