Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Sing It Out


Well, it's HUMP DAY..

Brook LYNN HAS NO BANDAGE!! She wants to live at Chases. 

Michael at the gym.  Talking to Dante about Willow . Michael says he really doesnt't want an annulment. He wishes they could stay together. Dante thinks he's an idiot. 

Willow is talking to Liz about Michael. 

Epiphany snaps at Franco for taking the last chocolate in the machine; she says damn it I deserve that and my job back! Cyrus walks up. OMG Franco asks him to go to The Rib for GH Karaoke night LOL Epiphany shoots him dagger looks. She tells Franco to run after Cyrus says yes he might go. 

Nina is mad at Carly and Jax. Sasha looks like a wet cat. Carly wants to know what's wrong. Nina won't tell her. Carly tries to barge into the bathroom while Sasha is coking up. Carly finally gets in. Tells Sasha she looks like hell. 

Nikolas and Ava out on the parapet. He arranged a dinner. Roses..all the trimmings. Ava doesn't trust him tho and has a big knife behind her back. They banter. She says Nikolas knows how he can prove his feelings. He says "By divorcing you"? Well..DONE.  Then he walks out!!  He has the divorce papers on a platter in the other room! HE says she can have 90% of everything-- but she can't have him. Oh, he called her bluff!!! OOOOOOO.  OMG WATCH THIS SCENE!! IT's amazing! Ava says she loves him "Jackass" but she can't but she can't say why (because of Ryan). He tells her to sign it then, SIGN IT and. OMG she stabs him! Not on purpose..she turned around and he was there!! OMG! STABBED!! Geesh, I even forgot she had the knife. 

Oh, Epiphany cries and tells Liz she and Milo are breaking up!! He's busy opening up gyms across the country. She says they've grown apart. 
BrookLynn tries to sing, she can't. She runs... Chase follows her outside where she's crying. 
Franco asks Cyrus if he wants to sing MILEY CYRUS pFFFFFFFFFFT!!! ahahha

Epiphany sings a sad song. 

THEN! OMG..Willow goes to take a shower at the gym...and Michael does too. They make it look like WILLOW is coming in to Michael and dropping her towel!! BUT IT'S A FANTASY! Then they show Willow and she's having the same fantasy! LOL I thought it was real. 

Sasha orders more coke. Then Carly decides to go after her.  Sasha's dealer backs out but Cyrus comes along!!

END: OMG..wait.. Epiphany is talking to Franco and he just..PASSES OUT!!?????? what? He's down!! 


  1. remember the new spoilers are Franco and Liz face a health crisis and SOMEHOW it's gonna lead back to Franco DOES have Drew's memories and HE will bring Peter down on the day of the wedding...…………….

    1. Oh my! REALLY?!!!?!? Sounds really good!!! :)

    2. It looked like he had a stroke. Aphasia can definitely be a warning sign.

    3. That was my thought too. He had the tumor and all the other things messing with his brain.

    4. And he was talking nonsense. He said "doorknob " to Epiphany right before he went down.

  2. Franco wedding or Anna's? Sounds good

  3. The hospital:

    Piffy and BobTodd: Yikes!!! Piffy wants that chocolate bar!!! She is hangry!!!! Give her the damn chocolate bar BobTodd and RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!

    Piffy, BobTodd, and Cyrus: Awwww BobTodd is so sweet to Cyrus! Wanting to invite him to karaoke night! :)Not sure what BobTodd is up to!! Hahahaha! Oh oh Piffy is still hangry! She wants you to run BobTodd!! HAHAHAHAHA!


    Nava: Queen Ava and her lovely knife. :) Careful Nik. She does "bite"


    Nava: OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor Nik gets accidentally stabbed by Queen Ava! WHOOPSIE! Oh but sure! Let's have carona sex. The stabbing really turned me on baby! Let's get it on! Sure you will be bleeding alot, and you could bleed to death, but don't worry I will take you to the hospital! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I can't believe they had carona sex while he was bleeding! I couldn't stop laughing! :) Did she take him to the hospital after Carona sex? Oh no of course not! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Nina's home: Oh boy! What a mess! ROFL! You are high, but you can stay with me. I have a bedroom for you. No no I'm fine. I just needed to catch my breath! Gotta go! Bye! ROFL! Too much!

    Nina and Jax: Yeah Jax is right. Carly will always be around Jax, cus of Joss.

    The bathroom: Sasha was making love to her coke while Carly was behind the door! :) Oh oh no more Coke! She has to get some more!

