Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Two Days!

 Yesterdays' GH: 

Franco, Scott...Liz.. extortion of money. Liz is too good for this LOL neener. Roger looks like he's having SUCH a fun time. I swear. 

Britt and Nik! They look pretty together. 

Julian and Ava. She tells him about Ryan. 

Alexis, Olivia and Ned awkward ... Olivia tells Ned she saw Alexis drinking and is that why he helped her. He's like SURE SURE!! 

Why is Gladys back? To throw in with Cyrus? Oh, then they set it up to look like Brando is mad at Sonny and will go with Cyrus. 

OMG Lulu's face and then Dustin has to come in all NEKKED. Damn it. Oh they got me with the gun!! And Dante's on Meds! 

SUCH A GOOD SHOW!! I loved it. Watching on Hulu helps LOL No commercials


Anna thinks Alex is going to kill her and it's because of Peter. She tells Finn she's going to lure Alex to PC with the help. Finn freaks out. What about Violet??!!  He says just tell Peter that Alex is her mother. She's like NO. 

Maxie and Peter. Britt comes in lol!! "I'm helping to cook that bun in your oven"!! OMG I forgot Britt is Peter's sister. LMAO. Britt is the doctor. There was no Huntington's Disease found on the genetic testing. Some Rheumatoid arthritis markers but that's it.  He's all "I don't know if I can do this". Maxie tells him how much she loves him and he's helped her and asks HIM TO MARRY HER. (I barfed) 

Deception Meeting: 

Brook isn't telling that Amy is singing the song. Oh and Valentin sees Amy there in the hallway. Hmmm....Sasha looks like HELL! WOW..Lucy says "road kill"... it's the Deception meeting/greet. The lady comes to the meeting. Sasha is cleaned up. Then she starts the presentation and she messes it up terribly. Shakes, says stuff wrong.  Then she tries to pitch it again.. saying 'she's imperfect just like customers".  The buyer says that was good but she wants to hear Brook Lynn's song.  The computer won't work to play the recording so Brook has to sing it "live". WHOOPS. 

Ava tells Ryan she has a counter offer to her offer. She says she's blackmailing Nikolas and that she will give Ryan money. Ryans' like" Um, that doesn't help me. She says: But don't you want to make me happy? Bats her eye lashes. Ryan doesn't care. He saw Nikolas and knows he cares about Ava. He says to BRING HIM THE SIGNED divorce papers OR ELSE!! 

Jax and Nina talking about Nelle..blah ..she feels guilty because Nelle lost Wiley because of her, yada yada. 

Jackie and Chase. She wants to meet his girlfriend. He tells her he broke up with Willow and he cheated on her. She says to patch it up. He says he can't. They talk a bit more and Chase says he wants Finn and Dad to be civil again.  She's like Leave that ALONE. LOL you know she and Finn had a history. 

Martin Gray comes in and tells Julian Nelle's body is being released. Julian is her next of kin so he's responsible for burial. Jules says "put her in Potter's Field" ahahahhaaa. Nina overhears it and decides to bury Nelle. Julian is like: Fine, take her. 


  1. kd said Maxie "asks HIM TO MARRY HER. (I barfed)"

    *** I also threw up in my mouth on that one. Ready to turn off if that happens. Why do they keep screwing up Maxie's life?

    And why in heaven's name don't the writers join the 21st century. Identical twins do not have identical DNA. You simply need a more comprehensive test. Anna would have the resources to get that done.

    And this episode convinced me that Finn and Jackie definitely had a history.

  2. Chandler Mansion:

    Anna and Finchy: Anna got the blissful bride book, but she looks all depressed! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh Anna Bot. Cheer up. And go tell Hiney that you are not his mother. No? Oh she makes a lame excuse! UGH!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Nik and Juilan: Nik with his poka dottie shirt is all worried about Ava.. Come on Nik! Queen Ava will be fine. She can handle little ol Ryan! :)

    Jail visiting area:

    Queen Ava and Ryan: Ryan hasn't gotten a fake hand yet! ROFL! This scene is delicious! :) I'm glad Nik didn't show up again.

    The floating rib:

    Harry and Jackie: Come on Jackie! You are a reporter and a mother! You can't tell when little Harry is lying?! This was a great scene. :) She doesn't think her little Harry is a dirt bag awwwww. :)

    Jackie: People make mistakes. You are looking at the queen of em.

    Oh? And what mistake did YOU do? Like maybe sleep with Finchy? Oops?!

    Jackie: If you knew what was good for you, you would stay out of it.

    Oh yeah. Stay out of it Harry. You don't want to know the truth that is hiding in plain sight! Like Finchy is your REAL papa?! :)

    Nina and Jax: Well, I can't wait until Nina finds and talks to Mrs. Coffee!! :)

    Marty, Julian, Nik, and Nina: Well well well, someone has to bury poor little misunderstood Nelle! :) OH NINA WILL YAY! :) The look Nina gave Julian was priceless! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


    Lucy and Sasha: Man Sasha looks awful!!!! Lucy wins the line of the day.

    Lucy: You look like road kill.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! She sure does!!!

