Friday, October 23, 2015

Face of Doom

I kill you..
Grandma is here. 
Robo-Jake...Zombie kid is just--CREEPY! I hope he's really Helena's android bot lol and not even a real kid. 
So, Cam scares Jake with a mask, and Jake hauls off and throws him across the room just about. We didn't see it-- he just heard it. LMAO .. Laura comes running down. Cam says Jake didn't mean it. He's covering for the kid. Laura knows something is up.

Anna gets caught by Jordan in the morgue. Carlos' body is gone, cremated... Sabrina went to pick up his ashes. She sees Anna and then Anna pops pills.  I do NOT like that. She convinces the morgue guy (looks like the Goldberg Dad) to give her the autopsy report. She looks at it and says "Well, this isn't right"...

Meanwhile, Sabrina asks Paul about his body, his parents want it.  She's mad that he had it. cremated. Later, Jordan lays into him. He's like TOUGH. That's the way it is. 

Spinelli gives Sonny Bocci Balls because he can "play it sitting down"!!! HAAHAHAHAHA.

Sam's looking at Jake's Xrays of his skull to see if they can see HIS FACE. Ummm OK. Patrick gives her like a 9 carat ring lol. Spinelli says they are going to reconstruct "Jake's face" using a program he has invented. You know,  "St. Jaysus, the Face of Doom Game". OMG, he gets arrested for hacking the GH mainframe! 

Liz' baby shower: EPIPHANY! FElix!! Cheetoes! Dr. O!! Patrick comes in and Liz asks him to "stand for her" at the wedding. Later, Jake as Carly to Stand for HIM. Awww, get it, reverse Gender. 

Sabrina talks to Felix later when the shower is over. Sabrina is sad...Felix wants to know why. "Are you carrying Michael's baby or someone elses"??? Like Carlos... He guessed.  Michael drags Sabrina to Sonny's room and tells CarSon she's pregnant.  

End of show: Liz goes home. Laura tells her something is up withLittle Jake. Jake is talking to Little Jake and he says "You're my Daddy I know it" (Flashback to him overhearing Laura and Liz talking). 

MONDAY: Diane is on 


  1. I hate that they are doing this WTD, but Carlys face just made the sheer stupidity of it all worth it.

  2. So, with this wedding coming up, there must be talk of Jeff Webber, Sarah Webber and Audrey right?

    How will they explain away all these absences?

    No one cares enough about Liz to show up to her wedding?

  3. I kind of think they dropped the ball on Little Jakes return. What Mother would act like Liz does, thinking her child had died but then he comes back. The OMG wow factor never seemed to come through...

  4. Jake and Liz's home: Oh oh the face on Jake Jr's face!!!!

    Jake Jr's thoughts: REDRUM REDRUM REDRUM!!!

    Oh my! I wonder what Jake Jr said to Cam!!! He must have threatened Cam!! Why is Jake Jr coloring on his book on the couch with a pillow underneath him? He should be doing that on the table! Besides, Jake Jr could go crazy and ruin pillows!!! I wonder if he is a pillow killer.

    Jake Jr: You ARE my real daddy I know it!

    *Liz pees her pants*

    The hospital:

    Sonny's room: Bocce ball time!!! Come on Sonny! It will be fun! We can dress Boccee ball in a cute little dress, and put a face on her. We can call her Boccetta! :)Put a blonde wig on her! Oh oh Sonny is being serious with Michael!! Listen to your father Michael!!!! Don't go near his business!!!!! It's not good I don't want you in his business either!!! Besides I don't want to keep hearing Sonny say it.

    Michael: We are having a baby!

    Boy Carly and Sonny do NOT look very excited and happy ROFL!

    Spinny and Carly: I like their scene. :)

    Jake and Carly: I like their scene too!!! :) RA RO Carly is going to be part of the wedding!!!!! EEEEEP!

    Liz's bridal shower: Felix wins the line of the day!

    Felix: Be gone before someone drops a house on you.


    Dr O: Shnell shnell!

    I looked up what Shenell means.. It means fast or quickly. :) Glad to see Dr O is back!!! Along with Piffy! :) Oh party time!!!! WOOT WOOT! Oh Patrick is late, and Sabrina missed the whole damn thing! ROFL! You are right on the money Felix!! The baby is Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos Jr! :)

    The morgue:

    Anna's thoughts: I need to get some sleep! I need to take a pill! I need to see Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos's body!!!!

    Oh oh "Caaaaaaaaaaarlos"s body is not there!?!? WHAT THE HELL?!!?! I was laughing. :) Oh he was cremated I see. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!?! That is crazy!!! By the way anna, he was NOT Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos! Oh that Morgue guy Donald looks like Tony Jones!! That is creepy!!! Is this guy a relative of Tony?!!?!?! I hope we NEVER see him again! Glad Anna is realizing that couldn't be Caaaaaaaarlos! And uh Anna? You should be taking the sleeping pill when you are in bed trying to sleep! Oh oh Paul is watching Anna. Very menacing face he has!!!

    Paul's thoughts: I will kill you in your sleep!

    SamTrick home: That is so strange that Sam is looking at xrays of Jake, and Patrick isn't upset ROFL! Ohhhh he has his own agenda! Well okay then ROFL!

    Patrick: I can't possibly eat breakfast with you dressed like this.

    Sam's cupcakes: What's wrong with what she is wearing?! Ohhhhh a pretty shiny big ROCK! Sam may I have your permission to fall out of your shirt and hug Patrick?

    Oh hi Spinny! You like the rock too huh? :)

    Spinny: We are going to create a likeness of Jake's pre accident face.

    Laptop: OH OH.



    Police station/Paul's office: Oh Jordan!!!! Fire Paul!!! Fire him!!!

  5. is what paul did to carlos' body legal?

  6. "david what paul did to carlos' body legal?"

    I don't think so! He didn't even tell Caaaaaaaaaaarlos's parents! The parents could sue him!

  7. I hate to admit it but I liked today's show. I thought it was well written and well paced. I liked the shower, with Epiphany, Felix and Dr. O. I really like Billy M. with Becky. He just is so naturally playful and affectionate-good actor. Actually he is good with everyone. Now we see Patrick everyday since he is leaving. Why not more of him all along? And the creepy little Jake is intriguing. They actually had a morgue set. The actor playing Paul is excellent, too.

  8. personally, i am looking forward to Carly wiping the floor with Liz. That scene will be EPIC.

  9. David, yes, it was bothering me all through yesterday's show that Liz's family is not coming to her wedding, it kinda ruined everything for me . . .

  10. Patrick is definitely leaving??

  11. Patrick is definitely leaving??


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