Sunday, October 25, 2020

Sunday Surgery: What In the Q?

 While not as impressive as past weeks, GH still managed to keep me watching and interested in it's content! Every Saturday I sit in this chair going over what happened in my head and some weeks I'm happy to do it and others not so much. I'm on a "happy" streak lately so let's go. 

Did you know over at Bold and Beautiful they are not only using mannequins, they are now basically doing the movie too? Yep, one of those big dolls is talking to a character. I HAD to tune in for a minute to see for myself--and oh yeah. It's as bad as it sounds. 

It was summer here for a bit last week (we got to 80)! So I think I'll have a nice cranberry juice. (If you get that reference you must watch Tik Tok!) 

Cover photo thx to @SoapJenn on twitter. That's Ned having a panic attack about this: 

ZEX OF THE WEEK:  Nina and Chase? Shocked!  Ned? Angry and pissed!! Valentin? Glad Nina's a bit jelly..and Brook ?? Our glorious Brook? DOESN'T GIVE A Damn!! I loved it. Good for a woman for once just being like, I'm hooking up and-- like it or lump it. Men do it enough. (I still hate that dress tho lol) 

KISS OF THE WEEK: Trina wanted to know how she felt for Cam so she went for it. Then she was like: Meh.. ok, forget it. ahahahaahaa!!  Cam was like, um...really? I guess this paves the way for Jam right? If DEV doesn't screw it up too much. He's trying hard like most middle schoolers would.  I'm trying hard to get into the teen scene but it's just too sweet for me. I hope there's some youngins out there that are enjoying it. We need your demo!!  Side Note: I'm glad Cam is working at Kelly's!! In the grand tradition of Port Charles, he's bussing there! (Is he the first boy to work there? It's usually waitresses)

WUBS SHIP OF THE DAY/WEEK/YEAR: I haven't shipped anyone since JOlivia. That's how long it's been. And this was WORTH THE WAIT! They finally are writing Nikolas and Ava the way I want.  Angsty, sexy, with lust and now some love!! Squee! Classic soap story. Now Ava can't even admit her true feelings to him because of Ryan! That's another heartache to add to the fire. Be still my soapy heart. 

SPOOKY OF THE WEEK:  Oh, Carly's unraveling big time!! Not only is she having dreams that Nelle tears out Joss' kidney, she felt her trying to take her into the grave!! While she WAS AWAKE!! Delicious. Nelle is haunting her in her own mind. Nina tries to bury her, Carly's all mad that she's in "Morgan's Space" then this!  I'm loving it of course--hey, it's Halloween and Carly is great at being tormented. MORE please. 

CHESTIAL SIGHTING OF THE WEEK: It's Brando!! He does nothing for me, but you might like ! Cyrus came to him to talk about the job he has in mind: Driver. Brando is acting like it's a pain but he'll do it. I can't figure this character out. Is he really pissed with Sonny about all this? He seems to be angry that Jason is telling him what to do. Didn't he want to help Sonny? Either way, these two could blow up in a car bomb next week and I'd be all: BLOOP!! BYE! 

RESSURANCE OF THE WEEK: Lulu tries to tell ol' Dusty she's still committed to him despite Dante being home. Oh we know this is malarkey --Lulu loves Dante. I think she's punishing him right now for the divorce-by-mail 

PENNSYLVANIA SIDE OF THE WEEK: Yes, Carly got a grillin' from a really great actor playing the PA copper!! Loved him. She slipped up, said she was glad Nelle was dead and Diane had a fit. Diane did charge the Corinthos double her rate so, there's that! 

WEAK LINK OF THE WEEK Oh boy. So, Wills goes and has a drink with Sasha at Charlies and Chase and Michael talk at the gym. You'd think someone would spill the secret of the 'set up' (Especially coked up Sasha) but NOPE. So, Willow and Michael are planning on getting an annulment even tho Willow probably is falling for Michael and vice versa.  I see ZERO Chem with these two so...I don't care one way or another. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Alexis and Britt. Oh. My. GOD. What a hoot!! I was rolling. Alexis was so sarcastic and perfectly drunk. Britt had the comebacks at the ready. Just a great few scenes. 

TIRED BANDAGE OF THE WEEK: Can we get this off already? LOL 


Cyrus threatens Julian with exposure and death if he doesn't sell the bar

Sam tells Sonny and Julian about Alexis' Drinking

Alexis is enjoying drinking !!

Valentin and Brook Lynn sleep together with no regrets 

Ned is not happy; Brook Lynn threatens to tell Olivia about Alexis

Carly has day-mares and a real life scare at Nelle's Grave 

Lulu tells Dustin she's still going out with him

Brando is going to be Cyrus' "driver"

Valentin tries to tell Nina that Carly always comes first with Jax

Sam asks Michael to run the digital part of Aurora 

Britt asks Jax to give money for a "research" project at GH. Jax says no way. 

Carly is questioned by the Pennsylvania side of detectives, says she's glad Nelle is dead 

Mike leaves Sonny 1/4 of a race horse in his will 

Trina kisses Cam and decides to just be friends

Dev is devious and tries to get in between Cameron and Joss. 

