Thursday, October 29, 2020


 It's Thursday!! 

Halloween with the Teens. They went to Charlie's PUB .Oh someone is watching the girls that has a Darth Vadar mask that Taggs.  Cam is a sailor and Dev is a vampire.  Joss and Cam just argue. They decide to go to the party. She sees Darth Vadar -- they get a photo together. 

Franco has a dream about THE MONKEY, Spray paint, Ava and a bloody knife..HE wakes up and Cam is upset because he was held over night. Franco says it's just dehydration. Ava comes in later. She tells Franco she knows he and Liz and Scott blackmailed her. She wants that photo to prove it. 

Spinelli asks for advice from Sonny about Maxie. Sonny says maybe Spinelli can't do anything but someone could. 

Paxie and Fanna celebrate Maxie's bday. Anna gives Maxie a purse. She and Peter leave for the Metro. Anna tries to choose between a black or a white cape.  She picks white.

Cyrus wants a table at the Metro. OMG.  Sasha walks in as his date! He must have given her coke! No, he just helped her last night. He wants to know what was wrong and she can talk to him. 

NIkolas visits Julian in the bar. He's figured out that Ryan is blackmailing Ava because of Julian.  Julian tells him to give Ava the divorce and get out. 

Envelope for Anna at GH. Portia and Ava chat for a minute. Ava and Portia say it's a good thing that Trina is thinking about clearing Taggert's name instead of crying all the time 

END: Anna gets the envelope.  Julian and Darth Vadar fight over the phone and His Helmet comes off and it's Taggert!! OMG, Portia calls Terry to come to floor 10 "oncology" for Franco!! OH NO!! and HELENA Cassadine CALLS PETER!! 

NEWS: Constance Towers says that she's taping for GH from home. Will it be a flashback? Does Helena have Holly? Hmmm


  1. I though that Helena was dead. Didn't she will to Alexis the knife that she slit her mother's throat with?

    Don't get me wrong. I love Constance Towers and Helena. It just seems like I must have missed something.

  2. She IS dead so I think it's a dream or something - I don't think they would revive her during COVID times if she would be a regular.

  3. I love Constance Towers. She can be on briefly anytime in my book. She's like 87 years old too. She's great

    1. Love her too, Lindie! Hope we get to see her!

  4. YAAAAH! Helena. I love CT too.

  5. I meant to say this yesterday, but why did Willow need to take a shower, she said that she "blew off" the class. . .

  6. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Godfather Sonny and Spinny:

    Godfather Sonny: It's good you came to me. What's troubling you?

    Godfather Sonny has spoken! :)

    Godfather Sonny: Just because you can't do something, doesn't mean someone else can't do it in your place.

    Ohhhh creepy!!! Love when Sonny acts all Godfather mobster man! :)

    Carly and Cyrus: I was thinking oh does Cyrus have a date? Did he ask Piffy out? Oh no no no! It's Sasha! He has a drug date with her!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHHAA! I will call them Cysha. :)

    Carson: Carly! It's just a drug date! Relax!!!! :)

    Cyrus and Sasha: Love the drug date! :) Hehehehehehe. *Evil look*

    Maxie and Hiney: Yuck yuck yuck. Celebrating her birthday! ICK!

    Maxie, Hiney, and Spinny: Thank you Spinny for interrupting their almost kiss! :) Dungeons and dragons hahahahaha. Jenga! Hahahahaha. Yeah Maxie wants to avoid Dungeons and dragons!!! ROFL! OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hiney's phone call! Is it a recording of Helena?!?!!?! :) Sounds like it. The original queen Helena at your service! :)

    Spinny and Hiney:

    Hiney: I just hope it's on the level.

    Oh? And what if it isn't huh? What are you going to do? Kill Spinny?!?!!

    Spinny and V.C.: V.C. wins the line of the day.

    Spinny: Darth Cassadine.

    V.C.: Is that some sort of joke?


    Sasha and Cyrus's man: Ohhhh Sasha just had a Coke orgasm!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Trina, Joss, Turkey boy, and Cam: They all look great in their costumes!! :)

    Joss and Cam: OH OH! Problem alert! Come on you two! Don't let Turkey boy manipulate you!

