Sunday, October 11, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Killer Call


Kudos to GH for continuing to bring it despite the current climate of shooting restrictions. Darn good week again with a lot happening and movement all over the place. Everyone needs a big ol' standing ovation. The production issues are a nightmare but it seems like a seamless show from start to finish. You may have individual problems with stories but you have to admit, it's a great effort. 

Said goodbye to Mike this week, met a new character and had a nice visit from our favorite psychopath! Pull up a chair and your Chai and let's go! 

THE 5th OF THE WEEK:  Don't be suspicious....don't be suspicious.. she goes. Not only did Alexis drink at home, she was too drunk to get to Mike's funeral. She did make it to the Metro reception however and.. pulled this giant gem out of her purse!! LOL OY!! Olivia saw it--and realizes she's not doing well. 

PRISON VISIT OF THE WEEK:   Oh it was glorious!! Ryan was in his element--blackmailing someone into emotional submission. Maura West could give an acting class on these scenes. She was upset, scared..nervous and yet brave all at once. I liked Nikolas coming in to try to help her out as well. Of course JL is at his best as Ryan. Now we find out Ava's going to visit him once a week. SQUEE!! 

LOVAH OF THE WEEK:  Oh, Dr. Kirk fell for our beauty Dr. O and hard!! He's helping her with this whole plot against Peter! :clapping: She's even sending him to Port Charles to keep an eye on Dante and make sure he goes through with the plan. One problem tho: She wants Anna Killed too!! 

NEWBIE-OLDBE OF THE WEEK: Jackie Templeton. Lover of both Robert and Luke. Think Holly but with a husky voice. Kim did great in the role I thought and GUESS WHAT! She's Chases' Mama and Finn's Step-mama! She calls them Hamilton and Harry....awww.  Oh the Drama-Mama!! What do you think? Does she and Finn have a past too? Wouldn't that be a kicker? Can't wait for her to run into Tad Martin Gray. Epic. 

THE BIG WHOOPS OF THE WEEK:  Oh, lordy lordy--NEDLY what have you done?? You thought Olivia was with Robert so you sleep with a drunken Alexis. Did you cop to it with Olivia? No sir!! So grateful these two have airtime with some real weight! Lisa LoCicero is such a fabulous actress and so is Wally. He had the right angst face going. Guilt is going to eat him up. 

CHEM-TEST OF THE WEEK: Oh I delighted in this! Britt and Jason. She's got the right amount of grit not to take any of his crap!! She gave him a giant shot in the butt too. LOL. Jason tells Epiphany he thinks Britt can be the key to getting to Cyrus. Oh, if it means more scenes together, yes please. Jason hasn't had any action other than Sam in ages and ages. 

RANDO APPEARANCE OF THE WEEK:  It's...Amy?? Why you ask? We haven't seen her since the Nurses Ball.  Oh, she and Brook are old friends from High School. Although you know Brook Lynn secretly talked behind Amy's back big time!! Anyway, seems Brook needs a voice. Amy has a great one. So, "Deception" is born!

GOODBYE OF THE WEEK: I thought Mike's funeral was done well. When it first started, I thought they'd skip over parts so that not everyone was in the same room. But nope !! They were all in there. I liked the tributes and even Joss' song (I'm not a huge lover of spontaneous singing but she nailed it).  Maurice did a spectacular job as usual with this material. Just the right amount of flashbacks too. 

COMEBACK/SCENE OF THE WEEK: I loved this!!!!! The looks they gave each other and the little banter about the beard. It was perfection. Having Dante come in just as Sonny sees his Dad go..pure SOAPY MAGIC. I got all the feels. Now poor Dante gets to go home to Lulu, who's just professed her love to Dustin and was making out with him on the couch. Oh, OUCH. 

: WALLY still got it folks!! 


Mike's Memorial was touching and sweet. Mike goes into the light while Sonny watches 

Dante made his way home

Gladys showed up at the Metro Court

Jackie Tempelton is in town to do a story, and to check on her son Chase! 

