Monday, August 5, 2019

Junk Pile

EDEN put this on Twitter with "Mondays" on it! 

MONDAY again. Hell, slow down, I hate when August flies by! We've had such glorious weather here too. Hot, low humidity and cool at night. HEAVEN. We don't get much of these so I'm trying to really enjoy it. BUT--here I am, inside to bring you today's GH.
Such dedication. 

Carly in the park, talking to her baby belly... Kim comes along, wants to know how it's going. She tells her about the Spina Bifida. Kim tells her she is there for her and can answer questions. She's delivered babies with SB. They talk about Oscar and of course, Morgan. Kim says she has no reason to stay in PC. Carly says she does.  They go to GH. Kim sees Drew and tells him she's leaving PC. 

Brucas and Julian at GH.  Julian and Lucas leave to go see a house Julian wants to buy. Dr. O comes up to Brad  (who's taking Wiley to his swimming lesson)- and says she's lucky she could SVIM because when she was pushed overboard, it's the only thing that saved her. She tells Brad she thinks he puuushed her. He reminds her she pushed him off the Parapet long ago and they are 'even" now. Oh!! Nice use of history there. 
Brad tells Dr. O that Sonny is dangerous like Faison and she kept Peter from him.  Then, he says Britt knows about the baby switch and if she tells, he'll tell she knew and she will be in parole violation. "you're black mailing me"?? Says Dr. O. 

Finn asks Epiphany about the drug Dr. Cabot prescribed for himself. She lets him see the computer (Why couldn't he look himself? He's a damn doctor??!!) Drew walks up and Finn says they may have a "situation" going on. Tells him Dr. Cabot is in town. Drew says his memories were stolen. 

Jason gets the call from Shank to come and save Sam. She's on the floor, duct taped and passed out.  SHiloh says to come alone, no weapons...Will they grab Franco instead?? Must be.  So, Jason goes to the room and Shiloh asks for the gun.. (he can't have 2??) and Jason gives it to him but beats him up --Sam is gone. They show her in a freezer outside the DOD house in the 'trash pile'  :eyeroll: Here's hoping the 1-800 JUNK truck comes lol 
Shiloh shows Jason the flashdrive and says he wants to implant the memories in him and then he'll tell him where Sam is.  Jason tries to strangle him. 

Lucy's trying to sell the DOD house....and Julian is looking at it. Michael had bought it for a woman's shelter but it's not zoned for that . (Shiloh rented it).  Julian wants it because he's living at the bar. "Maybe Kim will want to move in" . I think maybe he's going to buy it for Brucas? Hmm, well, maybe not? Nope, it's just for him. He's going to go talk to Kim about it. They go outside but don't hear Sam yelling. (See below) 

Neal comes over to Alexis' house to talk about the elevator event. Says they cant' see each other anymore. Not ethical...Alexis argues that they should not end. He argues they have to. On and on.  They care about each other.  I like these 2 but the same convo all the time is a bummer. 

Carly sees Dr. O and Brad shaking hands "Good luck, Mr. Cooper, you're going to need it"
Julian sees Kim and Drew hugging after she says she's leaving Port Charles
Sam passes out in the freezer, I guess from lack of Oxygen lol 



  1. hoping for a surprise and my least favorite character dies(sam).

    1. I'm with you on that. Or she gets Drew's memories and gets a personality?

  2. Considering what they're dealing with now I can't understand why Lucas would want Wiley anywhere near that house. I was surprised he didn't mention that to Julian.

    And actually KD, I was hoping that a trash compactor would show up for that old freezer.:D (And it's illegal here to leave fridges and freezers outside without the doors being taken off. Surprised it isn't in the U.S. too. Too many kids have crawled in them and died.)

    1. Would Kim even want to live in that house? More memories of Oscar.
      Shank/Sam/Jason story is so tired. Maybe if...garbage truck comes and throws the junk into it's jowls and the freezer pops open, Sam revives and crawls out amid lots of trash. Instead of Jason saving her.

    2. Yes, Jason saving Sam is way past getting old. And her running around in her heels playing P>I. is ridiculous.

    3. Di,it is illegal here to throw out freezers & fridges with the doors intact. I was surprised that 3 grown adults:one a doc with a child,and the other with children didn't notice that. Unless,they didn't notice it at all under all the teash?

  3. On a good note - I was actually able to hear Sam vocalizing when she yelled "HELP" - first time I've been able to hear what she's saying in years lol

  4. OK, so I must be missing something, but CarlyKim was saying to Carly that she came to Port Charles so Oscar could connect to family there. She has said this before, and I always have thought that that didn't make sense. No one knew that Drew Caine was a Quartermaine, right? So what connection did she think that Oscar had to Port Charles?

