Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fine Day on GH

WELL...VERY good day for the show today. I really enjoyed it. So much happened. 

First of all, even with Sonny, the "family" scene was done really well. The boys were appropriately awkward. Sonny had to be wheeled to his MRI and put up a fit but went. He sees Ava in the hall! Avery had excema (they saw Liz) and he freaks out. 
He decides to go ahead and marry Carly so they can fight for Avery as a family. 

Laura is on Nikolas to tell the truth. Hayden hears everything. He may have had her shot and that Jake is Jason. Nikolas brings up her leaving Greece and him behind for Luke. Jake walks in, Hayden yells "What are you doing here" (to give Nik the heads up). ??
LAURA finds out Jake is marrying LIZ! She's like @@ ! WHAT!!!!  She tells Jake he should find out who he really is before getting married.
He leaves...she goes to say goodnight to Spencer.

Hayden grabs Nikolas and says "I HEARD YOU"! 

Emma/Sam/Anna scenes are priceless. Emma is totally understanding that 'people come back'. What if Mommy comes back again like with Sabrina? What if someone else comes back?? 
OH MY GOSH...Emma tears up. I TEAR UP!
You have to see it, I can't type it all. 

Felix and Sabrina are at Floating Rib and he thinks she's pregnant. She's going to take a test. 

Hope you watch today, I couldn't get it all in. 


  1. I completely agree about today's show. Even Morgan was watchable and having sensible conversations. They need to find out that he's not faux bipolar and get him some anger management help and a steady job. ( I'm still saying a stint in the military would make a man of him.)

    And the scenes with Emma were GREAT! I hope Anna keeps her mouth shut. She needs to move on and just enjoy her family. Looking back changes nothing.

    All the family scenes were good today. Like you said, even the ones with the Corinthos clan had me sniffing. (And they need to show Sonny in rehab meeting some wounded vets. He needs to see that being in a chair doesn't make you less of a man.)

    And I was so happy to see Felix back again. Loved his chat with Sabrina. I love their friendship. I want some more please.

  2. Oh my todays show sounds worth watching. Finally lol.

  3. question:

    did laura leave nik with the cassadines to go be with luke, or did she leave him to get away from the way the cassadine men treated her and being a prisoner on the island?

    wasnt she a prisoner? didnt the men force themselves on her? (which resulted in a Nik pregnancy)

    i dont remember, that's why i am asking.

  4. david...

    Laura had been kidnapped by Stavros as an act of revenge against Luke Spencer for the events that led to the death of his father Mikkos Cassadine.She was forced to marry Stavros. She met Stavros' brother Stefan and the two formed a close friendship. This friendship would soon turn romantic and when Laura discovered that she was pregnant, she hoped that he was the father. When the child was born he was named Nikolas, after Tsar Nicholas II. Laura desperately wanted a normal life for her son, not the life of a prince as head of the corrupt Cassidine family.

    Laura was eventually able to escape the island with Stefan's help, who promised to look after Nikolas while she reunited with her husband Luke. Stavros pursued her, but appeared to die after falling down a flight of stairs. When Laura tried to secretly reclaim Nikolas, his grandmother Helena Cassadine presumably murdered Laura's mother Lesley Webber. To protect her loved ones, Laura told no one about her son and Stefan took control of rearing Nikolas.

  5. Oh wow!!! This is funny! Karen liked the show today, but I didn't like that it that much. Woah twilight zone! :)

    Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman showed in the credits today!!!!!!! :)

    Wyndemere: I did like Laura and Nik scene! Especially when GreenHayden listened in! :) But then the Jake, GreenHayden, Nik scene was very strange. Jake bullying GreenHayden into not calling Liz?! What the hell?! And how did you even get into Wyndemere Jake?!! I did like Laura's confused face hahahaha. And love her asking Jake questions. Very good questions.

    The hospital:

    Sonny's room: Sonny won't marry Carly until he can find out when he can walk again. He wants to be a whole man! He made a huge deal about it, so when it was time to get an MRI, he sees little AJ with Ava, and forget the MRI he needs to see his family! Right now!!! Seriously writers!? Oh now he has changed his mind and wants to marry Carly. Uh that's fine, but what about that MRI? I wonder how long Sonny is going to have that maxie pad behind his neck? A week? A month?:)

    MRI: I'm lonely. :(

    Ava, Little AJ, and Liz: Oh oh what's wrong with little AJ?! Did she drink an adult beer at the bar?!!?! Oh it's just eczema! Whew! :) Oh no! Ava is talking about how she doesn't want to lose everything in her life! Making Liz feel guilty! UGH! Please writers I had enough of her guilty face!