    Trina and Darth Vadar: Yeah when I first saw him, I wondered who it was, and then Trina sees him, and I immediately knew it was Taggart!!!! :)

    Nik and Jules: Desperate Nik! Calm cool and collected Jules. :)

    Darth Vadar and Jules: I heard Darth Vadar's voice!!!! IT'S TAGGART! Then the fight. Oh come on! ROFL! If Taggart really wanted to hide he wouldn't of fought with Jules! Hahahahahaha!

    The hospital:

    BobTodd's room: Great dream!!! Monkey see monkey do! :)

    Cam, Liz, and BobTodd: Are you sure you are okay BobTodd? I mean you said doorknob and then you passed out! On Y&R today someone passed out too. Passing out is popular all of a sudden. :)

    BobTodd and Ava: Queen Ava always gets what she wants. :)

    Nurses station: I'm confused! Portia was calling her daughter, and the next scene she is on the phone with Terry! Bad bad editing.

    Portia and Ava: Bonding over Trina and her plans! :) Will they be besties?!

    The jail waiting area: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! The weekly visit!!!! :)

    Chandler Mansion:

    Maxie, Hiney, and Anna: Happy birthday Maxie!!! :) Now Hiney go away. Scurry back to your little mouse home.

    Anna and Finchy: Oh! Two great costumes. I can't pick either!!!! Awww Finchy can't take his daughter trick or treating? Oh yes Chase can do it.. He is a great big brother! :)

    Anna bot and V.C.:

    Anna Bot: HE IS NOT A THREAT!

    OY! *Facepalm* Oh wait a second. The results are in! YAY! Now can you stop talking about it, and open the damn envelope?!!?!?! I want this to end!!!!

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1992* It's the time when everyone thought Anna and Robert were dead. :(

    1. Face palmed right along with you. Sheesh AnnaBot, buy a clue and open the stinkin' envelope! :(

      All I could think of was Karen when Franco was dreaming about that crazy monkey, hahahah!

      Line of the day is getting pretty easy, isn't it? Lol!

    2. And what the heck was up with Jos and the snot attitude? She was channeling Snarly and I hate when she does that!

    3. "Julie H says, Face palmed right along with you. Sheesh AnnaBot, buy a clue and open the stinkin' envelope! :("

      Hurry up already!!!!!!

      "All I could think of was Karen when Franco was dreaming about that crazy monkey, hahahah!"


      "Line of the day is getting pretty easy, isn't it? Lol!"

      Hahahahahaha. It can be. :) But then other times, someone says something really funny, and then someone else said something even funnier, and oh no! Someone else comes along and says something hysterical! ROFL!

    4. "Julie H says, And what the heck was up with Jos and the snot attitude? She was channeling Snarly and I hate when she does that!"

      It's because of what Turkey boy has been saying to her about Cam! He is lying to her and manipulating her because he doesn't want Joss and Cam together!!

  7. "lindie says, So, so sad"

    Yeah. :(

    1. And then Mac raises Robin and Maxie who had no fathers around. Great guy. Need to see more of Mac

    2. "lindie says, And then Mac raises Robin and Maxie who had no fathers around. Great guy. Need to see more of Mac"

      Yeah. :( Mac is the best!!!! I really want him to have a baby of his own. :(

  8. I wonder if Francos tumor has come back. If it has I wonder if his personality will go back to what it was before.

    1. No Franco tumor. If he's one of the ones being cut I'm going to be ticked.
      As for could be a recording? Vut... then's GH nobody is ever really dead...

    2. We definitely don't need a rehash of the tumor. That's just lazy writing. Since they've shown Kevin working on brain scans of the memory experiments that would be a much better route to follow.

  9. After reading there are more cast cuts coming, I could only come up with a handful of actors that I would be VERY upset that got the ax. Queen Ava, Queen in waiting Alexis, Princess Elizabeth and of course Laura and Anna. But only if Anna returns to Anna as opposed to AnnaBot! Notice that they're all women, lol! I have my male favorites of course (Robert, Kevin, Cam, Nik) but they're not as fabulous as the ladies listed above.

    1. "Julie H says, Queen in waiting Alexis, Princess Elizabeth"

      ROFL! King Nik, King V.C. and drug kingpin Cyrus! :)


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