    1. oscar did 24 and me, and found he had relatives in port chuckles.actually kim had him do the test

    2. Wow, thanks, don't remember that!

  5. Glad to hear that at least one PC resident recognizes that Sonny is a complete sociopath. Good work, Brad! I guess Jacks knows as well as so I suggest you 2 team up and take Sonny down.

  6. So Brad just admitted that he is the one who tried to kill Dr. O? I guess that's the end of that mystery . . .

    WHO is supposed to be taking care of Scout while Sam continually gets herself into danger?

    And why is Drew always lurking around GH? What is he supposed to be doing there?

    On another note, Lucy looks smashing in that red dress and those heels . . .

  7. Lucy is amazing! She is a joy! Please end the baby swap story soon!

  8. The REAL park:

    Carly and CarlyKim: Geez she tells Carly she is leaving! When is she going to tell Julian?

    The hospital: Dr. O wins the line of the day.

    Dr. O: So you tried to bury your secret by killing me. Better luck next time.

    Dr. O and Brad: Brad!!! You are the one who pushed her in the water?!?!?!! How could you!!!!

    Brad: Because now we're even.

    Huh?! What are you talking about?


    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Brad nicely done. Well played. :) That flashback made me laugh! :) Oh and Brad, you telling the cops about Britch and what she knows, yeah I don't believe you would do that. She is your bestie. This is an empty threat. You are just trying to keep Dr. O quiet! I love all the guilt feels Dr. O is feeling! :) Shaking hands! Oh hi Carly! :)

    Drew and CarlyKim:

    Drew: Kim. Hi.

    Kim hi? HUH?! She drugs you and almost sexually assaults you, and you act like you are friends?!!?! And you also hug her?!!?! WHAT?!?!?! Very strange scene! Why is she telling HIM that she is leaving town?!!?!

    Julian and CarlyKim: GAH! I hate how she treats Julian! I am again getting sick of them being together again. Why is he the freakin last to know that she is leaving town? He should come first with her! He should be the 1st person she should have told!!

    Finchy and Piffy: Hahahaha. I want more scenes with them! They are gold!!! :)

    King Mufasa's hotel room:

    King Mufasa and Jason: No King Mufasa no! Don't make The incredible hulk angry! You will not like it when he is angry!!!

    The former Colt house:

    Lucy, Lucas, and Julian: Ohhhhhhhhh!! Will Julian turn this place into a new brownstone?!! I hope I hope I hope!!!!! Then a lot of people can move in!!!!! :) Oh look a pile of junk outside. Oh look a freezer. Oh look it's Sam in the freezer. ROFL! She is screaming with the tape on her mouth. She could easily take it off her mouth! ROFL! Oh okay there she goes. :) Oh look she is losing air! ROFL! Don't worry Sam! St Jasus with his cape will fly in and rescue you!

    Lucy and the mess outside:

    Lucy: You pile of junk!!!! I am trying to make a sale. You need to be gone!!!

    Pile of junk: NO! We are not leaving!! You can't make us!!!

    "Karen says Here's hoping the 1-800 JUNK truck comes lol"

    ROFL! Here is hoping! :)

    Alexis's home:

    Alexis and Neal: Zzzzzzzzzzz.

    "Karen says I like these 2 but the same convo all the time is a bummer."

    Yeah I like them together too, but when the have the same conversation it's so boring!!!!

    1. Seriously, CarlyKim treats Julian like the scum on her shoe. Shame on her!
      And Finchy and Piff were a hoot!

  9. OK, so when Neal and Alexis first met, they were flirting. So he NEVER should have taken her as a patient! Then he starts treatment anyway, and has to keep firing her after she already is invested in the treatment, then he keeps taking her back. . . OK, Dr. Neal, you CANNOT date your former patient, you should know this . . . I don't think you can lose your license over this, but it IS unethical . . .

  10. Sam is without a doubt the absolute worst PI in the history of worst PI's. I just can't even with her anymore. I too will pray for 1-800-Junk to get to the DOD house ASAP!

    I'm just now all caught up on GH episodes so thanks for all of the recaps and comments, I just love reading them here on this blog I laughed out loud when Carly brought up Morgan during her chat with Kim, because all I could think of was how everyone here would be groaning! :)

  11. Off GH topic: Grand Hotel is not bad. Some silly soapy stuff. Bryan Craig's character is like Morgan but he did a really good job in last night's show.

    1. Oh I keep forgetting to watch that! I'm going to have to put it on my calendar to remind me now that you've said it was worth taking a look!


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