Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Anna Has a House

Anna has a house. I was like WTF is that!? LOL Alexis has one, now Anna does.  Emma is trying on costumes. Paul comes over. I'm sick of this Carlos stuff. I really am.  Paul asks Anna if he can take a pic of she and Emma. (weird)

Olivia let Leo go see Alexis and Jules. Juilan invites Lucas and Sam over to see him. Sam shows Alexis her ring.
Boy, those couches are REALLY WHITE to have a baby around!  Julian says he and Olivia agreed to share custody of Leo. 

Olivia asks Lante to be Leo's godparents. Dante's Catholic Guilt is eating at him. Later they go to the Haunted Star where Maxie and Dillon are. 

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YES that's MONICA.  "Danny played hide and go seek with your support hose" Says Mon. AHAHAHAA
Sabrina says No to Michael but she will live in the Q mansion to "Get to KNOW HIM BETTER".. WELP. Little late for that! 

RUMOR has it Paul Hornsby is Hayden's dad. She's Susan, he and Jenny's daughter.  And that's who she's calling about "being in" to ELQ. 


  1. Monica looks like she's had some work done on her face - especially her eyes. That may be why we haven't seen her for awhile - recovery.

  2. Oh no! Karen, I think they are retelling the Fluke story! Shady Paul (Fluke) is lying to and romancing Tracy while being all mob-y and after ELQ. Nik (Michael) is the new person in charge of ELQ and is clashing with Laura (Carly) over behaving like his father (AJ). Hayden/Susan (Rosalie) is seducing Nik (Michael) and getting a job at ELQ so she can spy. *sigh*

  3. The floating rib:

    Sam, Nik, and GreenHayden: Whine whine whine.. Threaten threaten threaten.. *yawn*

    Nik and GreenHayden: What is she up to!?!?! She wants so badly wants to go to the Liz and Jake wedding? HUH?! I don't know what her plan is!

    Julian and Alexis's home: Awww baby Leo is so cute!!! Look at those eyes. :) Yes Leo meet your brother Lucas and your sister Sam! Love the scene. :) Or is TJ your real brother? ROFL!

    The hospital:

    Lulu, Dante, and Olivia: Hmmm Dante goes to church but Lulu doesn't! ROFL!

    Olivia: Oh Dante! You are a good man! You have morals and an amazing husband to Lulu!!! I don't mean to gush, but it's all true!

    Dante's thoughts: Oh crap.

    Dante's Conscience: You gotta tell the truth man.

    Dante's thoughts: No I don't!

    Dante's Conscience: Yes you do.

    Dante's thoughts: Shut up!!!

    Val in Dante's head: Dante I love you.

    Dante's thoughts: What are you doing in my head Val? Go away!

    The haunted Star: Maxie thinks she has Donald Trump hair! BAHAHAHAHA!

    The Q home: Sabrina is making so many excuses about why she can't marry Michael! Come on Sabrina!!! I know the real reason!!!! Because the baby is Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos Jr! MONICA!!! YAY! Oh I love the Monica and Tracy scenes! :)Monica wins the line of the day!

    Monica: Oh you are just cranky because Danny got upstairs into your closet and played hide and seek with your vast collection of support hose.

    ROFL! Oh Monica!!! I love you!!!! :)And I love when Monica talked about the house that Alan gave her, and Tracy got upset! Hahahaha. Monica loves to goad Tracy hahahahaha!

    Anna's home: Holy crap!!!! That house!!!! They are using the Chandler Mansion from the defunct soap AMC! I'm freaking out here!!!!!!

  4. Oh God not a Fluke redo.....I will run screaming!
    I'm sick of the Carlos thing too!!
    Anna's home looks familiar...
    Loved seeing Monica!!! :) Loved Monica and Tracy today. I laugh and smile everytime Monica brings up her house. :)
    Don't care about Susan/Hayden/Greens...just.don't.care.
    Dante's guilty mopey look is getting to me, I half wish he'd just blurt it out! Get it over with! Hangin' by a thread....

  5. Regarding the rumor of Hayden being Susan, Paul and Jenny's daughter, Rebecca Budig is in her early 40s, wasn't Susan born after Dillion?

  6. dear saveoursuds,

    when is this show NOT reusing an old storyline?

  7. I am going to say that LC did have some more work done. There doesn't appear to be a single wrinkle on her face.

  8. Whose house is that? And why is that baby so dark?

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  10. "JPink said...Whose house is that?"

    It's Anna's new house!

    "And why is that baby so dark?"

    Didn't you know that Shaun escaped jail and had a one night stand with Olivia?! Then voila baby! ROFL!

  11. Anna's house kind of looks like the one she had when she first came on the show. Robin and Phelomina lived there, the staircase is in the same place right by the door. I don't know if they keep sets that long, maybe pictures of them? I really need the Carrrrlos story to go away and also Dillon's movie, both very lame

  12. Loved Monica and Tracy!! We need more of this. I'm surprised Julian didn't question the paternity - Olivia would have gotten away with her scheme if he had noticed the ethnicity, LOL.

  13. "LindaV says I'm surprised Julian didn't question the paternity - Olivia would have gotten away with her scheme if he had noticed the ethnicity, LOL."

    ROFL! I guess Julian is blind! :)

  14. Dear David,

    Good point! LOL But WTH would anyone think it's a good idea to do Fluke 2.0? I mean that story line is a major reason why the ratings started dropping in the first place. smh

  15. Anna's house is Adam Chandler's mansion from All My Children.
    Ava's condo is Erica's from AMC


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