Monday, October 26, 2020

Flowers from a Friend

 WELL it's a GLOOMY MONDAY!! Wow... eesh. Just really sleepy out. How's it where you are? 

Julian cuts ALexis off at his bar. She's like You can't do that. He says he can and why isn't she drinking alone at home?? "I can drink wherever I want". Well, he says-- you came here to either get into a fight with me or be saved. She said his ego is huge. Also that Jules is the reason she's drinking. GREAT DIALOG with these two today. He says he knows he's done wrong but wants to help her now to make up for it. Alexis is like FORGET IT! Leave me alone!! Julian says I can't do that. Oh, Alexis just says some heartbreaking things. WATCH IT. 

Robert brings Jackie flowers he got from the lobby at the Metro. He wants help bringing down Peter. She says don't try to flatter me into doing something. I'm going to write my story, not help you. He calls her hard headed. She tells him to get off his ass and do it himself lol.  They talk about old times and Robert says he's lost a lot of people lately and wants to make sure he keeps connections. 

Peter calls her and she can start working for him tomorrow. 


ANNA Tells Kevin she might not be Peter's mother

FINN goes to see JACKIE! OMG I bet they were an item!!!!!! 

Robert finds out Dante is out of the Swiss lock up and wonders how he got out

Anna and Finn at the hospital, looking for Faison's DNA..Kevin's in the lab doing brain experiments? Oooo, what?? Lulu walks in, brings him dinner from Laura. She wants to talk about Dante. Says it's been hard and now she's with Dustin. She loves him but part of her will always love Dante. He says take her time, don't rush.

FinnA going to go steal some of Faison's brain! They break into the lab. BLOOP! Kevin catches them! They make something up but he doesn't believe them. Anna says she wants to talk to Kevin alone. Finn leaves. 

JaSam...Jason might be too busy to trick or treat. LOL. Sam's all Pout Pout. Spinelli walks up. They talk about Brando. Sam's all pissy tht Jason didn't tell her right away that  he accepted the job from Cyrus. Jason's like "Um he JUST TOOK it at 8am" LOL They talk about ways to get Peter. Sam bitches at Jason later about not telling her about Shiloh and Nelle thing earlier. Ugh. She's just being a nag, imo. 

Paxie in The Rib, Dante walks in Maxie hugs him. He talks about Olivia having him home and how weird it is to be home. She tells him she's working at Deception, is going to marry Peter and is pregnant. Dante is not happy "he's the reason Nathan is dead" She tells him not to be like everyone else and be happy for her. Then Lulu walks in! 


  1. Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Julian and Alexis: WOW WOW WOW! Great scene!!! Bravo!! Poor Alexis. :( Don't take it personally that you are her verbal punching bag Julian! She is going through a lot and is drunk. :( So sad. :( Alexis wins the line of the day.

    Alexis: DING DING DING DING DING! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We have a winner.. We have a wiiiiiiinnnnerrr.



    Jasam and Spinny: Oh my! Sam don't like secrets Jason! You should have told her right away! Like the second it happened!!! Or you are going in the dog house.

    Spinny: I think she is a super spy for heavens sake. She should be able to see through Peter though to his true self. How HOW can she turn a blind eye and believe a word.

    THANK YOU SPINNY!!! That has been my question!!! The invasion of the body snatchers took Anna and now we have Anna bot.

    Floating rib:

    Maxie and Hiney: UGH!

    Maxie and Dante: UGH! Shut up Maxie and open your eyes!!! Stop with the Hiney is good parade!! Listen to Dante!!

    The hospital:

    Anna and Finchy: Walk walk walk walk walk.. Talk talk talk talk talk. Can we stop talking about Hiney and the arthritis gene and let's get on with it.

    The lab: WHOA! That room looks so cool and confusing hahaha.. I thought at first it was Britch behind Doc! Nope!

    Lulu and Doc: Well hello Lulu! :) Mmmmm food. :) When is Laura coming?

    Finchy and Anna: Breaking in? I thought they had an appointment. Oops.

    Finchy, Anna, and Doc: Come on!!! Why are we lying to Doc? Why can't we tell him the truth?

    Anna and Doc: Oh there ya go! Truth spilling time! :) Now was that so hard?

    Metrocourt hotel:

    Robert and Jackie: From behind when she opened the door I thought it was Olivia! I was smiling!! :) It's Jackie. I'm disappointed. Jackie is working for Hiney! HA! :)

    Jackie and Finchy:

    "Karen says FINN goes to see JACKIE! OMG I bet they were an item!!!!!!"

    Hahahahahaha. Yup! :)

    1. Just wow (!) to Alexis and Jules. I still have sympathy for Julian (don't ask me why, he's such a cad!) and Alexis damn near broke my heart.

      Mumbles is really turning into a pouty little nag. If I was Jason I wouldn't tell her anything because she always mucks it up, lol!

  2. Jackie and Finn MUST have had a thing.

  3. Me thinks Finn and Anna are not getting married.

  4. Does anyone know if Roger Howarth is on contract? He’s hardly on anymore.

  5. I'm hoping that they aren't just playing with us and Anna finds out Peter isn't hers.

    1. "Di says, I'm hoping that they aren't just playing with us and Anna finds out Peter isn't hers."

      Me too!!!! I mean we even had V.C. say to Anna that she would never sleep with Faison!

    2. Exactly. Noone wants Peter to be Anna's son

    3. "lindie says, Exactly. Noone wants Peter to be Anna's son"

      YUP! So, Anna needs to find out he is not her son ASAP!

    4. Me too! PLP is NOT Anna's son and I need Maxie to know the truth NOW. I'm so tired of this. :(

  6. Cyrus is in the episode of Star Trek Discovery I am watching.

  7. what is wrong with kim delaney's mouth? it looks so different.

    1. Plastic surgery?? I don't know. Kelly Monaco was so pretty. She has definitely had plastic surgery to her face and not just lips. People plastic surgery doesn't make you prettier. Just my opinion maybe.

    2. She is 58 so she probably has had some work done, as has KM. I never watched her on AMC but I did on NYPD Blue. I think she is fitting in beautifully and love watching her with Tristan. She is a good actress and a great addition to the cast.

  8. Karen, I think that Lulu made the food for Kevin, not Laura, as Lulu said that Laura still is in DC. We know, however, that Genie was on her way back to LA (we think), so hopefully she will be on soon.


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