Tuesday, August 13, 2019

KeMo DRAMA with Billy Miller Exit

SO, THIS was on twitter late last night-- oh the drama... what does she mean?? Of course she didn't follow it up with anything (I stayed awake as long as I could).  We all know both she and Miller haven't been thrilled since Burton's return. You can feel it in every scene. So--what's the scoop? Many are speculating he's back to YR (Jason Thompson is playing his past role I believe). Or is this some big ol' back stage gossip?? I guess we wait until Miss Monaco decides to spill..if ever. :hands up: 

I am out today-- no blog sorry! So you may use this space for show comments as well. Thx. 


  1. He has a new gig already, Truth Be Told....new show. In post production but it shows that's it's for 10 episodes and he's in 6 so.....
    As for KeMo pretty sure she won't follow up, I know women like her. They want attention, stir the pot for attention pique your interest and then leave you hanging.

  2. As far as I'm concerned, she can go along with him. Wait, the only other job she ever got was Dancing with the Stars so maybe not a good idea.

    1. Actually she's had other jobs. Including a Vegas show.

  3. kemo is over rated. rather see her and steve burton leave.

  4. Look at Mumbles riling up her fan base with vague tweeting. I agree, she can leave any time, too.

  5. About today's show: Stella left wedding(yesterday)with Marcus to take him to lunch. And there she was, all alone, joining Jordan & Curtis. Details.
    RoHo is so good.
    CW is not. As Nina anyway.
    Anyone see a FB post with Helena & Shank? I think a GH post.

    1. I posted a link in yesterday's post about Helena if anyone is interested. Here's news for those who don't mind a spoiler. It's from tvline so it should be reliable.

  6. Ok, so here is my take. I think BM and GH were in talks to renew the contract for another year. This way they could flesh out the Drew storyline and give it closure. BM would have then asked for stipulations, like being able to get time off to audition for prime time and movies and of course, more money. And GH said no to anything but a standard contract with basic money and told him "take it or leave it". And, well... you know

    BM did a twitter spin where he said he made the decision to leave. KM did her little number last night making Disney out to be the bad guy. I'm willing to bet it was just a mutual parting of the ways. They couldn't agree, neither wanted to budge and they rest is Soapy history.

    this is MY take. I do not know anything.

  7. i think so too Dave - i think they demanded to put them back together as a couple and they would leave and Frank called their bluff (I hate divas)......anyone watching can see KM doesn't care anymore - which is exactly WHY I think SB/Jason keeps saving her - and they never have closure or have fun----we all love him---- I never thought she and Billy worked with the Auroa thing either though....she is not a corporate type......I still think Billy leaves to go get the money or a cure or something - that they won't say 'I am leaving forever'.
    her tweet WAS done to make people talk - so crypic - but I FIRST read it like she and Billy broke UP????? anyone else?????
    Helena back OR back like in a flashback...........

    1. I think it's a flashback is what I read

    2. Nope,me either. I actually thought KM & BM had great chemistry and a good SL going and SB coming back ruined everything. JMHO

  8. one more thing - WHY is Stella flying to LONDON to see the relative that was IN PORT CHARLES? SO NOW who do we think it is?????????

  9. I haven't finished watching yet, but wouldn't Franco expect to see Jason's face when he looks in the mirror? Can't they just show him he is not who he thinks he is?

  10. Stella's relative is a military wife.. I did hear that didn't I? Wonder if she and her husband would be connected to Andrew Cain in some way.

  11. The home:

    Carson, Mike, and Yvonne: Mike and Yvonne getting "married" Hmmm what is going to happen in a week? Will they forget each other?

    Mike and Sonny: Awwww! Great scene!!! :(

    Carson: Oh Sonny wants to renew their vows..

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Jurtis and Stella: Stella gonna meet the new family member!!! Is the actress leaving? :(

    Laura and Psychic: Laura says she has a brother, and I was like HUH?! I was confused at first.. Oh I get what she is doing! ROFL! She says her brother is named Johnathan! Hahahaha Johnathan? Genie Frances's hubby!!! :) Psychic talked about Laura's sister and it made me cry! AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( Oh my!!!! Laura's son is in grave danger!!! Laura calls Lucky!!!! Psychic wins the line of the day.

    Psychic: It's not your son in Africa though. It's the other one you should be worried about.

    DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!! NIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Jax and Nina: Nina what the hell are you wearing?! Sasha is sick not dead!!! No need to wear black!

    Jax and RayRay: Okay what in the hell is RayRay looking for?!?!?!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Ava and Julian: Ava!!! Stop reading comments on message boards! Listen to Julian!!!

    Ava and Psychic: Ohhhhhh! Julian is not going anywhere!!!! :)

    The hospital:

    Sasha's room:

    Michael and Sasha: Michael stop being cute and funny for Sasha. She don't deserve it!

    Nina and Sasha: Sasha just tell Nina the freakin truth!!!

    Nurses station:

    Laura and Doc:

    Laura: She didn't seem to know that he is dead though.

    Oh Laura!!! You are so frustrating!!! When are you going to stop being so stupid?!?! You thought your whole family was dead at one point! remember?!!?! Lucky, Luke, Your mother, your father, and Lulu!!! Wait did she think Lulu was dead at one point? Well anyway yeah Laura WAKE UP!

    Drew Jr's room:

    Drew Jr and Liz: OH CRAP! OH CRAP! OH CRAP! He don't remember her, and he keeps calling her ma'am!!!! He does not act like Todd Manning here!!!!!

    Drew, Doc, Liz, and Piffy: GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Piffy had to sedate him to calm him down!!!!! He wakes up, and remembers nothing!!!! He even looks at himself in the mirror!

    1. sonya said..Carson: Oh Sonny wants to renew their vows..

      *** pftttt...Like we need yet another Carson wedding.

    2. Lol! "pfttt" I think that's the sound I made when Sonny said that!!

    3. I said, oh please, DON'T DO THIS! I have some friends who subjected us to this on their 25th anniversary, what an exercise in Narcissism! If you are lucky enough to be happily married for a long period of time, be grateful! Don't ask for attention and gifts from your loved ones!

    4. "Di says *** pftttt...Like we need yet another Carson wedding."


      "AntJoan says I said, oh please, DON'T DO THIS! I have some friends who subjected us to this on their 25th anniversary, what an exercise in Narcissism! If you are lucky enough to be happily married for a long period of time, be grateful! Don't ask for attention and gifts from your loved ones!"

      They should have eloped!!!!!

    5. My ex-husband and I continued the tradition started by my parents of going to the nearest Justice of the Peace to get hitched. :-)

    6. "Gary My ex-husband and I continued the tradition started by my parents of going to the nearest Justice of the Peace to get hitched. :-)"

      YAY! That's the way to do it! :)

  12. So looking forward to Franco's reaction to his reflection. And I can't wait for him to see Jason, because that should be HIS face. HAHAHA!

    I'm thrilled to pieces that Helena is back, and I don't care if it's a flashback and she's with Shiloh. I just adore her!!

    And finally, if Nik does not come back after all of these hints, mentions and whatnot I will throw a big old hissy fit! So don't say I didn't warn you! :)

    1. Girl I'm right there with ya!

    2. Yes, we must have our Nik, and he must be Tyler C!

    3. "AntJoan says Yes, we must have our Nik,"


      "and he must be Tyler C!"



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