SPOILERS/NEWS: No news right this second that I can think of.. Spoilers: It's HALLOWEEN! Maxie's birthday and who knows what else!!  Who's watching Anna and Violet? (could it be--Alex?) and Sam tells Alexis to stop drinking or else... ALL the scoops at Diagnosis Daytime! 

Thank you for reading. I do love Halloween week on GH, it's usually full of surprises. With Carly all upset and seeing things, I'm hoping for some shockers.  I know alcoholism is serious, but a drinking Alexis is proving to be very interesting. Why isn't FINN around?? I'm also hoping they see fit to get Brad out of jail soon so he can live with Britt and dish about PC. 

Have a great Sunday. See you next week! 

Photos thx to: @Alphachick @SoapOperaNews @SoapJenn @GHGifs @Twynk @NiVFans @Redbil 


  1. As I tweeted the other day regarding Michael and Willow: I don't care one way or the other whether they get together. I just don't want to watch it.

  2. Thanks for the great SS Karen.

    Lulu will stick with Dustin for awhile; all the while pining for Dante if he stays around. Like how Felicia stayed with Colton until she just had to go to Frisco.

    Cyrus is a "weird" bad guy. He does give me the creeps a little like Shiloh, but doesn't do anything really. I'm confused, why does he want Julian's bar? Drug trafficking cover???? I just don't get his reasoning and maybe I am missing something but I am confused why he wants to be on the hospital board???? Just to look like an upstanding citizen???

    They should have a Halloween party. Those are fun. Of course, they can't do the big parties at Wyndemere like they used to. Nothing has been BIG for gatherings in a long time. Even before COVID. Budget cuts???

    Why is Bold and Beautiful using mannequins? Did they have positive COVID? Or, just being extra careful? The GH actors do seem to get too close sometimes. What are they doing to be careful?

    I want things shaken up for Anna. It's kind of funny how everyone is attracted to Anna. Valentin, Finn, and Robert. I hope they listen to us and give her back her brain and get her to stop crying so much. Have a little fun. She does love adventure after all. She should have some adventure with Laura. That could be fun. I miss the days when they went on real location shoots. I am thinking of the time when All My Chidlren and Susan Lucci went to Budapest. Think that's where. Don't remember all the details. Maybe she went with Dimitri. I forget where GH went all those years ago. No budget now. Sad.

    I too think the actors and everyone are doing a pretty decent job with what they have. Too bad, no real kissing and love scenes for awhile. Boo.

    When is Genie coming back? Jon Lindstrom I guess will be playing Ryan for a bit.

    I am glad to see that Ned is sticking around so much. I have always liked Ned. He was so much fun with Lois and with Alexis in the day. NLG is great all the time. I wish Ned hadn't slept with Alexis, but it is a soap after all. I don't really like the character of Brook Lyn but she does mix things up a bit to the story line.

    Have a great Sunday everyone

    1. Bold and Beautiful are using mannequins at stand ins for when characters kiss when an actor's significant other isn't available. The mannequin looks cheesy. GH is doing much better with the way they are handling it.

  3. Am I the only one that likes them together? I like Willow, never could stand Sasha.

    1. I don't know if I like Willow and Michael or not. Sometimes I do and then other times they seem kind of bland. I am willing to give it a chance.

    2. I like Willow but I liked her with Chase. They were cute together and made me giggle at times, not yawn. Also I never liked Sasha. I think she'd make a good overdose storyline since they chickened out on the roof scene.

  4. I feel they are not using Julian as much as they should - give him a good storyline/not a pansy.....give him a woman...….underused he is...
    Love NLG acting but been there - done that …...drinking/etc. WHY can't she use her anger and figure out about Neil????? that storyline also was just dropped!!!
    I think Nelle IS dead----finally I do - cause now Carly has a 'crazy' storyline but but but we did THIS storyline too!!!!!!!
    come on - let's get some things going....
    LOVE Ned being front and center..
    and again WHY won't anyone KILL Cyrus?

  5. Thanks so much for my Sunday morning entertainment.

    Loved that scene with Trina. It made me love her even more.

    I'm also rooting for Ava and Nicholas. I think she could well become the new Helena.

    kd says..."Mike leaves Sonny 1/4 of a race horse in his will "

    *** *snicker* I know what quarter I'd leave him.

    I think maybe they're still using the bandage because the makeup people aren't all working and they'd have to put a scar on every day if they removed it.

    I read the litle synopses for next week and I must admit Friday's gives me hope.

  6. I look forward to the SS each week...and you don't disappoint. Thank you.
    Yes, that pad on BrookLynn needs to go. At least she could wear a scarf.
    It seems that they have done to Julian the same thing that they have done to several female characters. Made him a whiny, weak, boring character. Time for him to act like the crime boss he was. He and Sonny should team up against Cyrus.
    In one way or another Janelle will be part of GH for a long time to come.
    Yes, Brad needs to come home.

    1. Now that would be good story with Sonny and Julian becoming "friends" to take down Cyrus. And whatever happened to Taggart? He was back for a hot 5 minutes.

  7. Speaking of Brad. Where is Lucas? Did I miss something and he moved because of the Wiley switch?


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