Friday, August 2, 2019

MEMORIIIIEEESSS... yes, like the Cats Song

The Island: Cassandra, Michael and Sasha. Michael and Sasha have sex again. Cassandra is on the phone and thanks someone for getting a gift to 'enhance' breakfast. They show a needle in her purse. She shoots Sasha's grapefruit full of the drug. Hey, that's 2 druggings this week!  Cassandra leaves after getting a selfie with them. Maybe she's trying to get Sahsa hooked? There seems to be nothing with the drugs this time at least--they didn't show her being all weird anyway. 

Drew has Chase come because of the break in. Curtis briefs him on what Shiloh stole. They are saying Shiloh has an alibi and someone must have taken it for him. Chase is going to get a warrant for Shiloh's room. (Count the number of times they all say "Memories'...holymoly) 

Dr. Evil Pants is with Shiloh in some old hotel room..even has like a 1978 TV set lol . They talk about transferring the memories.  

Jake, Jason and Liz at Kelly's... (same Jake, no aging!) Liz wants Jason to like Franco. Jason isn't so sure. She says he was sick.. he's like, meh.  Liz says Franco was more of a constant in Jake's like than he was. Ouch. Cam comes in to pick up Jake. They talk about Franco while Jake is getting snacks for his baseball team. Cameron says Franco has been good to 'his mom, brothers and me' so he's ok. 

Willow and Sam meet in the alley way/park fence thing. Sam wants to know more about Shiloh's "time in Afghanistan". Willow says it's all in the book Sam asks about "Tex". Willow doesn't know him. Then Shiloh walks up. He taunts them. Sam tells WILLOW she'll give her the money to get her tattoo off. Chase walks up to talk to Shiloh. He gives him a restraining order for Willow, Brucas and Wiley. 


Cam gets Oscar's paperwork for the car. He has to transfer the title and has Oscar's death cert. Kim and Franco talk. He tells her she could have some art therapy to help her out. She wants Franco to 'be there for Drew' and keep being a good friend. Then, Franco tells Cam that the "parking space' will be taken care of. God, they talk about this parking space like it's gold or something.  Scotty is giving Cam a parking space at his office building-- and it's free. It's also by their house. 

Liz gives Kim a gift bag from the reception.. Kim is sad. She mentions about what she did at the reception and how desperate she was. Kim thinks she should leave town. 

Hayden asks Finn about Casssssandra. He tells her about Cassie's past. blah blah

Idiot Sam breaks into Shiloh's motel room to steal the flashdrive ...she finds it and goes to leave but Shank is at the door.  He calls Jason and tells him if he ever wants to see Sam alive again, he'd better do what he says. 


  1. Didn't see the show yet, but it sounds like a snooze. PLEASE tell me that they didn't show the Michael/Sasha sex again . . .

  2. So tired of the same old story lines. After Jason takes out Shiloh who are they going to kidnap next? Decided to watch a rerun of Diagnosis Murder instead.

  3. It was nice to see Jake and the best part was hearing Kim say she is leaving town. Other than that meh.

    1. I seriously doubt she's leaving.
      Sam is an idiot, I kinda figured Shiloh was gonna walk in. She's so stupid.

    2. Yes, she is an idiot, why wasn't she armed to defend herself, I didn't even see her with purse. . . All she does is strut around with her boobs hanging out and take stupid risks. You would never know that she has a daughter. I know that soap parents aren't like real parents, but they NEVER show her with Scout, it is sick . . .

    3. I cheered when Kim said she was leaving but they'll probably change their minds. And Sam strutting around in her heels pretending to be a bad ass is laughable. Of course she was going to get caught. Any other ending would have required some creative writing.

      This show has gotten so dark it's ridiculous. kidnappings, hostages, dead babies, missing babies, kidnapped babies, kids dying, sex slaves,rapists, psycopaths, everyone lying. And no relief in sight. Not one person you can trust and no end in sight for any of these storylines to end.

