Monday, August 26, 2019

Mundane Monday

Diane and Alexis are exercising in the park some young chicklet comes up and says they did a good job. She's looking at them weird. They are going to get something to eat. They talk about Neal and Alexis says she's in the book club and working out now. "Both my therapists fired me"! They banter. Then they show the girl that was in the park and she's looking at Alexis on her IPad. Is she-- Keifer's sister?? 
SO, they continue to eat and the exercise lady walks up and says she's a personal trainer. Her name is Kendra. Alexis is interested in a personal trainer (maybe). 

Willow and Chase in the same park, he asks her to move in with him. She thinks it's out of pity since she doesn't have a job. He says no, he wants her to move in because he wants HER to. "All of you".  They decide to move in together. 

Sasha and Nina. Finn is concerned. She has the Avian Flu..BIRD FLU. So rare they don't even test for it. Nina is like GOOD! then you can treat her! He says.. well, we may be too late.  They are trying to figure out how she got it. 
Nina gets the photo from Cassssssssssssssandra of she and Sasha and Michael.

CarSon wedding: Sonny's car, Joss and Mike are missing. OH NO CALL THE NATIONAL GUARDS! Oh they were getting Carly a bouquet. 

Mike and Bobbie come in, I guess Mike knows Sonny-- ?? 
Avery is adorable. 
They go ahead with the vows... underwhelming 
Bobbie catches the bouquet. Sam side stepped so she wouldn't get it. Derp. 

Geesh, Hayden and Jax aren't eating in the Metro--they are IN CHARLIE'S HOLY CRAPPY!! They are just blabbering about Nina..and .. "stuff".  JERRY JACKS MENTION.  That's about the most exciting thing that happens there. 

Chase goes to Sonny's. Barry that employee that stole is missing. Tomorrow it shows Sonny questioning Dev about him. 

Also tomorrow, Dr. O slaps DrewCo "Snap out of it"# 

Even tho there was a wedding today was pretty underwhelming. 


  1. As soon as Sasha fell to the ground I said it wouldn't be long before Nina got the selfie. Took longer than I thought.
    Today was underwhelming but Alexis and Diane are always fun to watch. And surprise...another new character that no one cares about for a story that will go nowhere and poof, it will be done.
    Avery is adorable.

  2. anything having to do with the gruesome 4 is underwhelming. I fell asleep.

  3. Bobbie and Scotty wedding approaches. I'm calling it here.

  4. Line of the day goes to Avery:"who are those people?" Today sucked.
    Still binging Port Charles, on Tempted now.....better than GH for sure. LOL!!

  5. I DO think the exercise girl must be after Alexis or we wouldn't show we won't keep her long ------- we dropped Val - we dropped Bobbi's diabetis story - we dropped Scotty wanting to date Bobbi - Alexis' mom and dad issues - Molly's writing about DOD and then the Cassadines..........and Stella's relative who LIVED in PC but suddenly is in Paris........geesh........
    still bothered with NUDREW speaking SOuthern.

    1. "still bothered with NUDREW speaking SOuthern."

      I don't hear any southern in him.

    2. not red-neck Southern but twangny Southern - not saying his r's.....
      wait a minute - maybe it is BOSTON accent!

  6. Ohhhh...Did anyone else see our little Avery tonight. She had a quick part in Grand Hotel as "Morgan's" sister when she was young. Keeping it in the family. lol

    1. That was her?!!?! I didn't even notice it was her.. Hmmmm.

    2. yes and what a great show - I figured out a few twists but not everything - love it!!!!!!

    3. Yes, it was a great episode, mufasa. So many twists and turns. I could figure out a few two but they still left me quessing. lol Glad a few strings have been ended though.

    4. She was adorable! How did you see the show before it aired? Just curious. I am really liking this show too. It gets better and better. Hope it gets picked up for next summer.

  7. The REAL park:

    Alexis and Diane: They need to have their own spinoff show ASAP! :)

    Diane: Boot camp? Outside? In August?! Well I nearly died. Is that worthy enough to you?

    ROFL! Diane would have won the line of the day, but someone else won it. Oh look a woman shows up who looks like Krissy.

    Chillow: They are just so adorable!!!! :) She is so skeered to move in together!

    Chase: The reason why I asked you to move in with me, is because I love you.

    Well then why aren't you proposing to her you dummy! :) What are you waiting for?!!??!

    Metrocout restaurant:

    Alexis and Diane: Seriously. They need a spin off show of their own. :) Oh look that same woman again. Stalker much? Damn is she Sonny's long lost daughter?

    Jax and RayRay: RayRay is cute with those glasses!!! :) JERRY JAX MENTION YAY! :) Oh Jax you are crushin on Nina aren't you? :)

    The hospital:

    Sasha's room:

    Sasha, Nina, and Finchy: The bird flu!??!?! SERIOUSLY?!!?!!? Oy! This is so stupid and is going on for way too long.

    Nina and Finchy:

    Finchy: If I had a child, there is nowhere else in the world, I would want them to be.

    GAH!!! FINCHY! You DO have a child!!! A LITTLE GIRL!!!!!

    Carson wedding: Oh look Carson are getting married by the invisible priest! :) Avery wins the line of the day!

    Carly: I Caroline, take you Michael.

    Avery: Who ARE those people?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That made me laugh so hard! :) If Ava was there, she could have told you! Too bad Ava wasn't invited! ROFL!


    Drew Jr and Dr. O:

    *Dr. O slaps Drew Jr*

    Dr. O: Snap out of it!

    HAHAHAHAHA! Now we know who will win the line of the day next! :)

  8. When you realize that Carly's wedding dress, is the same dress you wore to your sister's wedding 3 years ago... beach wedding. Vera Wang, Kohls.

    1. OK, now I REALLY think that Carly is wearing a cast. That shmata dress didn't show her feet, and they never showed her walking.

    2. AntJoan - you are right - i read that - she never walked - and the dress covered her boot

  9. Nobody mentioned that Jax told Hayden that after they find Mikkos's codicil to his will, that the Cassadine fortune will be reunited with proper heir! Spencer? Nik? Both?

    I thought the wedding was very nice, but really I didn't care, lol! Avery and Krissie were both lovely!

    1. First thought was Nik, but why would Jax care about Nik (if he were alive)? So maybe for Spencer. Because Hayden adored him.

    2. Yes, it's probably for spencer. I can see hayden helping with that. And I'd love to see Spencer back on the island with laura and her clan.

  10. I couldn't stomach watching the wedding, but Chase and Willow are so adorable. Loved the Diane/Alexis scenes, too.


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