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So you see, I'm a LADY COP

Yesterday's GH was pretty soapy and Spin remembered Maxie's birthday. Dante tells Sonny about sleeping with Val. (I still hate Val, btw).
Jake Jr. Mouth LOL :) 
OH MAXIE spillin' the coffee!! WHOOPS
Come on Jake, you act like you can't wait on the wedding thing. 
Ava and PAUL! :) He kinda accosted her. 


Paul goes to meet Anna in a mask. She says he's better with it on!  He says: "Sloane was right, you did kill Carlos Rivera" He leaves after telling her the rest that he's helping her by switching the bodies.  Then, Anna 'sees' Carlos on the docks and draws her gun. 

They had a TON of extras at The Floating Rib and at the HS! Geesh!!  The whole budget is blown just today. 

Darby is there with Morgan. Molly and TJ walk in. Lulu almost sees the computer footage and Dilly shuts it! damn! Later, Andy says he has to edit that part out. Dillon puts the thumb drive in the drawer so he can do it 'after the party'. 
HauntedStar:  Everyone is all over. Val and Dante talk with the DOOR OPEN-- idiots. Val is going to the Police Academy.  They hug. Dillon sees it.  Val adjusts her clothes, he thinks the worst. 
SO he's going to SHOW the clip on purpose!! he's acting like it's an accident but it's on purpose. 

Tracy is out@@!! She's at the party! :thud:

Sam and Carly out drinking and eating ribs together!! Hell Froze.  Michael wants to do Karaoke. HE and Carly sing off camera! OFF CAMERA??? oy! Then, Jake and Sam go to sing and..they do it OFF CAMERA. Oh geesh they should have shown them singing. Even if it was bad. 

Oh for the love of GOD...Spinelli has to leave because Ellie 'injured herself" and he LEAVES THE COMPUTER running????? And tries to call Sam about it? UGH  Ellie broke her ankle and Spin finds Carly and tells her to deliver the computer to SAM and it's JASON'S FACE. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Audrey wrote a letter to Liz from Vienna. She broke her foot and 'can't make it'. So we saw Audrey write the letter "in Vienna" (off camera).  UGH..that wasn't great. I mean, Rachel looks awesome. Why isn't she on for the wedding? WEIRD. She send Liz her cameo. Liz cries.  Talks to Patrick..what's wrong? She cries. 

She's gonna be cyin' that's for damn sure. 


  1. Is this it Karen or is there more to the episode?

    If this is it, what a let down. This is the big Halloween episode reveal we've been waiting 2 months for and... nothing?

    I waited 2 months to see extras in the background and off camera Karaoke?


    If this is any indication of the Jake/Jason reveal, man the lifeboats. Iceberg, dead ahead.

  2. I was happy to see Audrey. Maybe Rachel only committed to that one scene. Had Audrey come to Port Charles they would have had to show her in other scenes, and at the wedding. The actress is in her 80's and maybe she didn't want to make that commitment, so I'll happily take the letter writing scene.

    I was hoping when Kiki took the keys that maybe we'd see her run off the road, I want her gone so badly.

    At least we saw crowds at both parties which make the scenes look way more realistic.

    And why does Carly have to see that picture of Jason first?! I cry foul!!

  3. So, it looks like Spinelli's gone and Carly's in charge of the 'reveal' since she has his laptop. Bummer!!!

  4. I'm going to do spoilers soon and you'll see what OTHER things happen to prevent the reveal from happening toot sweet.
    It IS GH you know!

  5. I loved today's show with the parties and extras!

    I did wonder who the hell's watching all the kids! Also, why did Anna just hang on the dock? Why didn't Spinelli go to the bachelor party? WHY DIDN'T WE GET TO HEAR THE KARAOKE?!

    I loved Kiki and the baby (yesterday?) who pulled off her unicorn horn hat, dropped it, and said, "Uh-oh!"

    I detest Paul but that PAva kiss was hot!!

    Morgan IS a Hornd*&k!

