Thursday, August 29, 2019

Yesterday to Today

OMG I LOVED Ready Or Not!! What a FUN FUN movie!!! And I'm not a 'horror' fan but this was awesome. Reminded me a bit of Shawn of the Dead lol 



Good touch to have Cam ask Jason about his memory issues. 

OMG.. Cam has turned into such a good actor, liked those scenes a lot with Liz and DrewCo

The Scorpio Bros-- yes, too good and it's awesome Mac still gives Sonny the sheeze lol. YEAH! Chief of detectives!! 

Rocco's acting like a kid who's Dad took off. And I like Dustin a lot but cripes, can't women be on their own for more than a second on this show?? 

wow WOW-- Steve Burton tearing up with Monica.. It was MAGNIFICENT. Loved it. Got a bit teary too. 

Bird Flu Story. Why could the baby story be on now instead of this?? 



Molly sees Alexis look on the net at Dr. Neal's dating profile. 

TJ talks to Jordan and she tells him they'll help with college bills from now on since she's back to work.  They talk about Stella and she's in Paris with her cousin on a tour. He mentions that there was a closer DNA match too-- not a 3rd cousin. Enter..TRINA? Then Jordan opens up another hospital bill. 

Hayden on the phone, asking if "She got to bed ok"... and has a kid painting in her hands. She overhears Molly and Alexis talking. Stops over and says "you dated Finn"?? Alexis said very briefly but now they go to meetings together and she can't talk about those. She leaves. 
Dr. Neal comes in-- he and Alexis nosh. They get to know each other. His fave color is green, he likes dogs, vinyl collection of records. Classic Rock mostly but Punk and Funk. 

Val and Curtis. Valetin wants him to find Cassssssssandra. Valentin wants her and NOT the WSB. If Curtis brings him Casssssandra, he'll give him FIVE MILLION DOLLARS! SIGN ME UP BABY !! Curtis says no way, too risky. He thinks He's going to murder Casssssssandra. 

Sonny, Jax and Nina. Jax warns Sonny not to bug Nina. Sonny wants to know why Sasha was in Casssssssandra's "Crosshairs" ..and put Michael in danger.  Michael, Michael Michael. He wants to know why Cassie hates Nina. God, Sonny is so annoying.
Jax figures out that Curtis is working for Valentin. He's not happy. 

Robert and Michael he' s remembering what Cassssssandra said to them at the hotel. He says that "Sandy" said she had to take her meds... she's taking Beta-Phermax and it's not legal in the US.  They could track her through the prescription. 

Curtis is fired by Jax AND from Valentin (for the Jax part) so he'll probably have to take the five MILLION DOLLAHS.  Yep, he calls Valentin and accepts the job. 

Robert and Finn think that Cassssssandra might be in Bolivia. 

Sasha swears if she's cured, she'll tell Michael the 'whole truth".



  1. Really good show today! And there were people in Charlie's! So happy to see Robert two days in a row. And Molly and TJ were on! The only annoyance was Sonny. I liked the conversation between Neal and Alexis. Anna had better get back soon before Finn falls for Hayden again.

  2. Loved seeing Molly and TJ.
    How long will Hayden be lurking around. She is lovely to look at.
    Please send Nina home to change that awful dress she's been wearing for what seems like weeks.
    Love the Alexis/Neil banter. Love them both especially him.

  3. this shows how much I care/cared about Hayden (can't stand her) but I cannot remember why she lied about baby dying?????? It escapes me - was it because Finn didn't want children?????? help!
    also i love me some Curtis but it IS funny that P.I's find people that the WSB can't find!!!!!!!!

    1. ?? Can't even remember lol

    2. Hi Karen,I don't tweet but follow yours and saw you were looking for a good waterproof mascara. Try Too Faced Better than Sex waterproof mascara. I hate mascara but wear this when I have to and it's much better than the hundreds I've tried. Just thought I'd try to help.

    3. Gracegirl, LOL, that is the one that I use! I get it at Sephora, it is great!

    4. Oh good! It's better to have two thumbs up for a make up referral! Lol! I like the regular too! Thanks Antjoan!

    5. If you tweet maybe tweet it to her so she'll have a better chance of seeing it. Thank you!

  4. Cassandra is like the dollar store version of Helena Cassadine.

  5. Police station:

    Michael and Robert: Oh so Cassie has the bird flu and that is why she is taking those meds? How did she get the bird flu? Did her kidnapper give her the bird flu?

    Jordan and TJ: A rare sighting of TJ! :) Oh and they are talking about real life things like bills!!! :) Great scene!!!

    The hospital:

    Sonny, Nina, and Jax:

    Sonny: Ohhh okay. Jax to the rescue.

    ROFL! Sonny would have won the line of the day, but someone else did instead.

    Nina and Jax: Oh! Now they have peace. :)

    Nina and V.C.: Nina is sticking up for Jax!!! :)

    Sasha's room:

    Michael and Sasha: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Charlie's pub and restaurant: GAH! RayRay on the phone with her and Finchy's daughter!!!! Oh look art work! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :)

    RayRay and Finchy: GAH! Finchy sees the art work!! COME OOOOOOOOOOOOOON!! Tell him he has a little girl!!!! You can tell they are still in love. Finchy making a joke that he and Dr. O used to date hahahaha.

    Finchy and Robert:

    Robert: I have no intention on commenting on what I think I just saw. Anybody who hurts Anna with be confined to a hard black place.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! GO ROBERT!!!! :) Foreshadow alert foreshadow alert! :)

    Dr. Neil and Alexis: GAH!! The way he was looking at her when he first came in, I'm melting!!!! :) Great scene with them!!!! I can feel the chemistry!!!!!

    RayRay, Molly, and Alexis: Okay what a strange scene. RayRay thinks of herself as a Cassadine?!!?! HUH?!!?!?!?! Alexis wins the line of the day.

    Alexis: I'm not sure that I would acknowledge that if I were you.


    Molly and TJ: Rare sighting of Molly! Great to see both of them! Damn TJ looks like he is 28! :) Haley Pullos sounds like she has a cold.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Jurtis: Oh boy! Curtis needs that 5 million dollars now!!!! Glad he changed his mind. :)

    Jax and Sonny: Ahhh if you scratch my back I scratch yours. :)

    1. Sonya, I don't think Cassie has the bird flu. I tried to look up the meds she is taking and couldn't find the exact name, but the closest one that I found was an iron pill for anemia. Remember that Finn said that this would be the kind of pill that someone would take who was a hypochondriac, which Cassie is.

    2. True, she just takes meds randomly lol

  6. Actually he's only 24, sonya. And Haley (Molly) is 21.

    1. Yes, and the actress who plays his mother is 26.

    2. Yes Vinessa is 43, but NuJordan is just 26, I read that somewhere . . .

    3. The character has been on the show 4 years(played by 2 different actors) According to the character's biograpy she is 43.

  7. Late to respond today, but I just had to say how much I enjoyed Alexis with everyone yesterday. She was a hoot!

    And the woman who plays Sasha has turned into a nice little actress, her chat with Michael was great! However the odds of her telling him the truth are slim to none. Gotta keep dragging this story out, you know!


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