Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute


Table 1: Scotty/Laura. He wants Laura to tell Ava not to talk to Chelsea. Laura thinks he likes Ava. 

Table 2: Ava/Chloe: Chelsea says going to see Ryan was dumb. She says Ava has to atone better but won't say how.  After Chelsea says "Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute"-- she leaves. Then Laura comes over and tells Ava that Scotty is worried about her. They talk about their dead kids. 

Scotty comes over later and he tells her not to see the psychic. HE says keep the lady away from Franco. 

Laura calls Chelsea on the recommendation of Ava. I BET we find out Nikolas is alive. 

Table 3:  Hayden/Jax: Finn called Jax to find out how Hayden is doing. Jax figured out that Hayden was probably drugged. 


Valentin and Nina talk about Jax and Hayden (snooze) talk about Jax and Hayden looking at Wyndemere. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. They talked about nothing for 5 scenes and made out. That was it. 

Sasha and Maxie: Sasha is in WUB with Michael. Maxie tells her to be nice to Michael. 


Sam/Jason: Sam says she's NOT Ok. She's crying about being in the freezer.  GOD, I wish she'd shut up...She also hasn't mentioned her kids once. I know this is a soap but geeze. She's been running around town and ..?? 


Friz are waiting for Cameron. Where IS HE? Liz drives home. Franco waits for Cam longer and won't drive because of what the psychic said. After Liz leaves, he gets coffee. Chelsea walks by and tells him "Forget what I said, you HAVE to take that drive".  Scotty calls Franco that Cam's car got ticketed at 721 Dewitt St. because he knows a meter maid or something. That's the address they showed us at the beginning of the show. (Don't ask about the Scotty thing because no one on twitter could figure out how he got the information either. )
NOTE: For some weird reason, it's night and there's a COFFEE STAND with a girl at it in the middle of this scene LOL. RANDO

Franco leaves for the address. 


Cam is in the chair. Dr. Creepy looks at him like WTF!! Cam begs to be let go. The doctor says the drive has to be put into twins. Shiloh says Jason got away and he couldn't "get a hold of Drew" (lame). Dr. says no I won't do it. Shiloh says YES YOU WILL. 

They inject CAMERON to put him to sleep for the procedure .

Sasha flops down in Crimson
Franco walks into the warehouse 


  1. Thanks for writing this so quickly.
    So, do they have stock footage of Sam in hospital bed with superJason hovering? Looks the same as the last time.
    In all the garbage, Laura/Ava/Scotty really shine.
    Now that Shank has lost it and messed with Cam...his time should be up soon. Please.
    I know...the writers are paid to write, not to care, but there was a time that we could tell that the writers liked what they did and enjoyed entertaining us. Not true anymore.
    GH doesn't have one family dynamic anymore. Not one. A good soap should have that. Story lines growing from a strong core. It's all random now. It's fortunate for them that they have such talented actors.

    1. The heat between Jason & Sam just isn't there anymore.In my humble opinion. I think they made a huge mistake bringing him back and writing out BM. And cannot agree more about Laura/Scotty & Ava! That whole dynamic was priceless! Always love seeing Scotty (KS) and the scenes between Laura & Ava were really sweet. Just the way it all fit and now Laura is going to take Avas advice and give the psychic a try.

    2. I was thinking the same thing zazu. It sure looked like exactly the same scene.

    3. "Zazu says, there was a time that we could tell that the writers liked what they did and enjoyed entertaining us. Not true anymore"

      Yeah that's true.. *Sigh* :(

  2. Non-GH-Related comment to the WUBS queen: Thanks for the recommendation of Friday Night Dinner on Hulu. HYSTERICAL! Such a nice laugh to distract me from the current insanity.

  3. Exactly on Shiloh - he kidnapped TWO people (one a kid) and he blackmailed Cabot - even JORDAN could handle this as police least Lucy DID call an ambulance so it's a matter of record.....
    Shiloh has got to go - I think he will kill Cabot and then Franco will be stuck with old memories - of Kim..............

  4. Cam being held like that was a bit creepier than I thought it was going to be for some reason. For a min it looked like he had enough leverage to unbuckle the restraints but I guess not. I'm still hoping Franco doesn't end up becoming Drew. I really like what he has with Elizabeth and it would be like his 50th character!! I know only 3 but it just gets old! Loved your bitch fest Karen you're so on point! That's one of the reasons this is probably the best GH blog! That and all the people who come here to share, and or, bitch about the show! Lol! Have a blessed night all!!

    1. It is really creepy. Cam is so fresh and innocent. I do love RoHo and don't care what character he plays.
      Agree...this is a great blog with fun comments.
      Enjoy your evening!

  5. kd, I think Scotty got the call about Cam's car being ticketed because it had a parking pass from Scott's building.

    I liked every scene except the Sam/Jason Déjà vu. I FF'd through it.

    I'm also hoping Laura gets told that Nicholas is still alive.