  6. I loved the end, it was the best...I was like OMG OMG!! LOL Of course I've been drinkimg...better to watch, since you know, they were. Hahaha!! I too was disappointed that they sang off camera, and no Audrey. God I hate Dilly! Confused why Paul told Anna, Just wish he'd go....thrilled Brandon is coming back, assuming this is short term. Same as Kimberly, probably to make Jason reveal known and to walk off into the sunset with jer ex hubby. :(

  7. I am thinking that when Kiki sees Morgan and Darcy together, she will run out, get in the car, and have an accident. She will either get killed or be in a coma, and Ava will claim that she was going to testify for her before the accident.
    Was anyone else amused by Audrey "writing" the note in her scene? She was skimming the pen over the page. It was funny. But it was great to see Rachel Ames again. She was one of the "stars" of show way back when I started watching.
    I hope Johnny comes back and kicks Paul's ass. But he will probably join forces with Paul against Sonny. (But he might even get back together with Olivia!)

  8. Ishouldreadmore I was thinking the same about Kiki....accident, but yeh I wouldn't put it past Ava to pull that! I loved Johnny with's probably just a short stint though :(

  9. Pier: Paul wants to protect Anna!!?! Why? Does he WUV her too?!! When Anna was talking on the phone, and they switched to the guy, I thought it was Robert at first!!!! I was excited!!! But then I was disappointed it wasn't. Just Paul listening in on Anna's conversation. Oh there she goes seeing Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos. She takes out her gun! ROFL!

    SamTrick home:

    Spinny: Hi Georgie it's daddy.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! Sweet!!!! I love it! :) Oh oh Ellie is hurt!!!

    The floating rib: Oh so the text message is all for the Bachelor party! That is so stupid! It's night, and it's Halloween!!! Give me a break. Oh Karaoke!!!! This is going to be a blast!!! Oh..... Karaoke was off camera. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Not a blast after all. Boring.

    The hospital:

    Liz and Patrick: Boy Liz gets a cameo watch from Audrey, and almost passes out! ROFL! AUDREY!! YAY! She looks great!! Why is she in Vienna? Vacation? When did she go there? She always babysits Liz's kids!

    Spinny and Carly: Geez Spinny is running around like a chicken with it's head cut off! :)Facial reconstruction!!!! 70% 80% 90% 95% 98% 99% 100%!!!!!!!! And the face is................. JASON! :0


    BobTodd and Nina's home: The car that Kiwi takes, gave her bad reviews!!! ROFLMAOPMP! Was it Uber Kiwi? :) Little AJ's costume awwwwww! :)

    The haunted Star:

    Dillon: Oh Karen! I didn't even think that Dillon was pretending to be shocked!!!! Yeah he could be! Cus he was in that room. I mean yeah he thinks Dante and Val had sex again! :)

    Darb and Morgan: Woah they are doing the sex hop! I will call them Dargan. :)

    Molly and TJ:

    Molly: I still have my key to Sam's apartment. Nobody's home so it would just be the two of us.

    Oh my! Molly is ready to lose her virginity! :) And she is 18 now.

    Sabrina and Felix: Yes Felix!!! Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos COULD be the papa! :)

    Lulu and Tracy: Tracy isn't so excited about Lulu and Dante's popsicle baby! ROFL!

    Video reveal: Boy!!! Last year on Halloween, with Carly and BobTodd's wedding, video reveal! Today's Halloween, video reveal! What is next year?! :)

    Sidenote: Keyring got married today! YAY! Awwww! :)

  10. Today was comedy---
    captain Morgan sneaks off with the new girl...
    Molly - "someone's going to be doing the walk of shame"
    TJ- "lucky them" (I forgot how long ago their "first time interrupted" story line was. i assumed they had moved on) Hilarious delivery.

    Franco - "There's some Vodka here somewhere"
    (KiKi stumbles in),
    NiNa - "Found it"

    And unfortunately, although Audrey looks and sounds great, that freakin un-sychronized pen had me dying!

  11. Karaoke was off camera because nobody wanted to futz around with arranging and paying for song rights.

  12. couldn't they have done Disney songs? Wouldn't ABC automatically have the rights to them?


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