Friday, August 30, 2019


Sam and Krissy. Eating at the Metro. Just blabbing about Shiloh. Kristina says he cant' use the secret against her because she told her mother. 

Ava and Julian..At the bar. Ava got a letter from Ryan. It's gushing about their 'visit'. Julian's like why did you even open it? 

Felicia, Mac and GIANT JAMES--OMG like GIANT! Mac is going to tell Flea he's working at the PCPD as chief of detectives.  She's like, yes! Take it!! She loves running the Rib and has made menu changes and has micro brewries come in and whiskey tastings. She thinks it's a great idea. 

Peter and Maxie in bed at his place at the Metro. He says he has to tell her the truth. She interrupts and he finally tells her to shut it. Explains he's responsible for "all of it" when it comes to the memory thing. He tells her that he was in from the beginning and helped Helena plan it all and abduct Drew.  She won't believe it. He keeps telling her.. She says she loved him and let her into her life. He begs, pleads, over acts and JASON WALKS IN AND SHOOTS HIM--because it was all A STUPID DREAM. 
OMG. I'm so pissed off. DAMN IT. You know, sometimes dream sequences are ok, but others--PISS ME OFF.  

DrewCo and Jason at Oscar's grave. Franco says he wants to stay Drew and Jason's like too many people I care about care about you. LOL!! JASON being "nice" to FRANCO?? He wants him to talk to Monica. Franco wants to leave where 'no one knows him"... Um, he's a DANG famous artist. 

PCPD. Shiloh talking to Chase when Alexis walks in looking for a different Client but Shiloh wants to talk to her. Says that Kristina taught him "the most interesting things" (meaning the secret) 


Kim/Liz..Kim is bridging her patients with the new doc. "As soon as we sell the bar, we are gone" (um, didn't they sell it to Olivia??) Kim tells Liz Franco knows about Oscar. "I see Franco but I hear Drew" ..Liz doesn't like that! LOL 
Liz goes home and Scotty drops by-- she says Franco visited and wants to leave town. Scott says he can't because of the ankle monitor. Liz says that won't last. They'll have to stop Franco by Force if necessary. "We can't put him in a cage" says Scotty. LOL-- ironic, no? Liz says legally she can have Franco declared mentally incapable and be his power of attorney and commit him to SHadybrook and make him get the procedure. 

Kim goes to Oscar's meadow and 'Runs into" Franco.  They talk about Drew and meeting and yada yada. "Juilan was the first guy I fell for since Drew" 

Alexis meets KENDRA in Charlie's FFS-- and she's going to be her personal trainer. Um... She's SUCH a Valley GIRL in speech.  Ava wants to know if she can get Ryan to stop writing to her. Alexis tells Ava to just not read them, send them back. 

Peter goes to visit Shank, Chase leaves and he waltzes through the back door to the interrogation room. They talk about Peter getting him off but Chase comes back. 

END: SCOTTY will help Liz commit Franco to Shadybrook.  Maxie tells FleaMac she and Peter are deeply in love. 

THIS IS A FRIDAY? good lord. 


  1. I KNOW this is a soap, but, even for a soap, it is STUPID that Drewco wants to leave town. He has no job, no money, no real identity. He has no social security # or other papers as Drew, does he think he still is in the military? And he STILL hasn't asked anything about what is going on in the world, wouldn't he be curious?

    1. I was thinking these same things! I'm having a hard time getting into the whole Drewco thing anyway. Even w/o the glaringly obvious things that make me go hmmm..Ok,really? Lol!

  2. sonya said...OMG. I'm so pissed off. DAMN IT. You know, sometimes dream sequences are ok, but others--PISS ME OFF.

    *** Me too! I was so mad. I thought we were finally going to see her break up with him, and then they pull the dream crap!!

    1. "Di says, sonya said...OMG. I'm so pissed off. DAMN IT. You know, sometimes dream sequences are ok, but others--PISS ME OFF.
      UGH "

      ROFL! That wasn't me! :) That is hysterical! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  3. I wonder when the new "dream team" stories will start airing...because currently it's really really bad!

    1. Even with.. I fear that management has it's hands in all the stories--so.. SAME

    2. This doesn't make sense to me. Unless the ultimate goal is cancellation of the show. I wish FV would go.

  4. hope there really is a dream team, cause the last 10 yrs. have been a nightmare. keep waiting for GH to get better

  5. I keep waiting for story lines to be completed. Is Michael going to find out that Wiley is his kid when Wiley is 20? Can't Shiloh get convicted and be gone? Will new Drew use Franco's social security number? Can't the writers see that some things aren't working like the Dev story line, Maxie and Peter, and the dragging out of the Sasha/Nina story. On the bright side, love seeing Robert, Mac, Felicia, and Scotty. Wonder what Laura is up to?

    1. I too love Robert, Mac, Felicia , Scotty, Laura. Let them be on more often. They are great

  6. Sad to see that "Wardrobe" is shopping at Value Village for ladies wear. Most of these outfits are so dowdy and dated I can't believe the actresses agree to wear them.There are way too many open ended stories - just wrap them up now please.I hope when Anna comes back she won't still be the blubbering idiot they have made her out to be.

    1. Me too. I hate what they've done to Anna's character.

  7. Friz home:

    Scotty and Liz: Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: We just can't put Franco in a cage.

    ROFL! Great scene!! They are so desperate!!!! Hmmm Shadybrooke? Could work.. Maybe?

    Hiney's hotel room:

    Hiney and Maxie: Oh Maxie shut up! You talk to much. Let him talk!!!! Well the writers got me! I did not know this was a dream. Even when Jason shot him! I had no idea this was a dream. Bravo writers bravo! :) I still want Hiney to tell her the truth!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Mac and Felicia: OH! She is happy that Mac has a new job! YAY! :) Felicia making changes to the floating rib?! YAY! Are you going to change the name too?

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Julian and Ava: Awwww! Ryan sent Ava a love letter. :) Poor Ava all confused. :) Burn the letter? Threw the letter away? Go visit Ryan and thank him for the love letter? :)

    Alexis and Ava: What!?!?! No law? Oh give me a break!!!! Harassment is against the law!!! You can charge him with harassment!!! Stupid scene.

    Alexis and Kendra: Someone on twitter made a comment that Kendra could be Lorenzo Alcazar's and Sky's daughter Lila Rae!!!! :) I wouldn't be mad at that. :)

    Oscar's meadow:

    Drew Jr and Jason: Awww are they bonding? :) When Drew Jr was talking about BobTodd's past, Jason didn't disagree!!!! They are bonding. :) ROFL!

    Drew Jr and CarlyKim: Careful CarlyKim! Drew Jr and his lips might want to kiss you again! ROFL!

    Police station:

    King Mufasa and Chase: Ohhh great scene!!! Chase you stare him down!!!! :)

    The hospital:

    Liz and CarlyKim: Wait wait wait! Hold on! Julian didn't sell the bar yet? I thought he did!?!?! I thought Olivia bought it already! HUH?!

  8. Stupid is right.
    It seems that the kind of guy Drew was would want to make things right for everyone.
    I do not like Kendra...whoever she may be.
    Yes, management. Sigh.
    Wiley will be 20, Ryan will break out to kill again, Helena will rise up...all due to lack of creativity. And still there will be Mumbles and Borg.
    Everyone have a fun and safe holiday weekend.

  9. I am sorry to say this but NuNina is not working either. Trim the cast. Dev is not working. I used to like Sam but not working. Some need to go


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