Friday, October 16, 2020

Checking Account

 Q house, Ned calls Alexis and Brook comes home. Monica says "Kids, it's make up time".. They argue about ELQ and family yada yada. 

Alexis gets a call from Ned. Won't answer it. She's in her sweats, her house is a mess and she drinks the last of the vodka.  After meeting Scotty, Nik goes to see Alexis with help finding dirt on Scotty. He basically tells Alexis he's in love with Ava. Alexis looks like shes' going to throw up lol. 

Jason, Brando and Sonny talk about Cyrus. ITs' all blah blah blah boring. They are basically sending Brando in to work from the inside. 

Carly has to be interviewed by the OTHER Pennsylvania detectives. PENNSYLVANIA people!! She's all upset and she and Jason end up talking about why she has to stick to her story. 

Scotty meets Nikolas. Nikolas is getting the photos. He gives him money. Nik gives him a check which he's not happy about but takes it. Then Ava meets him at GH. 

Ava tells Julian she and Nikolas slept together. Whoopsie. Then she goes to meet Scott. She sold the penthouse!! Wow. He wants Venmo. hahaha

Cam comes into GH and has a cut hand from "work"...the "waitress' told him to go to the hospital. Where does he work? Anyway, he tells Franco he kissed Josslyn and likes her. Franco says tell the truth before it all blows up.  Cam goes to get stitches and Friz get the check from Scott that Nikolas gave him. 

Joss and Dev are at the boat docks and he wants to go "look at the stars with her" and she wants to call Cam and Trina to go too. He's like: WHY? Then he says Cam texted and said he's busy (which he is). Dev tells Joss he's probably with Trina. :eyeroll . Joss is mad and leaves. 

Stupid DEV finds Cam at GH. Shows him Josslyn's diary the he forged. Says that she kissed him at homecoming and it was gross. Cam's mad Dev took her journal and stomps off. Dev throws it in the garbage can. 

OK!! WOW..

Ned tells Monica he slept with Olivia and Brook overhears it!! WOW (Monica is the one to confide in since she's such a affair-veteran. hell she even slept with NED! ahahha)

Then Scott gives both Liz and Franco the checks and .. they tear them up! Scotty is dying! WHAT? WHAT? The picks up the pieces except for ONE. The one with Nikolas' signature on it and AVA finds it !! NICE. 


  1. Kind of boring for a Friday. Wonder what Brooklyn will do with the affair info as she is pissed with her Dad.

    Also, Dev is such a jerk. Much like Bobbie when she was trying to get Scotty away from Laura back in the day though. Liked Bobbie better than Dev though.

    1. Definitely, Bobbie was redeemable back then and Dev....just go away.

    2. Meh. Bobbie did it better!!

    3. Ya, Dev is a useless character.

  2. Anyone out there know where I can get my hands on some Definite vodka ?

    1. Pennsylvania of course!

    2. "LSV422 says, Pennsylvania of course!"

      Pennsylvania side of the riiiiiiiiiverrrrrr. :)

  3. The Pennsylvania side could be that PA has the death penalty while NY does not. More anxiety for Carly!

  4. Pier: Or wherever the heck they are.

    Nik and Scotty: Ohhhh. A checky poo!!! :) Go Scotty! :)

    Q mansion:

    Monica, BLQ sandwich and Ned: It's like Monica is Ned's mother! ROFL! Everytime Ned opens his mouth, Monica basically hits him with a ruler! ROFL! Come on Monica! BLQ is NOT 12 years old!! Even though she acts like it.

    Monica and Ned: Well Monica you know ALLLLLL too well about affairs don't ya? :) Let's name them shall we?

    Rick Webber


    Sean Donely

    Ned of course

    Pierce Dorman

    Carson home:

    Joss and Dev: Okay! Dev stop manipulating Joss and lying to her! Go away!

    Carly and Joss: The kiss the kiss the kiss. When Joss loses her virginity is she going to also tell her mother?

    Carly and Jason: Carly if you don't stop worrying, then you are going to get wrinkles. :)

    Brando and Sonny: So basically,

    Sonny: If Cyrus calls for a meeting, you agree, you go and you take the job my love.

    Brando: Anything for you Sonny my love.

    Sonny: I'm going to have to visit with my ex Julian to tell him not to take the job.

    Brando: Should I be jealous?

    Sonny: No my love. I love you. You and I are forever!

    The hospital:

    Friz: How long do we have to watch Liz complain about the plan?

    Scotty and Queen Ava:

    Queen Ava: I don't like to be kept waiting.

    Oh Scotty! NEVER keep Queen Ava waiting!!!! Oh another check!! :) And that is exactly what he said! Another check? OOPS! Hmmm Scotty hates checks! ROFL! I guess no money in a briefcase. :)

    Friz and Cam: Hmmm. At first I thought Cam was faking it. I wasn't sure what the point of it all was.

    Friz and Scotty: RIPPING THE CHECKS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Perfect. :) Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: We could tape this together!!!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! Oh wait Scotty! You forgot 1 piece!!! Queen Ava can exact her revenge on Scotty!!

    Cam and Dev: DAMN YOU DEV!! Really? Making a fake Joss journal and putting your spin on it?! What the hell?!!?!?!! Is that why Cam had to have cut his hand? Just so he could be at the hospital to talk to Dev? Oy! How old is Dev 12? So dumb.

    Alexis's home: Alexis and her HUGE vodka and her HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE cast. How come nobody wrote on it?

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Sonny and Jules: So basically,

    Sonny: Hello Jules.

    Jules: What do you want?

    Sonny: You really should consider selling Corinthos Coffee to get more customers.

    Jules: Are we getting back together?

    Sonny: No.

    Jules: Then no. I am not interesting in your coffee.

    Sonny: I'm just trying to help.

    Jules: I don't need your help. Why don't you just get out of here and go be with Brando.

    Sonny: Jealousy doesn't look very good on you.

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1981 to watch Laura and Tiffany get drunk, and Robert and Luke work on the boat.*

    1. Do you have a link for your Flashback Friday? I'd much rather watch that

    2. Think this is the scene you were talking about sonya.

      Love it! And so much fun. I just loved Tiffany. She was so much fun with Robert and then later with Sean. Just love Sean and Tiffany wedding.

    3. "lindie says, Do you have a link for your Flashback Friday? I'd much rather watch that"

      Oops! I'm sorry! I thought I did put the link up..

      "Think this is the scene you were talking about sonya."

      YES! :) That's it.. Thank you! :)

  5. Wedding: Remember this

    So, so funny


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