Anna and Val are going to take Alex down

Amy will be Brook's voice for the Deception song

Nikolas and Julian are worried about Ava

Ryan tells Ava she has to visit him every week or he'll expose Julian 

Trina wants to prove her Dad didn't frame Cyrus 

Dev is upset over Cam-Joss Kiss and finds Josslyn's old diary 

Ned and Alexis slept together; she's drinking again 

Olivia is happy to see Ned but upset he'd think she'd slept with Robert

Monica lectures both Ned and Brook Lynn about patching things up

Cyrus wants to buy Charlie's from Julian 

Jason thinks Britt could help bring down Cyrus

Brando is going undercover for Sonny but Jason has to teach him how to behave first 

Alexis brings vodka to the reception for Mike; Olivia sees her pour a stiff one 

Lulu says she loves Dustin, wants him to move in

Dante shows up at Lulu's...just when she's making out with Dusty 

Dr. O has a plan to kill Peter and Anna and a smitten Dr. Kirk will help her 

Willow and Michael decide to leave things the way they are for now. (boring of the week)

SCOOPS AND NEWS OF THE WEEK:  Carly will be hauled into the PCPD (questions about NELLO), Dev uses Josslyn's journal to manipulate Cameron and... Monica's plan goes wrong. See ALL THE SCOOPS AT: Diagnosis Daytime 

PHEW!! See I told you it was a LONG ASS'D WEEK! I tell you what, I didn't even skip a day like I usually do. I'm actually excited for what's to come.  With a Tracy mention, can she be on her way too? I sure hope so! 

HAVE A GREAT WEEK.. I am off Monday due to a little trip to the Adirondacks to visit my son who's opening a new store up that way. Masks, sanitizer at the ready!! We'll be in the car for so many hours it won't matter lol.  Thanks for reading and keeping the blog alive. It gets less views when I'm happy with the show, btw. Isn't that something? 

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  1. Thanks for another Sunday Surgery, Karen! Have a good week.

  2. the fact that Felix was NOT at Mike's service was a travesty. He should have been FRONT ROW and spoken-HE took care of Mike.....I would like Frank to explain why Felix wasn't there....and Kristina shows up outta no where and doesn't even say, "I am sorry I didn't get to say goodbye."
    LOVED all the speeches....Ava amazing and Jason was perfection, as was Sonny and then Carly.
    I still don't understand why no one talks about killing Cyrus - and they are making Julian's character more and more despicable---so he blackmails Julian and Ryan blackmails Ava - WHAT HAPPENED TO THE POWERFUL JEROME FAMILY WHO TOOK NO CRAP?

  3. Thanks for another great SS.

    kd said..." Anyway, seems Brook needs a voice. Amy has a great one. So, "Deception" is born!"

    *** That's a great idea. Even if they get caught they can always say it was planned that way all along. After all...DECEPTION! lol

  4. Great SS! Another good week for us. Yeah, Felix should have been there and also Bobbie. However, they did have a decent bunch for the memorial.

    1. YES! FELIX!! YOU'RE RIGHT!! Forgot about him

  5. Great SS after a great week! Thanks.
    Yes, they are doing an amazing job considering the obstacles. Such a good job that I've read people complaining about it on other sites. It's always something.
    My only fear is that they make Ava a mush brain like Anna. I wish the story between her and Ryan was different. Julian is grown up and able to fight his own battles.
    There are things left out and sometimes too much put in but it was like that before all this. So sit back and enjoy.
    kdmask...your blog is such fun and a welcome addition to life in PC. Thanks always!

  6. I noticed that at the funeral all the benches were full of mourners, 3 in each row. I wonder if that is why people like Felix were missing. Maybe having other actors crowd into the seats would have been too covid-dangerous. And the fact that Dev deliberately went looking for Joss's journal after hearing her tell Carly where it was is terrible!! He's up to no good for sure.

  7. I also like Jason and Britt together, good chem test. However, Karen, Britt did NOT give Jason the shot, she told him to "drop trough," and then said something like, "Got you goin', huh!"

  8. I loved when Ryan mentioned Kiki and Ava banged on the glass. I think she will be able to hand him. I also like Britt and Jason. He and Sam are just so dull.

  9. One tiny mistake - Jackie and Luke were never lovers.

  10. One tiny mistake - Jackie and Luke were never lovers.

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  12. Loved SS thank you! I've enjoyed the show for quite a while now, so I totally agree with your kudos to the production staff and actors. Awesome job.

