Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Kevin Collins!

I'm back at 2:27...glad to see Kevin Collins. Anna tells him she sees Carlos.  She doesn't tell him she killed him though.
Best part of the show. She was brilliant. He did give her some Valium to 'take the edge off'. 

Sonny wants out. Patrick says NO. Sonny can't run so..ahhahaaa.

Lulu and Dilly: Argue, blabber...boo..Lulu throws him off the boat for the movie because she hates him now. Maxie decides they should start a GoFund me page for him AND throw a 'benefit" on Halloween to raise money. Lulu finally agrees. The most important thing to take away from this? They are going to show "part of the movie they've already shot" to the audience. Remember what Val and Dillon did? On tape? and that idiot assistant has it?
You know it's going to be shown! 

Olivia and Dante...He tells her about the embryo...she's crying about Ned/Julian. 

Alexis gets the DNA results from Brad--Brad asks her advice. HE committed a felony. BUT! He doesn't say what because Julian interrupts him. OF COURSE HE DOES. 
here's hoping Brad and Lucas are on more than 2x year to make us care again about them. 

Julian bought Alexis a house. It's pretty gorgeous. Has a pool. Has a giant bathroom with a fireplace! Julexis takes a bath!!
I hope they get rid of Jason's boring ass'd penthouse now.
Alexis opens the DNA results in the bathtub when Jules goes and gets towels. 


  1. Much more interesting and important than the show: ; how is your eye? Are you 100%?
    Darby is very forgettable.
    Now, Alexis has joined the ranks of the sneaky and underhanded. I don't like anyone any more. I could still love Anna if she wasn't suddenly so pitiful. (Although I can understand that killing some one in cold blood would render a person a mess, and Finola is doing a fantastic job of portraying this, but why have they taken all the strong women and sapped their strength and made them stupid and or pitiful? This is 2015; shame on the writers.)

  2. Agree with article and comments. Cute chickens. Need to go back to basic character traits of Anna,strong woman. All women are being written as spineless except Maxie and Alexis.

  3. Karen that picture of chickens that you put up, I had a feeling you were going to say you won't be home! But hey you were home and watched GH! YAY! :) I hope your eyes are okay!

    The haunted Star: Oh man this was boring! So much arguing over the same thing! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Maxie wins the line of the day though. :)

    Maxie: Then what's the point of being related to those back biting lunatics?


    The hospital:

    Sonny's room: Has Sonny gotten the MRI yet? Why is he still wearing clothes? MAX AND MILO YAY! Sonny wants OUT! Right NOW!!!!! He thinks when he gets home he will magically walk! ROFL! Well he is saint Sonny afterall. :)

    Alexis and Brad: Oh come on Brad! SPIT IT OUT! BAH!

    Julian and Lucas: Sweet scene. :) Julian really can't wait for his son to get married! Awwwww! :)

    Carly and Patrick:

    Carly: Patrick can we talk about your bedside manner?

    HUH?! Is Sonny 5 years old? Oh I see. Yes Saint Sonny is 5 years old and Carly wanted Patrick to hold his hand and say sweet nothings.

    Patrick: Oh yes little Sonny. You are going to be alright. You will be able to walk in two days. Yes it will be magical! You won't have to have any physical therapy.

    Anna and Patrick: Anna is a mess! I don't like it! :(

    Kevin's office: KEVIN!!!! YAY!!!! And YAY Jon Lindstrom is back! :)No no no I don't like Anna a mess!!!!! :( Finola Hughes is doing a fantastic job, but I don't like Anna like this! She is supposed to be strong!!! Come on WOMEN writers!!!!! Anna is begging for a sleep aid!!!

    Anna: I'm not going to take this for long. I don't want this to be a crutch.

    Oh oh. Does this mean Anna is going to have a drug addiction?! :(

    Alexis and Julian's new home: Wait that's the place Alexis bought for Julian! The cabin she bought for him to hide!!!! The writers are pretending this is a new home that Julian bought!!!! They walk into the bathroom and there is candles lit!! That is dangerous! Julian you weren't home and you lit candles?!!?! Yikes!!! The bathroom is magic! One minute the tub is empty, and the next full of suds! ROFL! And the suds are strategically placed in certain areas hahahaha. Actually this was a great scene.

    Lante home: Olivia shows up without her black baby. Where is the baby Olivia!? Poor Olivia is hurting. :(

    Olivia: The best man I will ever love.

    Oh ouch!!! Don't let Sonny, Johnny, and Steve Webber hear that!!!

  4. Alexis house set goes back many years. It was Robert Scorpio's first. Then Sonny's girlfriend lived there. There may have been one more occupant I believe it was a cottage that Brenda lived in.. then Alexis' house that burned down. the getaway for Julian and now again Alexis' house. Those stairs have also been used in many homes,just set at different angles.

  5. I also see the brownstone set in there

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  7. Finola is incredible and needs to be front and center on this show. Again, I say, give us Tracy, Anna, and Laura as three strong female leads (all are past Daytime Emmy winners) and spin the stories around each of them. Tracy could take a corporate/organized crime angle, Anna could take the police/spy stuff, Laura could be involved in hospital/PC core family/Cassadine stuff...
    The three actresses could play off of each other as those story lines intersect. I am telling y'all, this idea is GOLD - please writers run with this. These three are currently being WASTED on GH and this show could be great and entertaining again!
    Hell, they could even boost Alexis's visibility more and give her more airtime too and add a 4th strong (but wacky neurotic like only Alexis can be) female to that mix as well.
    I am so POed at GH right now. It frustrates me that the awesomeness I saw in "Cartini's" first year has now been all burned away and the show is actually worse than Guza's stuff on many days.


  8. "mandy123 said..Alexis house set goes back many years. It was Robert Scorpio's first. Then Sonny's girlfriend lived there. There may have been one more occupant I believe it was a cottage that Brenda lived in.."

    Oh I forgot about all that!!!!

    "then Alexis' house that burned down."

    Yes it was Alexis's house that burned down! :)

  9. Loved seeing Dr. Collins back as well as Max and non-speaking Milo. Where is Epiphany, especially with all the hospital scenes? Where is Laura? Once again everything is so disjointed. I thought MB's acting yesterday was really bad. On the other hand, Finola was outstanding and didn't look like she had makeup on to make her misery all the more realistic. The recycled house looked good and was a nice surprise.

  10. I hope once they show the wrong footage at their party that will be the last of the movie story. Very lame.

  11. Oh, Anna, you are great in your scenes, you always are great in your scenes!! Anna, come to me, we can do cognitive-behavioral therapy and you won't need those nasty drugs for long!!

    Good idea about strong female leads, add in Lucy and Felicia please!!

  12. SOOO Glad to see kevin. And 1000x yes to Lovin th Old School GH. I just forward through any Franco, nina, Kiki scenes. What boring, unconnected Characters, Ill watch Lulu and Maxie and even jason (even though this is the longest storyline EVER). I keep hoping Lucy, Felicia, Tracy, Monica, Laura etc will show up on my screen soon.


It's the day!

  BTW, I forgot to note in the Sunday blog that the Daytime Emmys will be shown on CBS Friday night at 8pm! Hey, that's prime time, baby...