    The meeting: I love the picture of Sasha with the lipstick. Hot! :) Oh man Sasha is all strung out! I hope nobody asks her if she wants coffee. She already is all shaky. Oh V.C. knows how to handle that lady. The video wouldn't start and I had a bad feeling about this!!! Although I thought they were going to hear the song and notice it's not BLQ sandwich's voice. No no BLQ sandwich can sing LIVE! :) Oh oh. She is too skeered to sing!

    The hospital:

    Maxie, Hiney, and Britch: UGH! This is all too much for me! I'm out! Oh 1 thing, did Hiney get a haircut? It looks so flat.

    1. Well I was with Wubsy when Maxie proposed to PLP. Barfing all over the place!

      I absolutely knew what you would pick for line of the day. Excellent choice, lol!

    2. "Julie H says, Well I was with Wubsy when Maxie proposed to PLP. Barfing all over the place!"

      Shhhh. *whispers* We won't talk about IT! *Grabs pepto bismal for some reason*

      "I absolutely knew what you would pick for line of the day. Excellent choice, lol!"

      Hahahaha thanks! Sasha did look like a hairball that a cat hocked up! ROFL!

    3. Ewwwww, hand me that Pepto when you're done! LOL!

    4. "Julie H says, Ewwwww, hand me that Pepto when you're done! LOL!"

      ROFL! *Hands you pepto*

  3. Oh no...a Hiney wedding? Maybe mom/aunt and son/nephew can have a double wedding. Wouldn't that be loverly. lol And Alex walks in during the ceremony.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Oh Zazu, double wedding? That is hilarious!!!

    3. "zazu says, Oh no...a Hiney wedding? Maybe mom/aunt and son/nephew can have a double wedding."


  4. Britt cracks me up! So glad she's back.

    1. Her crying and commentating during the barf worthy proposal saved the entire scene for me. She is a most welcome addition, lol!

  5. Yes, Britt is amazing, she is sooo funny!

    If BLQ was going to an important meeting, wouldn't she wrap a scarf or something around her bandage on her throat?

    1. She definitely needed the scarf! Maybe they're showing the bandage so she can weasel out of singing "live" to the cosmetics lady? :)

  6. It looks like Amy will somehow sing for her, maybe they will say BLQ has to step behind a curtain or something?

    1. Yeah BLQ will probably say she is so nervous she has to sing behind a curtain! :)

  7. The Boston station had the hearings today. Hope you got it on some other stations so that we get a new one tomorrow too. I watched it on Citytv here.

  8. And here's some good news. Check it out!


    1. "lindie says, Yay, New Papa Chase"

      You didn't like the other papa Chase? :)

    2. This recast is great! I see a Robert/Jackie/Gregory triangle forming, and I am 100% on board for that!

  9. The hospital:

    Portia and Curtis: More bonding between them! :)

    Portia and Jordan: Oh they are hair twinsies!!! :) Portia spilling the truths and asking the right questions!!! :) GO PORTIA! :) Jordan is all offended! HAHAHAHA!

    Hiney and Maxie: UGH!

    Finchy and Harry: Yes yes!!! Time for family dinner Finchy! Where everyone can get drunk and spill secrets. :)

    Hospital basement: Or wherever they are. I have no idea. :)

    Jordan and Cyrus: Hmmm what is in that file? Hmmmmmm.

    The floating rib:

    Maxie and Mac: Mac is all happy that Maxie and Hiney are getting married! NO MAC! Not you too!!!! :(

    Robert, Hiney, and Maxie: Robert was really really trying hard to congratulate them on getting engaged. I think he threw up a little in his mouth.

    Robert: I wanted to. I wanted to uh congratulate you on this event, before it slipped my mind, and you know, stuff like that.

    ROFL! Robert would have won the line of the day, but Mac wins it.

    Mac and Robert: Mac wants Robert to let it go!!!! NO MAC NO!

    Robert: You're right.

    Mac: What?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The way he said it and the look on his face! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Robert: If anything, and I mean anything happens to Maxie, or anyone that I know around her, our friends, etcetera, and he is implicated, I am going to do something really REALLY bad to him.

    Mac: Well, let me tell you something brother. If you happen to be right about Peter, you won't be doing it on your own.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww! Great lines and great scene!!!!!!! And they both clink glasses!!!! Awwwwww. :) I LOVE MY SCORPIO BROTHERS!!!! :)

    Deception meeting: Oh really?!!?!?! REALLY?!?!!?! BLQ sandwich pretending to be singing, but it's really Amy?!!?! This is nuts! And Amy is way too close to the door! ROFL! She should be far away from the door. Oh hi young Harry. OOOPS! ROFL! BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSTED!!!! :) Poor Lucy! So upset! :( The scene was so hard to watch. :(

    1. Robert was the best yesterday, when he could hardly spit out "congratulations" I was just hooting! I felt bad for BLQ, too. And Sasha just needs to jump off the Metro Court roof. So tired of her. I'm pretty excited about Gregory Harrison, he's been in a ton of stuff and I really like him! I was also cheering on Portia. Way to question the constipated Police Commish's motives.

      And Mac wins face of the day, too! That was great!

    2. I was also thinking that it's been a while since we've seen somebody go off that roof.

      I love Gregory Harrison too. Can't wait to see him.


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