Saturday, October 17, 2015

Julie Marie Berman Joins Primetime!

That's right...."our little Lulu" has landed a recurring role on Chicago Med as a sassy doc! TV Line reports: 

Unlike on GH, Berman will actually be playing a doctor on Med — and a skilled one at that. Her character, Toni Zanetti, is a brilliant, self-assured attending surgeon who does not suffer fools. Sexy in scrubs and high heels, she confidently turns heads wherever she goes.
Berman’s Dr. Zanetti first appears in Episode 3.

Nov 7th at 9pm/est on NBC. Congrats to it when GH alumni go on to new things. 

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It's the day!

  BTW, I forgot to note in the Sunday blog that the Daytime Emmys will be shown on CBS Friday night at 8pm! Hey, that's prime time, baby...