    I agree with some of the comments here, too. Where were Bobby and Felix, at least they explained why Alexis wasn't at the funeral. Dev is definitely up to no good, and the Britch and Jason were fabulous. He's demeanor around Sam lately has been borderline disgust, which sums it up for me. I find her useless. And as always, I just love Ava!

    I'm really looking forward to today and what will be said between Lulu and Dante. I wish he would shave, lol! He's starting to look like Sasquatch!

  13. Hopefully, our show will air because the Supreme Court nomination hearings started this morning & continue through Thursday.

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  15. We only missed the first few minutes here. The rest was on.

    1. Here in NYC, it came on@ the last minute@3pm, the usual time; thought for sure it was going to be pre-empted.

  16. Alexis was hilarious today! She definitely won line of the day!

    1. She was too funny, but what was her line? I did snicker when she walked up and said are you all discussing religion or politics, and Sonny said I don't discuss politics especially with you! OMG I was crying. You just know that was Mo talking to Nancy! Lol!

  17. Today's GH:

    The hospital:

    Friz and Scotty: It's great seeing them in a scene together, I always love seeing a scene with all three of them, but they are having the same discussion!!!!

    Scotty: Say something.

    BobTodd: She's right.

    Scotty: Say something else.

    Say something else! HAHAHAHAHA! He would have won the line of the day, but Nik wins it.

    Britch and Nik: Awwww I'm glad Britch and Spencer still talk to each other, although they haven't talked lately. :( I'm glad britch is sticking up for Spencer! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Jason, Carly, Gladys, Sam, Jordan, Brando, Sonny, and Cyrus: Awwww it's a party!!!! They all love each other so much and are bonding. :)

    Gladys, Carly, and Sam: Oh LOVE Carly and Sam telling Gladys off!!!! :) Gladys needs to take her annoying whiny self and jump into the pier.

    Brando, Sonny, and Jason: So basically,

    Brando: Oh my love! I can help you. I can be in with Cyrus. I can be your spy my darling.

    Jason: NO!

    Sonny: Not a good idea my love.

    Brando: I can do it!!! Please don't worry! He won't suspect a thing my honey bear.

    Ned, Alexis, her huge cast, and Olivia: Oh boy! Olivia wants to know how the gatekeepers helped each other last night. Ned has all the guilt feels. Alexis wants to get the hell out of there.

    Alexis's huge cast: When are people going to sign me?

    Nedlia: Olivia tells Ned that she saw Alexis drink and Ned is in shock. I guess he was so drunk last night he didn't notice Alexis drinking.

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Ava and Nik: Nik you jelly over Ryan? :) Nik wins the line of the day.

    Nik: A serial killer has targeted us I thought it might be something to talk about over coffee and toast.


    Lulu's home:

    Lulu, Dante, and Dusty: Oh no!!! Dante grabs Dusty and points a gun at him! Oh wait it's only Dante's daydream! Whew!

    Lulu and Dante: Great scene!!!! SO RAW!!!! :) Great acting.. Dante was a jerk. Rocco is sick. :(

    Dante: Are you saying you wish I hadn't come back?

    Seriously Dante?!?!! SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!

    Lulu: What does this change for us now?

    Dante: You tell me.


    Days of our lives: Someone said on twitter that they are going to be shut down, because someone on the production team tested positive so they won't resume until Monday October 26th!!! Oh oh!!!

    1. Yup, Dante was being quite the tool. And he needs to go to the barber ASAP then straight to his Mama!

      I do have to go with Nik for the line of the day. Serial, OMG hilarious! See my above reply to Michelle, because Alexis and Sonny were pretty darn funny, too!

    2. "Julie H says, Yup, Dante was being quite the tool."

      He sure was!

      "And he needs to go to the barber ASAP then straight to his Mama!"

      Hmmm. No his mama next then the barber. :)

      "I do have to go with Nik for the line of the day. Serial, OMG hilarious! See my above reply to Michelle, because Alexis and Sonny were pretty darn funny, too!"

      Yeah Alexis and Sonny scene was great and Sonny's line about politics, yeah that was priceless, but Nik's line was so good he had to win. :)

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