Thursday, August 22, 2019


Yesterday's Show:

Cam's car--COME ON..really? REALLLLY?? Drew had a "feeling"?? That there was a car 7 years old for sale and it was his buddie's wife --the guy named "TEX" (um, TEXAS) he knew in Afghanistan. 

Even for me. ME--the one that is like, Ok, freeze the world-- ok, transfer memories--is like WHAT IN THE HELL YOU THINKING? 
Did Billy Miller decide on a Tuesday to leave and you had to scramble in 24 hours to come up with something? 
Nope. Not when your ratings are where they are. NOPE.

Warehouse scene--painful. 

Roger and Tamara--spectacular. Roger is doing  hella job. 

Loved Ava and Scotty as per usual



Hayden is domesticated. She gets a bunch of snacks out for Aiden and Cam--Aiden runs in, hugs Liz. Liz says that Hayden is staying with them. Aiden is like: Where's Franco?? Liz says he's not himself and he has something like amnesia.. "Did he forget us"?? Aiden said they were supposed to make a 7-layer cake together. Hayden said she'd love to learn and Cam says he'll help. Aiden said Franco was supposed to protect them. 

Metro Court. Ava forgot her phone. Kevin scares her..but she realizes it's him not Ryan. He's concerned she's seeing a psychic. She tells him that she saw Kiki at the foot of her bed. 

Finn and Curtis..Curtis wants to know if Anna knows where Dr. Maddox is. 

Wine Tasting. No budget for extras I see. We DID have some 'crowd noise"... Lulu is there and so are Maxie and Dustin. 

Prison: SHANK taunting Peter...Shank wants out or he'll spill. He says Peter was Manager of the whole Memory thing.  He says get me out ...SOON! Nelle is back there behind the door washing the floor, hears everything.
Pentonville is CO-ED? I guess since we saw Ryan Chamberlain. hmmm.

NOTE that "on death's door Sasha' Hasn't been mentioned in a WEEK!! LMAO. Oh lord. 

SO, I have You Tube TV and apparently, something is wrong with the ABC feed. Yesterday it was commericals and today it was just frozen about 20 min in. I'm sorry. This sucks. I can watch on Hulu after 7pm I think...I watched yesterday's show this morning. 


  1. Can't wait to watch tonight after I get home. Poor Aiden. Time for Aunt Hayden to step in. Glad she moved in.
    Looking forward to "Drew"/Ava scenes.
    So Nelle heard, hmmmm...

  2. That warehouse scene yesterday was terrible - that Dev. kid has no talent and no charisma whatsoever. They are trying to have him be the new Stone and not even close.

    1. Couldn't agree more, now I know he was being set up by that guy but i just can't stand Dev....stop pushing him on us GH. He's no Stone.
      Now...why the why did Sonny give him that money??? Idiot! Hey you tried to set this kid up and you were actually stealing it, well here you go...take it. Wow! Dumb ass award goes to Sonny!

  3. RoHo is doing a great job. No surprise. MW always.
    Hayden talked to her child, or so it seemed. How old would he/she be?
    Anyone hear what Nelle said to Shank about the Q's? I played it back a few times, real loud, and still could not understand.

    1. She said that the Quartermaines owe her to and they would have to finish their talk another time.

    2. Zazu yeah 2..

      "Tracy821 She said that the Quartermaines owe her to"

      Ohhh! Is that what she said?!?! Thank you! :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. The hospital:

    RayRay and Finchy: Oh come on RayRay tell Finchy about Finchy Jr!! It looks like you really want to!!! This is so stupid!!!!


    Hiney and King Mufasa: Janey can hear King Mufasa talking while the door is closed! ROFL! She has powers!! Course she opens the door a little, but still!! :) You can still hear through the door! ROFL!

    Janey and King Mufasa: Lock down!!! :) Janey wins the line of the day.

    Janey: This is what passes for speed dating here. Only you can't move on to the next date.


    Wine tasting:

    Lulu, Maxie, and Dustin: Wow! Maxie really really REALLY wants Lulu to move on with Dustin. :)

    Lulu and Dustin: See they are adorable! I like them as friends for now, and THEN later go on a date. :) Slow burn!! :) Wait she wants to change her last name back to Spencer? Awwwww why?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Doc and Ava: Great scene! :)

    Friz home:

    Aidan, RayRay, Liz, and Cam:

    "Karen says, Hayden is domesticated."

    She sure is!!!! She keeps laying out food!!! And acting like a mother to Aidan!!! She is acting like she is a mother.. WHERE IS HER CHILD?!!??! Oh hi Curtis!! RayRay no hug for Curtis?

    Liz and Curtis: Wait! Curtis was on the phone with Drew!!!!!! Damn they should have shown Drew!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Julian, Lucas, Willow: Don't worry people, Julian and CarlyKim are not going to NYC! :) Oh hi CarlyKim! I don't think she wants to go to NYC. I think she is thinking about staying in Port Chuckles!! :)

    RayRay: Her phone is ringing!!

    RayRay: Right on time. Is she awake?

    HUH?!!?! She has a daughter?!?!

    RayRay: Hi sweetheart. Mommy's happy to hear your voice. What did you do today?

    GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Finchy has a little girl!!!! This made me cry!! Oh great now I'm crying again!! Finchy NEEDS to know that he has a little girl!!!! He can teach her all kinds of things! Baseball, football, soccer, and she can meet Roxie!!!! :( The whole time I thought he had a boy! DAMN IT FINCHY NEEDS TO MEET HIS DAUGHTER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( This is so stupid!!! What is the little girl's name?!!?!? GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    1. lol I don't think Finchy is the baseball, football, soccer type. He'll probably get her a microscope though.

    2. "Di says, lol I don't think Finchy is the baseball, football, soccer type."

      Hahaha. I know, but that could change. :)

      "He'll probably get her a microscope though."

      ROFL! Yeah he probably will. :)

  6. Boy was I yelling "SHUT THE F*&K UP MAXIE, at my screen yesterday. Seriously, I wanted to choke her. Parking Lot Pete was going to confess his sins, she interrupts, he says let me finish, she interrupts again with the I-love-you crap, and I lost it. Lol! I really used to love her.

    Probably in the minority here, but I don't give 2 hoots about Hayden or her spawn. She is tolerable at Liz's, though.

    And once again I could watch Doc and Ava all day long. They make acting look so easy. :)

    1. Thank you, I too was yelling however softly at mine since it was late night watching, Maxie just kept going!!!
      I like Hayden, I missed it though in her phone call where she was obviously talking to her child, did she mention the gender of the child? I thought I heard her say she or her something like that but I was tired.
      I like Doc and Laura, I liked Ryan and Ava. One baddie to another.

    2. Michelle, she did say she, so yes, a daughter. :)

    3. Yeah Finn has a daughter! Now she needs to tell him!! Thanks Julie! 😊

  7. I need to see what Hayden's excuse for not having her kid around is.. is it because she lied about it dying? If so-- would you not be around your own little toddler because of that? I hate the way this show plays fast and loose with the parenting thing. Kinda like Maxie and Georgie. I mean :eyeroll:

    1. The excuse better be good (but you know it won't be), and I second that eyeroll!!


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