    1. "Di says, I'm also hoping Laura gets told that Nicholas is still alive."

      Yeah me too!!

  6. Why didn't Jason call the cops after he knocked out Shank? Some of this mess could have been prevented. Who robbed Drew's safe? Finally hasn't this procedure (memory transfer)failed without a twins participation?

    1. I thought the same thing. The man is on parole. But then Shank wouldn't be able to continue losing it.

    2. Same here don't care who Roger plays.

    3. They had said Jason couldn't get the memories because he was "brain damaged," so WHY were they going to use him? Of course, this all makes NO sense . . .

  7. She actually did mention the kids....
    Also if I'd been locked in a freezer I would've been just as freaked out. She played it right.
    I'm glad Franco got to Cam, hope he can overpower cray cray. Shiloh has just lost it! No way in H*ll would a judge give him custody now or ever!!! Please kill him!!
    Wonder if Sasha will live?? Haha..of course she will. I bet Val is hoping she won't.

  8. I just started watching, but don't understand why Jason didn't call the cops after Skank tried to kill Sam by locking her in a freezer.

    1. Yeh I don't understand that either! He would've been back in jail so fast!

    2. By the end of the show, he said that he had called the cops, but don't know when he did that.

  9. The hospital:

    Jasam: Sam is ALL King Mufasa all the time!!! Yeah you are right. She isn't asking about her kids!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    RayRay and Jax: Well well well, glad RayRay figured out she was "poisoned" ROFL!

    Laura and Scotty: Oh Scotty!!! Just admit you still have feelings for Ava!!! :)

    Ava and Chelsea: Chelsea wins the line of the day.

    Chelsea: Give a hoot don't pollute!

    ROFLMAOPMP! That made me laugh hard!!! And the way she was looking off in space! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

    Ava and Laura: Great scene!!!! :)

    Ava and Scotty: Great scene!!!!! Love my Sava. :)


    ValeNina: Yuck!!!! When are they going to implode!?!?!?!

    Maxie and Sasha: Oh no! Sasha has got the bug!! The wuv bug! UGH! Oh Sasha is tired. Pregnant? ROFL!

    Maxie, Sasha, and Valenina: HOLY CRAP! That was one hard fall Sasha!!! Ouch!

    The park:

    Chelsea and BobTodd: TAKE THAT DRIVE BOBTODD!!!!!! Great scene!!! :)

    BobTodd and Sotty: On the phone and we find out that Scotty used to date a meter maid! :) When did this happen Scotty? Oh the meter maid gave you all the details about Cam and the car.

    The kidnapped room:

    Dr. Cabot, King Mufasa, and Cam: Cam is terrified!!!!! WOW! Great acting by William Lipton. BRAVO!!!! Oh boy when he was shot up with that needle, I thought it was from that filedrive!! Oh they were just putting him to sleep. Oh hi BobTodd!!!!!!!!

    "Karen says WAREHOUSE OF DOOM:"


  10. Have mercy, Sasha flopped to the floor like Bill Laimbeer of the Bad Boy Pistons from the late eighties! I was laughing out loud!! Hope she didn't pull a muscle.

    Cam was great, I felt his fear. This new psychic lady is growing on me, and I love the title of the blog! I also ff'd thru most of Jaaaason and Mumbles. They are just flat out awful and repetitive.

  11. Loved the Scotty & Laura, and Scotty & Ava scenes. He is such a gem! Laura & Ava great scenes, too. Found it really uncomfortable and disgusting to see Cam, a young kid, in that situation. Franco will be a hero again but at what a cost. There should be an APB on Shiloh-where are the Scorpios?

    1. This show loves to put kids at risk. William L did do a great job. And the psychic must have been foreshadowing Cam being in trouble when she said her pollution quote.

      As for the Scorpios, this is GH. Sonny and his men will no doubt come to the rescue. same old...same old...

      I guess this is going to help Cam and Franco bond some more. (unless Franco kills Shiloh and gets the taste for blood again. )

    2. "Di says And the psychic must have been foreshadowing Cam being in trouble when she said her pollution quote."

      OH! You're right!!! :) Didn't even think of that! :)

  12. ooooooooo- let Cam kill Shiloh and Franco take the blame.

    better than swapping memories........let's KILL SHILOH PEOPLE!

  13. "Julie H Have mercy, Sasha flopped to the floor like Bill Laimbeer of the Bad Boy Pistons from the late eighties! I was laughing out loud!! Hope she didn't pull a muscle."

    ROFL! I was too much in shock to laugh. I was like, what the hell?! I didn't expect that!!

  14. I guess I was wrong about the memory transfer its just more dangerous if you're not a twin.

  15. Everyone will be happy to know, Finola is back at work. 😃

  16. Yay. Love Finola. No more crying though

    1. I agree. I also hope it's Anna and not Alex. Tired of fake outs. Remember Fluke or whoever with the mask...ugh. 🙄


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