    Little AJ: Oh they started using the quiet baby, and then switched to the talkative one!!! She says hi to Liz and waves to her!!! And then says hi to Morgan! ROFL! Sweet little thing!!!! :)

    Jake: Hmmmm he wants Sam to help him find out who he is!! YESSSSS!

    SamTrick home: I love the Sam, Anna, and Emma scene!!!! Emma is so sweet and caring! She is worried about Sam's feelings about the necklace! Awwww! :( I love Emma! She is a sensitive soul!! She thinks people don't stay married forever. :'( Oh she is also psychic about her daddy's wedding!!! FORESHADOW FORESHADOW FORESHADOW!

    The floating rib: FELIX!!!!! :) YAY GREAT TO SEE HIM! And YAY he is still dating that guy!! Oh oh Sabrina is sick! She is PREGNANT! YAY! :)Felix wins the line of the day.

    Felix: Did the condom break? Did you forget to take a pill? I'm not implying anything I am straight out asking.Sabrina are you pregnant?

    ROFL! Awww Michael is gonna be a daddy!!!! :)

  6. Dear Today's Mystery Blogger:

    Who are you and what did you do with our Karen?

  7. I also LOVED the show today. Great interactions all around - and things are moving! Felix and Sabrina's friendship has always seemed so real to me - they always have each others backs. More please! I still hate Ava, but I did enjoy her snarky comments to Sonny. And I guess we can assume that Ava and Liz will bond over everyone in Port Charles hating them soon? The Corinthos family ... well, more tolerable than usual. Anna, Emma and Sam - awesome scenes. Laura/Nik/Hayden - YES!

  8. "david said...Dear Today's Mystery Blogger: Who are you and what did you do with our Karen?"


  9. I still wonder about Ava's awkwardness with a little baby and I wonder: is Kiki's Nina's baby? Maybe Madeline gave Kiki to Ava when Kiki was a year or so old? Madeline would have thought that Nina would die and Madeline would want the money, but she wouldn't kill off her granddaughter. Ava would get Silas' daughter.

    If not, I wonder if Nina is Nathan's mom. Maybe she was assaulted and pregnant at a young age? It could have made her unbalanced.

    Today's show DEFINITELY was written by women. I'm not saying men can't write, but wow! The pace was awesome also.

    Now if Morgan will let his hair grow and everyone who's single will MOVE INTO THE BROWNSTONE, we'll see some more fun!

    P.S. I think we need a big event: a party or a storm so we can see everyone in action!

  10. "Julie Langley says Now if Morgan will let his hair grow and everyone who's single will MOVE INTO THE BROWNSTONE, we'll see some more fun!"

    Yeah!!!! He should move into the brownstone! So should other people!!!!

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  12. Good show, love the Paul storyline.

  13. I thought that the show's quality was a big improvement and the acting choices were spot on. It felt like the actors got to relax in their roles more and concentrate on acting out their characters rather than their lines if that makes sense. You could tell a difference from what we had before. The story itself was kind of drag for me though. I just can't with the Corinthos stuff. I want Michael Quartermaine not this so there's nothing really short of them giving me Michael Quartermaine that will make me happy about the story line. Plus I find the constant berating of the audience to feel sympathy for Sonny too redundant. Surprisingly my favorite parts were Jakson and Hayden. I loved at the end when Hayden threatened a clueless Nik. Bwahaha! I wonder what's she's got planned for him. I thought Billy Miller did a good job playing Jason as the brain-damaged hitman with sort of this underlying feeling that he may snap. Sort of an uncontrollable hint of malevolence instead of the hokey "heart of gold" Disney hitman that Steve Burton eventually turned the character into.

  14. I still can't with the Corinthos family. Sonny will never be redeemed for me no matter what they do. I only like Carly when she's not with him. And I hate what they've now done with Michael.

  15. Yes I noticed yesterday the writing was much better and at a faster pace. Hope they keep it up. I too hate that Michael has reverted to being Michael Corinthos again, I just want to scream when he goes on and on about Sonny being his father. grrrr. And I absolutely cannot wait till Liz gets hers and Nicholas. I read somewhere that things are going to come out about Nicholas, that he really is not what he has seemed to be all these years. Interesting. Pretty obvious the Emma forshadowing the reveal. Lets hope these new writers can turn this soap around again.

  16. David, I'm still here but geesh, the last two days of GH has really got me happy. For ONCE.


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