    4. While I agree that the show is too "dark," I often think about which characters could be considered good, honest people whom you could trust. Monica is good, as is Laura, Kim was good until she cracked up, Michael is good, as are Kevin and Drew. Stella, TJ, Molly, Curtis and Jordan are good, and so is Chase. Liz and Franco are good now, although neither one was in the past. Willow is good. And there are others . . .

  4. Kelly's:

    Finchy and RayRay: They were doing some eye sex. Sad scene. :( Come on RayRay tell him about Finchy Jr!!

    Jason and Liz: Oh give it a rest already writers!! I don't want to hear the same conversation! I don't want to be reminded that Jason is a damn hypocrite!

    The island:

    Michael and Sasha:

    Sasha: Why are we so good together?

    You're not!! Shut up!

    Michael, Sasha, and Cassie: When Cassie stuck that needle in the grapefruit, I thought she was trying to extract the grapefruit juice in the needle. I was confused. Cus why would she want to stick the grapefruit juice in them? Oh wait I get it now. She wants to drug Sasha. But why? And why the hell are Michael and Sasha eating grapefruit for breakfast? Are they 80? Sasha wins the line of the day.

    Sasha: That woman is exhausting.



    Dr. Cabot and King Mufasa: Ummmmm. Not sure what is going on. So confused. Also, Sam got the flashdrive? HUH?! I thought King Mufasa gave it to Dr. Cabot! Oh and Sam is a complete idiot.

    The hospital:

    Cam, BobTodd, and CarlyKim: Cam talking about Oscar made me emotional!!! Oh so Oscar DID change his last name legally! Cool! :) Oscar Nero Quartermaine. Nero must be his middle name now?

    Cam and BobTodd: Scotty paying for the parking spot!!!! GAH! Made me emotional!! Scotty is step grandpa? Awww Scotty you have family!!!! :)


    BobTodd: What else could it possibly be?

    THE FLASHDRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liz and CarlyKim: Awww two besties talking, wearing the same color shirt. Wait CarlyKim is leaving?!!?! I haven't heard Tamara Braun is leaving!


    King Mufasa and Chillow: YES!!! Restraining orders!!! :) HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Drew's office:

    Chase, Drew, and Curtis: Three sexy men. :) Oh we get to hear more about Drew's past. Too bad he don't remember anything. :(

    1. I know, the EXACT same color red shirts . . . it was disconcerting . . .

    2. Yes FINALLY they get a restraining order. And those twin red shirts were funny.

    3. "AntJoan says I know, the EXACT same color red shirts . . . it was disconcerting"


      "Di says Yes FINALLY they get a restraining order."

      WOOT WOOT! :)

      "And those twin red shirts were funny."

      Hahahaha. Yeah they were and very distracting. :)

  5. "MEMORIIIIEEESSS... yes, like the Cats Song"

    That song always makes me cry!!!!

  6. If Michael is going to keep doing sex scenes he should buff up or at least get a spray tan - he looks like Casper the ghost.Don't remember seeing it in the news that Sonny had bought Puerto Rico - nice Island Sonny.Hope this baby story ends soon.Too bad Billy Miller is leaving - he was one of the good ones.

  7. I have a horrible feeling we have to wait until November sweeps for any kind of secret reveals. Poor Michael cant pick a decent girl who doesn't lie to him

  8. About the show being too dark...I've been kvetching about the constant doom and gloom on this show for some time. There is little, or no balance at all.
    I know that I know nothing about how soaps are written etc. but this Shank/drive/memory story should have ended months ago. He is dead man walking...and taking way too long to get wherever they are sending him.
    Sam is an inspiration to idiots.
    GH needs something new and fresh. These old story lines come around and go around too often.

    1. haha, sam is an inspiration to idiots. love it

  9. Sam is always saying that "she can take care of herself", we all know that's bull because ever time she says that JASON TO THE RESCUE right....


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