Friday, October 23, 2020

Grave Tipping

 Alexis is drinking at the Metro. OMG Britt walks in. Alexis just STARES AT HER. Brook is like Um... then Alexis mocks her. Tells her not to get wine because "vodka is better" haahhaa. WATCH THIS SCENE! 

Jax meets with Britt. She wants money. For some research center. Jax says "Ask Cyrus". Jerry Jacks mention! 

Cam is working at Kelly's. Trina walks over, says hi. She wants to find out why Cyrus is in town in the first place. Wants to prove her dad innocent. Then they talk about their kiss. Then, Trina grabs him and kisses him to see if there's anything there. And, there was nothing there. They are just friends. 

Sam is talking to Julian about her mama. Tells him she's drinking again. Cyrus walks in. Tells Jules he's going to buy the bar. Period. He knows about him mugging Tad Martin..and he gave him an alibi . Plus, he could kill him. 

Carly in the graveyard and seeing Nina. Carly's saying it's hard to forget Nelle. Nina says 'well she is Wiley's mother".  Carly is tortured by all this. You'll see what she imagines if you watch!! LOL Just know I guessed it! Carly's unraveling. 

Curtis thinks Jax is encouraging Nina to look for her kid. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Boring. 

Nina calls Jax to get Carly in the graveyard because she's losing it. 


  1. Alexis was a hoot in that first scene.

    Oh I so want that liitle jerk Dev to get caught.

    As long as that scene was not foeshadowing a Nell comeback I can take Carly unravelling.

    And i hope that "make someone disappear" is in reference to Cyrus and that it comes to pass.

  2. I loved Alexis. She needs help but she is so honest! Can't stand Dev. Looks like Britt and Cyrus are in cahoots.

  3. Loved Alexis! Can’t stand Dev-he is like watching paint dry. Can’t believe he got a prime time gig. Trina and Cam are so cute. Carly is losing it. And wasn’t Brenda Jax’s true love not Carly? She and Nina are so loud I had to turn down the volume.

  4. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Alexis and Britch: That was so funny that Alexis was just staring at Britch! Hahaha. Alexis wins the line of the day.

    Alexis: You can call a dating service. I don't know if you heard, but my last boyfriend died, and I'm really looking for a new one.

    ROFL! Oh that was so good hahahhahaha. I'm dead! :)

    Alexis and Jax: Awwww Jax. :( There is nothing you can do. :( She has to hit rock bottom. :(

    Jax and Britch: What?!!? Britch needs money? But but but she is a doctor!! :) Why ask Jax for money anyway? What a strange scene. What?!!? Why is Britch bringing up my honey Jerry? Hmmmm foreshadowing? Is my sweetie coming back!?!?!?!! :) The last time I saw Sebastian Roché was when he was on batwoman!

    Jax and Curtis: I love this scene!!! They both want to protect Nina awwwww. :) Love the hand shake. :)


    Cam and Trina: Cam works at Kelly's?!?!?! Since when? Love the scene!!! I am with your crusade Trina! :) You fight to get your father's name cleared!! :) Cam and Trina so confused of how they feel. Yup!!! I can relate so much! Being a teenager is such a confusing time!! No Cam you are not a jerk! Trina kissing Cam to figure out her feelings! Yup been there.. Done that!! :) Okay she feels just friendship for him. Now onto Cam and his feelings for Joss. :)

    Cam and Turkey boy: Oh come on! I am getting so sick of Turkey Boy's smug smile and his manipulations! I don't want him to be bad! He is not strong enough for that anyway. UGH!

    Carson's home:

    Joss and Turkey boy: UGH! I hate this!!! The Tribbles hates Turkey Boy.

    Nelle's grave:

    Carly and Nina: Nina asking all the right questions!! :) So Nelle is 28. So that means Carly is in her 30's? ROFL!

    Nelle's grave and Carly: UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Yeah wow! Carly DEFINITELY has PTSD!!!!!

    Carly and Jax: Wow she won't tell Jax what happened?!!?! Why not?!!?!?!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Sam and papa Jules: Okay why is Sam talking to Jules? She told him he is dead to her!!! Did she forget?!?!!

    Cyrus and Jules: Wow! Cyrus is threatening Jules in a good manners way! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Sam and Papa Jules: Oh okay. There ya go! Sam all judgey and jumping to conclusions! I'm surprised that she didn't say again, you are dead to me!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into time machine to watch Robert say goodbye to Holly and Robin to find Anna in 1992*

  5. Thanks for the clip sonya. I forget the details of those days.

    Just watched Valentin admit he still loves Anna to Brooklyn. Wow. He didn't say her name of course.

    1. "lindie says Thanks for the clip sonya. I forget the details of those days."

      You're welcome!!! :) Hmmm I will have to go back in my time machine and go back to those days. :) 1992 was when Robert and Anna "died" :(

      "Just watched Valentin admit he still loves Anna to Brooklyn. Wow. He didn't say her name of course."

      Yeah, but it doesn't matter, we know who he meant!!!!! :) I think he will always love Anna.

  6. I really love Anna and Robert, but I would also like to see them explore Anna and Valentin. IDK. Call me crazy

  7. Teenage angst. Dev is a 'mean boy'. Hope he gets what's coming to him.
    The graveyard scene was hysterical with that arm. Very Halloweenie. I actually thought Carly was right about Nelle. Now let's think. She'll need a shrink. Dante's doctor perhaps?
    Trina won the day. Maybe not with what she said but how she said it. Great job.
    Alexis is sure a fun drunk. Until she's not.


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