Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Bar Tab

 Dante in bed with scars on his back, dreaming about killing Lulu (orders). He gets up and goes downstairs. 

Nina sees Carly and Jax in the interrogation room. Carly tells Nina that they had to get stuff signed for the PA guy. She leaves. Jax asks Nina why she didn't tell Carly that she buried Nelle.  Then Curtis walks in and she asks him to find the owner of the necklace. 

Lulu at Charlie's   with Dustin. He says it was "tense" at the house with Dante (um, duh). He says he'll let her go. 

Sonny at Kelly's with Sam. Sam tells him Alexis has started drinking again. Sonny says she has to find her own way out like he did from Morgan's death. Sam then meets with Jax about "Aurora" (remember that company? LOL). She doesn't want to head her division because 'she can't right now" (um, why??) and he doesn't want to buy it. .She has to have someone run it. Hmm, who? Michael? Alexis? 

Michael and Willow talk about their "marriage" ... zzzzzzz.  Michael says Willow is "perfect" for him but they deserve to be "in love".  You can tell Willow loves Michael now and he might like her but they think they like other people :eyeroll: Michael then sees Dante. They hug. He thinks Willow and Michael are so cute together.  They tell him they are breaking up lol. 

Chase asks Brando why the motorcycle investigation was stopped. Brando says nothing. Later, Cyrus comes in to ask him about working together. He wants Brando to drive for him. Chase goes back to the PCPD and realizes that he left his wallet at the gym. 

Jordan and Curtis think that the PA detective is gunning for Sonny for something personal. Curtis says Nina wants him to find the necklace lady. He's not sure he should. Jordan is afraid Chase is getting too close to the truth about Cyrus and she. 

Sonny sees Diane at the Metro. She debriefs Sonny about Carly's meeting with the detective. She says Carly's own mouth will get her in trouble. She basically tells him that Carly needs to shut the fk up LOL 

Brook Lynn and Valentin drink at Charley's.. she trashes Lulu. He loves hearing it LOL Oh I think he's going to invite her over because she has to go. 

Nina tells Carly she buried Nelle. Carly EXPLODES because it's the same Graveyard as Morgan. Oh, geesh. 

Chase sees Brando and Cyrus hand shaking. 

Sam calls Michael with a proposition. Must be to run Aurora's digital company 


  1. Dante's bedroom: Bad nightmare! OH MY DANTE'S BACK! OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Charlie's bar and restaurant:

    Brooky and V.C.: Oh man they were talking so much!!! And drinking. :) Stop talking you two and just carona kiss and carona sex! Oh! They heard me! HA! YAY!!!! GO BROOKYTIN. :)

    Lustin: Gee Dusty did it shock you that it was so tense? Awww Dusty being so noble!! Yeah Lulu you tell him! He don't need to leave her life forever! When they hugged, she looked relived haha. :)

    Police station:

    Jordan and Chase: Chase!! You keep digging and don't stop!! Don't listen to Jordan!!!

    Chase on the phone: YES! HE HEARD ME! :)

    Jurtis: Awwww Curtis. I understand why you are hesitant to help Nina find Mrs. Coffee.. :(

    Nina and Jax: Jax why in the hell do you want Nina to tell Carly about the headstone?!!?! There is no reason to!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Nina and Carly: Why did Nina have to tell Carly about the headstone?!!?! Carly is just so upset she isn't making any sense!!

    Diane and Sonny: They are talking way too much about Nelle and Carly! Just have Carona sex already! ROFL!

    Carson: Oy! This is what they are like in high school.

    Sonny: Like wow Diane told me what you said!!!

    Carly: I didn't say anything!! Do you want to walk me to my class?

    Sonny: No! You did say something!!! You said you are glad Nelle is dead.

    Carly: Oh I have a stomach ache and I'm going home.

    Sonny and Sam: Sam wins the line of the day. They are talking about Alexis.

    Sam: She claims that she is an adult.


    Sam and Jax: Okay Sam but what if your daughter doesn't want to work at Aurora?!!?! LIKE EVER?!!?!?! Shut up!

    The gym:

    Cyrus and Brando: Oh!Cyrus has taken the bait! Oh hand shakes!!! :) OH HI HARRY CHASE!! :) HA! You two are so busted!

    Q mansion:

    Mildew: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Yes no reason to be married. Time for a divorce. I want my Chillow back, and Michael can find someone else to date. Like Francesca! Where the hell is she?!

    Mildew and Dante: A year for an annulment?!!?! I never heard of that before!!! WHAT?!!?!?!

    1. Me either!! And Dante giving relationship advice!! I don't get the love vibe between Michael & Willow. Especially after Michael saying they should be with someone who makes thier heart race and take your breath away. They had that with Sasha and Chase before those two geniuses screwed it up.

    2. "gracegirl says, Dante giving relationship advice!!"

      ROFL! I don't think that is a very good idea.

      "I don't get the love vibe between Michael & Willow."

      She still loves Chase!!!

    3. I thought Carly made perfect sense, Neener is the one that's coo-coo for cocoa puffs. (I used to love those btw, lol!) Neener is doing it for herself because of her long lost this story will never end baby.

      I was also wanting Mumbles to STFU. And I guess I'm the only one who likes Mildew. Such an awful name, hahahah!

    4. "Julie H says, I thought Carly made perfect sense,"

      She did?!!? But but but she doesn't want DEAD Nelle to be near DEAD Morgan and DEAD Mike!!! ROFL!