    Sasha and Carly: Come on Carly! Are you going to ask her if she is high or what?!?!!

    Outside: Oh boy! Sasha is in desperate need of some lovin with the Coke. Oh hi Cyrus! Awwww Cyrus can help you! :)

    The gym: Oh geez that Mildew shower fantasy scene was so unnecessary. So pointless. I want a damn Chillow shower fantasy scene!!!!! AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!

    The floating rib: KARAOKE NIGHT YAY!

    Brooky and Chase: I didn't even notice she didn't have her bandage off until 2:26 haha. They have cute banter. :) Awww poor Brooky can't sing. :( Chase I hope you sing!!! :) You have to make it up because you didn't sing at the nurses ball!!

    Piffy and Liz:

    Piffy: Milo and I are breaking up.

    YAY!!!! It's about damn time. I hated them together, ever since that nurses ball when Piffy did what she did with Mac's Mr. Marbles and Milo loved that she did it! UGH! And then he asked her out. I just... UGH! I never got passed it. It left a very bad taste in my mouth.

    Cyrus, BobTodd, Liz, and Piffy: Cyrus can sing a Miley Cyrus song? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Piffy wins the line of the day.

    Piffy: Not today Satan!

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm dead! :) Now that Piffy is hurting and on the rebound, maybe she and Cyrus can have a one night stand. :)

    BobTodd and Piffy: HOLY CRAP! WHY DID BOBTODD PASS OUT!!?!?!? OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's wrong with him!? :( He looked like he is dead with his eyes open!

    1. Seriously best line of the day in a long time, and you've picked some good ones, lol!!

      I'm still holding a grudge about the fate of Mr. Marbles, too, so you're not alone. Thanks for the recap as always!!

    2. "Julie H says, Seriously best line of the day in a long time,"

      Haha. She would have won lines of the day because of the things she was saying at the vending machine, but not today Satan beat them all! :)

      "and you've picked some good ones, lol!!"

      Oh thanks! ROFL!

      "I'm still holding a grudge about the fate of Mr. Marbles, too, so you're not alone."

      Yes!!!! You get me! :) Forever a grudge!!! Well, now that Milo and Piffy are over, the grudge can disappear. :) I want Milo back though, and he can date someone else!!

      "Thanks for the recap as always!!"

      You're welcome! :)

  4. I thought Franco's passing out might have something to do with the chocolate bar.

    1. "Luke Fan says, I thought Franco's passing out might have something to do with the chocolate bar."

      I was thinking that too!! :(

    2. Yes! I just commented the same! I just watched. I know RoHo likes to eat but the simple thing he and Phipy were "arguing" over it had me thinking it....

    3. Never thought of that, nice theory!

  5. So wth is going on???? WHY would Franco invite Ponytail along with Phipy and Liz? Weird...and then he passes out! Something tells me that chocolate bar had something to do with it? Unless I missed something at the bar? So now Ponytail is gonna supply drugs to Sasha?? 🙄🙄
    LOVED the Michael/Willow and Ava/Nik scenes!!

    1. I think you're all missing the part where he said something nonsensical before he passed out.

    2. Franco said Door Knob before he hit the floor!

    3. Exactly. He wasn't making sense. I think he was trying to say something and the wrong word came out. That's Aphasia, and it's often the precurser for a stroke. He's had so many people messing in his head that a brain bleed is not a shock.

    4. Sorry Di,I didn't read this far before I replied above. I agree, definitely a stroke or something along those lines. Messing with a candy bar in a vending machine to hurt someone is a long shot. I'm thinking Cyrus deals in definite results. Like you said,classic stroke signs were there too.

  6. Yesterday was great! I'm with Michelle on loving the Mildew (horrible name, lol!) shower scenes. I saw chemistry! Seriously didn't notice the missing bandage until BLQ was talking to Chase outside. Nice red line scar!

  7. did you see Kelly M post on Instagram =- first of all she looks horrible --- her lips have TOTALLY been enlarged - but she claims more bad news to come - don't hate......wonder if she is gone?

  8. I think its sad about KM. I was a huge Jasam fan back in the day

  9. I don't care how many times they show Michael & Willow fantasizing about seducing each other in the shower, they'll never have the passion and chemistry she had with Chase. Didn't Chase & Willow have a hot love scene in the shower when they first moved in together? 😉 It seemed like they were trying to put some naughty into Snow White & Prince Charmings nice.


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