Friday, October 9, 2020

GH IS GOOD: Tell Ya Friends!


These were supposed to be a surprise but the GH website put them up last night...and they are all over twitter so.. here you go! A special voting day GH ! Cool ! ALL the ladies out there. I think this will air Nov 3rdish. 


Dante and Sonny hug. Awww.... SO soapy!! Great scene. Watch it. They talk about Mike and him coming home. Dante says he doesn't want to go to the Metro--too many people there. 

Joss tells Carly she kissed Cam and doesn't know how to tell Trina.  Joss says the kiss was good. Then Dev overhears Joss say where her journal is hidden.  When Trina comes in each tell they other they have something to tell them. 

Sam is going to call Alexis because she wasn't at the funeral. Then Jason lectures Brando about talking about the "Plan" at the reception. Brando gets pissed. Goes to get a drink. Sam says Alexis isn't picking up and what's the deal with Brando? 

Alexis comes in. Makes up some excuses, Sam doesn't believe it. She sees Olivia and asks how her trip was. Olivia's like how did you ask? Alexis high tales it away. Gets a club soda and then.. PULLS OUT A 5th of Vodka! AHHAA not even a little bottle..geesh. Her purse must slosh around. 

Brook tells Olivia that she erased her messages to ned. Olivia forgives her. 

Lulu was home with Rocco because he was sick. Of course, Dustin is there too. She tells him "of course I love you".  Um..welp. He loves her too. They talk about Dante. She says Dante told her to move on and she has. Then they go to have ZEX ON THE COUCH because of course they do, it's TOO SOAPY NOT TO!

Olivia talks to Ned and Monica. She keeps talking about her shoes. Hmmm. Monica says that she needs to talk to Ned alone. She says that Tracy is angry and says it's the 11th hour on the Doomsday clock and she'll come home and sort it out. Make things right with Brook Lynn.

OLIVIA SEES ALEXIS DRINK!!  Oh, interesting. 

Ava and Trina are in Charlie's talking about Taggert and Cyrus comes up. Trina yells at him for being a killer and murderer. Curtis tells Cyrus to step away. Cyrus then tells Jordan he has to talk with him. 

GLADYS comes in to the Metro. "I wasn't invited"!! Brando and Dev are both rolling their eyes. 

Trina tells Joss and Dev she wants to clear her Dad's name. Are they in to help her?? Joss says yes, Dev says Ya and stomps off. 


Dev goes thru Joss' boxes and finds her journal!! 

Dante goes to the house..Lulu answers the door!!! 



  1. Don't know why Brando is suddely acting like a jerk and is Dev going to turn into a little stalker? yikes! And Trina is acting a little over the top now too. How can she investigate and find information on her father's old cases. She's only going to put them all in danger again.

    Between that and Alexis with her humongous bottle of booze, I see a lot of FFing in my future.

  2. What site was that picture on?

  3. Yeah, what is the deal with Olivia's shoes? Am I missing something? Dev may be more interesting as a stalker.

  4. Dev is so nosy!
    Oh man I can't wait for Monday! Lulu gonna freak out! So is Dustin lol and probably Dante lol!!

    Can't stand Gladys!
    Hope the "kids" don't get caught by Cyrus!
    Good show!

  5. WHere the heck was Felix at the service??????

  6. Q mansion:

    Monica and Ned: Yeah Ned! You better fix things with your daughter, because you DON'T want your mother to show up right? ROFL! Great scene. A little blast from past talk with Monica about the woman Edward cheated with. Pushing her in the bushes! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!


    Dante and Sonny: Yeah Dante. Once you see Olivia, she will flip out!!!!


    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carly and Joss: Joss you didn't tell your mother about Cam and Trina kissing!! Did you find out about Molly having sex with Brando? You can tell your mother that too. :)

    Trina, Joss, and Dev: OH! Are we going to have an adventure?!?!! I'm in! :)

    Sam and Alexis: Alexis got drunk and woke up late!

    *Alexis walks away* Wow! Alexis with her big vodka bottle! Well it goes well with her HUGE cast!

    Alexis and Olivia: Awwww Olivia is so sweet!!! :) Once Olivia finds out that you slept with her man Alexis, she will hate you forever and give you the Italian curse!

    Alexis and Brando:

    Alexis: A second night stand could be lethal.

    ROFL! She would have won the line of the day, but Cyrus won it instead. Now I was wondering what she meant by that, until just now! She meant Neil!!

    Olivia and BLQ sandwich: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :( Forgiveness. :(

    Gladys, Carson, Brando and Jason: Holy crap Gladys is annoying!!!! I did not miss her. Man Brando is 13 years old that he has his mother talk for him! She is so rude.

    Sonny and Brando: So basically,

    Brando: I want a bigger role in the business my love.

    Sonny: I've been thinking about it. It's been decided my love.

    Jason and Cyrus:


    Cyrus: :)

    Jason: 00

    Cyrus: :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Trina, Cyrus, and Ava: Great scene!!!! Love how Cyrus got in the middle of their conversation, and love how Trina was angry, and love how Curtis protected Trina! :)

    Cyrus and Ava:

    Cyrus: Isn't it pretty to think so?

    Curtis and Cyrus: What is with the cryptic address Curtis? ROFL!

    Attic: Why that sneaky creepy jerk!!!! What the hell are you doing Turkey Boy?!!?!?!

    Lulu's home:

    Lustin: It's been a year since they have been together! :) I love Lustin :)

    Dusty: Am I dating myself?

    Uh does Lulu not know how old you are? Awwww they wuv each other! Me likey!! :)

    Lante: I had a feeling Dante was at the door. ICK!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to watch Holly vs Jackie Temptleton.* GO HOLLY! :)


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