      "Neener is doing it for herself because of her long lost this story will never end baby."

      ROFL! She just needs to find and talk to Mrs. Coffee!!! And quickly!!! UGH!

      "I was also wanting Mumbles to STFU."

      She never will! Hahaha!

      "And I guess I'm the only one who likes Mildew."

      You like underdog relationships? ROFL!

      "Such an awful name, hahahah!"


  2. I am confused. Why is Dante supposed to kill Lulu? I thought he was supposed to kill Peter.

  3. Remember when Dante was on last he had those scars and Lulu saw him and then it was dropped and she never asked him what that was about.

  4. BrookLynn and Valentin...pregnancy anyone?

  5. Valentin and Brooklyn. The odd couple. NO

  6. Do you think that KM is pouting about because Billy Miller left? Just a thought

    1. I have thought that for awhile. I believe they're still a couple in real life.

    2. And she has TPTB by the short hairs? They should take her off contract and see how fast she perks up. If not, there are thousands of unemployed actors out there now who can replace her.

    3. :Di says, If not, there are thousands of unemployed actors out there now who can replace her."


    4. I used to like the character of Sam alone too. Sad

    5. I mean used to like Sam alot

    6. She wasn't too bad today. I could even hear her.

  7. I thought Valentin was really sexy with BLQ, but I'm not crazy about her. She always has an unpleasant look on her face. Always nice to see Diane. Willow is starting to remind me of a "housewife" from the 50s or 60s. She and Michael are so blah but I really liked her with Chase.

    1. "LindaV says, Willow is starting to remind me of a "housewife" from the 50s or 60s."

      Haha. Probably because of the way she dresses! :)

  8. I thought that Valentin is too old for BLQ, never saw it coming that they would get together . . .

    1. Age is irrelevant. I had a boyfriend once who was 17 years younger than me. It wasn't his age that ended our relationship. You never know.

  9. Karen! Did you forget to hit publish again? ROFL!

    V.C.'s hotel room:

    Brookytine: Corona sex! YES!!! :) This was so unexpected! I thought at least she would be with either Jules or Chase!!! I love unexpected surprise couples! :) Wow look! Brooky is happy!!! She is smiling!!!! :0 Oh wait no more sex she says! Oh wait she changes her mind!!! Corona sex again!!! :) YAY! She knows though that he still is in wuv with Nina.

    Q mansion:

    Monica and Ned:

    Monica: Whispering isn't going to save you.

    You aught a know Monica! ROFL! She would have won the line of the day, but Chase wins it instead.

    Monica, Ned, and Olivia: I love the looks Monica is giving Ned and the snarkiness!!! Hahahaha. Monica has experience in the matter of cheating hahahahaha!

    Mildew: Oh look Willow is bleeding. Oh wait it's just the very very red dress she is wearing. Time to get an annulment! Whatever Diane says it doesn't matter. Nelle is "dead" so no reason to stay married!

    BLQ and Ned: I can't believe BLQ told Ned she slept with V.C.! Hahahahaha! Ned is beside himself. Then when BLQ leaves, the look Monica gives Ned! HAHAHAHHAHAHA!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Queen Ava and Jules: Jules is whining about Sonny. Still have some residual feelings for Sonny, Jules? :) Oh please you two. You both would have done the same thing that Scotty, and Friz did.. So don't act so righteous!! ROFL! Queen Ava should have said that they would have done the same thing!

    The hospital:

    Liz and Nik: Can you take a break? I thought we could go for a walk.

    Oh. You want to walk in the field of flowers and run and jump too? Wow I can't believe Nik told the truth about what he tried to do to Friz!!! I can't believe Liz forgave him right away. She must still have the guilt feels for what Scotty, BobTodd, and her were doing.

    Metrocourt restaurant: Awwww Chase is so sweet worrying about BLQ! :)

    Chase and Nina: Wait wait WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT! Nina! Why the hell would Chase want to go to Nelle's wake or whatever it's going to be?!!?!

    Chase, BLQ and V.C.: Chase wins the line of the day.

    Chase: If you don't want people jumping to conclusions, don't show up to a restaurant with a guy wearing the same clothes you were wearing yesterday.

    HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHHAAHA! Well, he is right. :) Nina is wearing a jelly face.

    V.C. and Nina: OH MAN! Nina is so jelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at her! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Jax and Nina: Jax doesn't want any part of this.. Jax!!! What is the freakin big deal about Nina getting a headstone for Nelle?!!?! Oh wait I know what it is! It's because Carly hates it!! :)

    Jax, Sam, and Michael: I don't know about Michael working for Aurora. I liked him at ELQ. :(

    1. Totally approve of the line of the day, that was perfect! LOL! Thanks for the recap too, my governor was talking for the first 20 minutes of GH.

      I seriously couldn't believe that BLQ told dear old dad about sleeping with Valentin, ewww! Like I would ever tell my dad that! And you're right, Ned's face was classic! Gotta say though, Monica wins "facial expressions" of the week!

  10. I think the big deal about the headstone is that she has it in the same cemetery as Sonny and Carly's family. She should have had her in another cemetery far far away. putting her there was in very poor taste.

  11. "Di says, I think the big deal about the headstone is that she has it in the same cemetery as Sonny and Carly's family. She should have had her in another cemetery far far away. putting her there was in very poor taste."

    This is just so crazy and dumb. Nelle won't even be near their family members. Besides, Morgan is not even there! ROFL! Sonny should just buy the cemetery and then he can say who can be buried there and who couldn't. :)



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