Thursday, October 1, 2020


 RAIN DELAYED THE GAME until tomorrow so.. new GH 

Nik and Ava in Wyndemere. Nik opens up a letter and says "How could you"?  OMG She spent $10K on bedding LOL. they banter and get all sexy. Talk about the cotton sheets at Sonny's cabin. I loves them. 

Everyone's at Jax's house. Liz, Carly, Brando, Portia to see the kids off to Homecoming. Aw, they all look so dapper! Taking photos ext. Oh, Nina and Jax are there too. Lots of people in one house!  Trina tells Cam he makes her feel safe. Carly tells Portia Nelle was found ON THE PENNSYLVANIA SIDE OF THE BORDER! 

JaSam skulking around..following Cyrus. Jason says "I'm WORKING" ahahhaaha. Um, if both of you are out, who's got the kids?  They go into Charlies to talk to Cyrus. 

Cyrus had his own goons arrested because he said they went after Brando "on their own". He's sending Brando a new car lift to says sorry. He's slick.  Cyrus then goes into Charlie's again to see Julian.  Sam talks to Julian. Cyrus tells Jason he's sorry Mike died. Jason gives him a dirty look 

Homcoming on the Haunted Star. Joss and Dev talk on the deck. He says he doesn't think of her as his "cousin" anymore.  Joss leaves. LOL! Trina and Cam talk and she's too sad to be at the dance because of her Dad. 

In the end  Cam and Joss kiss!! 

Ava gets a call from Ryan Chamberlain 


  1. I'm confused - did Ned and Alexis sleep together? if so, it IS interesting that it looked like Olivia and Robert would get together, but NED being the one makes it funny/proof that men do things on impulse!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not sure that Ava is going to protect Julian - or HOW - unless Ryan tells her to divorce Nik or something? Been over a week - no Britt sighting...
    when is Mike's service? and WHERE is Kristina?

  2. Gee It would have been nice to know this. My machine didn't record because it listed a game. The Canadian channel had the repeat that was scheduled.

    And Mufasa you keep asking but no one seems to know. Last I heard Lexi Ainsworth was away making a movie. If they're finished filming in Canada maybe she didn't consider it worth the risk to come back for a few walk on scenes on GH. maybe try asking the question on her twitter feed.

  3. just odd they don't even acknowledge her grandfather died.

  4. From what I understood the guy say about the baseball is that the game may be played tonight. It is confusing but keep an eye out for a change for tomorrow.
    Slow today but the kids looked great. Still confused about who Cam likes better. Loved Trina's dress.
    Really tiring of Nina fingering her necklace and talking about her illusive child. It would take seconds to google Phyllis Caulfield and another few seconds to call her.

  5. I turned on the TV and there was GH on at 2:05. Hit record on the DVR, and thought of all of you! I didn't know there was a rainout until later.

    I liked the whole Homecoming thing. Very confused as to Cam likes best. Just like a teenage boy, lol! And I really agree with you Zazu about Nina playing with her necklace. I'm really tired of that. Ava and Nik are awesome, I love them, too! And lastly, I busted out laughing and said right along with Carly, they found her on THE PENNSYLANIA SIDE OF THE RIVER!! OMG, they have to stop! :)

    1. "Julie H says, Very confused as to Cam likes best. Just like a teenage boy, lol!"

      Hahahaha. Not just teenage boys. When I was younger I liked 2 guys at once! :) More than once. :)

      "I busted out laughing and said right along with Carly, they found her on THE PENNSYLANIA SIDE OF THE RIVER!! OMG, they have to stop! :)"

      No no they need to keep going! Hahahahaha. It's hysterical! :)

  6. I still can't find it online. It's not even on the ABC site.

    1. May take 24 hours on the ABC site and On Demand.

    2. Actually Citytv showed the episode today. I guess they didn't have enough notice yesterday to release a new episode.

    3. I just watched yesterday’s epi on demand, commercials and all!
      Question, this has been bugging me: why does everyone in port chuckles have the same ring tone on their
      Cell phones?

  7. I really liked the Homecoming gathering for photos with the parents all there. Very true to life!! Surprised at all the people in one place!!

    1. My guess would be that the ring is a sound effect that's added after the final cut and one button that says phone is a lot easier to add.

  8. Wonder how they are keeping safe being so close to each other

  9. So glad GH was on Friday! :) I wasn't able to see the end because I had a phone call. Had to wait until someone put the episode up.

    Jax's home: RULES FOR HOMECOMING!!! :) Then in May it will be prom! :) The dresses are so pretty! At first I'm thinking why isn't anybody taking any pictures? But then they do. :) Oh man! Made me a little emotional. Too bad Zander wasn't there. :( GAH! Too bad Ghost Zander wasn't there watching his son having fun and getting his pictures taken. :(

    Portia: How did she die?

    Carly: Well they found her body on the Pennsylvania side of the river.

    Uh Carly, she didn't ask WHERE her body is! She asked HOW did she die!!! Seriously we need to write a song about this!

    Oh Pennsylvania side of the riverrrrrrrrrrrrr! It's where the bodies are buried! And where Ryan Chamberlaine liiiiiiiiiiiiiives!!!!

    Carly and Nina: Phyllis Caufield! I think I will just call that lady, Coffee! :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Sam and Jules: Gee Sam. You are talking to someone that you said is dead to you. I'm so confused.

    Jasam and Cyrus: *Snicker snicker* Cyrus is making Sam very uncomfortable! GO CYRUS! :)


    Sam: Jason I don't like what's happening here! Apparently Cyrus tried to buy Julian's bar from him, and then he says things about my mother. I feel like he is taunting us.

    HAHAHAHAHA! I LOVE IT! Keep going Cyrus! Taunt them as much as you want! :)

    Haunted star:

    Cam and Trina: Awwww poor Trina. :( Come on now she needs her daddy. He needs to come back and let her know he is alive! Then the truth of her REAL bio daddy Curtis should come out! She can have 2 daddies. :)

    Turkey boy and Joss: I still don't buy it!!! He all of a sudden likes her out of the blue! And boy Joss is so nervous haha. She don't want to hear about his feelings.

    Cam and Joss: OH MY!!!! CARONA KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let it happen!!!!! :) I love my Jam! :) Cam wins the line of the day.

    Joss: I'm NOT perfect.

    Cam: Oh! TELL me about it!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Cam is adorable. :)

    Turkey boy and Trina: Oh oh is Trina going to go find Jam to tell them they are going home, but then see Jam kissing?!?!! Is Turkey boy going to go with Trina and see it too?!!?! :)


    Nava: They are doing the seduction dance again! :) Oh damn Jules! You ruined their dance!!!

    Ava and Jules: OH SHE NEEDS HIS SISTER'S HELP! YAY! :)

    Ava on the phone: RYAN CHAMBERLINE YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Flashback Friday: *Jumped into my time machine on Friday to go to March 2004.* Sonny makes Mike choose between him, or the Kung Foo Barbie. Remember this? Oh Mike! You chose the wrong person. You should have picked Sonny!!!!


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