Thursday, October 8, 2020

Mike's Goodbye

 Used a hand-cam to start. Not sure I like those if not used in the right context. 

CarSon go into the church.  They look at Mike's photo. That's the whole of the start of the show. I wonder if it's all funeral?? I think yep.

Willow and Michael, Olivia and Ned... JaSam, Krissy and Stella (she cries good). Joss and Jax. Diane, Liz..They show them in pairs or alone, with Carly and Sonny greeting them. I think it may be a way to keep them all apart--but seem like together ? Nope they are all sitting in the church. Some distancing noted. 

Michael talked, Liz... and Ava (which was nice) . Jason talked and cried made me cry a bit too. Steve did a good job with that scene. 

Stella was next. She of course did a great job. The Sam.. Carly.  I Think everyone went. 

Joss sang a nice song.. Brook Lynn looked upset because her voice is kaput. 

End: Mike talks to Sonny... they cry, he walks out. DANTE SHOWS UP!!!!GAH!! YEAH! 

YOU ARE JUST GOING TO HAVE TO WATCH this yourself. Really well done. 


  1. No Brenda? Dang, there were rumors that she was going to show up. That's too bad as it would have been a good and appropriate time for her to pay respects. Also, no Robin? I know KM has pretty much retired from acting but it would have been great if they could have arranged it for her make a reappearance too.
    I am also digging Kim Del's take on Jackie Templeton. Yes, I would have loved to see Demi Moore again in that role but I think Kim has the vibe of the character down while putting her on spin on it so far too. I have fond memories of that era of GH and if they can do right by the character as well as give Tristan Rogers more screen time, then I am all for it.

    1. Give Tristan Rogers more screen time. I agree

  2. I was really hoping Dante would show up. It left me smiling at the end of what was an emotional episode.

  3. Not sure why Sam spoke. Not sure if she ever spoke to him on screen. Lips still look weird too. I will keep my lips with lines and all thank you. Gosh I wish they gave her a better story. Probably paying her a pretty penny.

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  5. Yesterday's line of the day: I forgot to tell you what Robert said that won him the line of the day. Here it is.

    Robert: Oh come on it's just getting interesting! 5 minutes, but!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I was laughing so hard I didn't hear him say 5 minutes but! HAHAHAHAHHA!

    The funeral:

    "Karen says, Used a hand-cam to start. Not sure I like those if not used in the right context."

    I don't like it here. It was weird. I thought at first that it was a dream. Anyway the funeral scenes was great! I like how nice Carson were to Ava. The camera work was a little strange. Like for example, it looked like Sonny was talking to Liz, but when they showed the back of her, it felt like it was someone else he was talking to. I did like how Liz was talking about Nik and Lucky when they were all young with Mike around. I don't see the fly that was on Mike Pence's head last night at the funeral! I also don't see the Tribbles either! When Joss was singing, and they had the tiny flashbacks, whatever it was called, and they showed Mike and Stella talking, I cried!!! :( Sonny wins the line of the day.

    Sonny: It's time to let go dad. Ain't that a kick in the pants.


    Ghost Mike and Sonny:

    Ghost Mike: Do me a favor Sonny. Don't romanticize me.

    Awwww! :(

    Sonny: I keep seeing you like I was a little boy.

    Sonny's voice changes! That line and Sonny's voice change made me cry :( So heartbreaking!!! :( Oh where are you going Mike?!!?! :( Don't go! :( I wonder if Mike's "wife" died too.


    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to January 4th, 1982.* Jackie Tempelton's first scene.

    1. It was so nice to see Max Gail at the end. Boy was I crying!

      I knew what Robert's winning line was, but thanks for confirming! I was laughing sooooo hard! :)

    2. I like the flashback links. Thanks!

    3. "Julie H says, It was so nice to see Max Gail at the end."

      Yeah I loved it!!! :)

      "Boy was I crying!"

      Me too! :)

      "I knew what Robert's winning line was, but thanks for confirming! I was laughing sooooo hard! :)"

      Hahahaha. It was perfect! You're welcome. :)

      "Kevin says, I like the flashback links. Thanks!"

      You're welcome!!!!

  6. GH does funerals and wedding right but, there were some people that were missing that should have been there

    1. There might be limitations on how many people can be in a room. They seemed to have all the immediate family.

  7. Cried. The whole time....then - during Joss's song - that was it - her voice broke and then I bawled!! So well done.

    1. What was name of song joss sang

    2. Maybe listen to it a few times and check by lyrics. I couldn't find it.

    3. If you have the shazam app on your phone they that. That's how I find my songs.
      I just watched both episodes (I passed out at 630 last night and then worked this morning) so it was well worth the wait! ❤❤❤ loved the episode, blubbering fool, loved seeing Dante!

  8. Such a good episode, and extremely well done! I boo-hooed through most of it. It was very cathartic! The only people in the current cast that should have been there (at least in my opinion) were Alexis and Molly. And Dante at the end? Absolutely perfect!

    1. Felix and Bobbie would have been nice to see there.


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