Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Trash Pile

Alexis and Dr. Neal. He says no more patient and doctor. She says "I thought you were the right guy". The establish the fact they like each other. Alexis says it might be good we know so much about each other. He says "Well, I know you're still in love with your ex-husband"! SNAP! They decide to sit and talk and maybe start over -- not as patient and therapist. Then Neal decides nope and leaves. 

Kim Julian. She tells him her grief is swallowing her up and she has to move away.  She's drowning in her sorrow. yada yada He says stay, she says she wants to go... They finally decide they'll leave together. He'll do a PUB wherever they go and visit PC a lot. Now we know WDV isn't leaving the show-- so?? Hmmm... 

Cam is picking up trash..Joss and Trina want to help him but he's like You're gonna get me in trouble.  HE dumps it out and says he has to get his hours in. (the insertion of these scenes was so annoying today--SO much shit was going on and chopped up) They have a food fight and Joss walks away for a min. Cam and Trina talk about how their plan to get Josslyn out of the house 'worked".  They are going to the movies later. 

Michael Sasha. Back from PR!! Sonny comes into Kelly's and sees them making out. So far, nothing on the injection front? Not sure what Cassandra gave her.  Sonny invites Sasha to dinner sometime. She leaves. Sonny tells Michael not to be too gung-ho about Sasha around Carly..because Carly.  Michael asks if he knew a Sandy Lance-- Sonny says No.. then the phone rings and it's Drew asking if he's seen Jason. Michael and Sonny go to look for him and Sam. 

TJ Molly. TJ wants to talk about the future. He says she's brilliant but she's not in the right profession, he thinks she really needs to write because that's her passion. He thinks she's going to law school because that's the safe option and what people expect. She has a plan to finish law school, get a job and pay off her bills. He tells her to go ask Peter August for an internship. 

Drew and Curtis ..they figure out Shiloh took the flashdrive.  They figure out Shiloh has Jason. 

Jason and Shiloh..still tussle. Shank says Sam or your memories, your choice. Jason beats him up, knocks him out and leaves. BUT I don't think he took the flashdrive? Shiloh wakes up and his head hurts-- he grabs his gun (but I don't see the flash drive?) 

Lucy calls the junk truck to pick up the stuff from DOD house, where Sam is in the freezer. LMAO. I SAID THAT YESTERDAY! Sasha goes to look at the house next. She says it's too big but Lucy says the seller (Michael) might want to turn it into condos if he doesn't get the price. They go out and talk by the junk pile.  Lucy wants to relaunch Deception and have Sasha be the FACE. 

Maxie and Peter in the Metro (Where else?) talking about LULU. Geezus. I do NOT want to see them rehash all the shit they did in Ithaca --SHOW TJ AND MOLLY! Ugh on my last nerve.  AND THEY WERE ON A LOT TODAY. :EYEROLL:  Peter tells Molly he might have something for her to write. Oh he wants something on the Cassadines. 

SO..ST. JAYSUS figures out Sam is in the freezer. LOL...it's amazingly DUMB. Lucy calls Sonny to come and help.  Jason gets her out, gives her mouth to mouth and OMG But...don't be shocked, she's SAVED!! 

Cam goes to the dumpster and finds Shiloh nursing his head wound. "I know you"... So Shiloh will kidnap Cam and Franco will take Drew's memories to save him. Hmmm, RoHo will play 3 people on this soap: Todd, Franco now Drew. He'll lose his Franco memories. What will Frizzies do? Will Anti-Francos still hate him? 


  1. Predictions! Franco is going to come out with Drew's memories, remember Kim and convince her to stay in PC (she can have a new baby Oscar with Franco/Drew!), and throw a wrench in her relationship with Julian. Then we'll have a who's-the-daddy story while Julian is busy breaking up Alexis and Neal. This leaves Elizabeth.... back on the back burner?

  2. The next thing you know, someone will get a diamond and freeze the world.

  3. When Skank looked up @ Cam with that look on his face I was thinking "oh crap he's going to take him!" I think when Jason saw the freezer all the things Skank was saying about where Sam was....in a place running out of air...kinda made him look in the freezer. Would be interesting if Franco got the memories but don't like how it would affect the life he's built with Elizabeth and the boys so kinda hoping that won't happen.

    1. So annoyed with today's show! I wish Billy were staying and that someone would kill Shiloh. I really don't want Franco getting Drew's memories. 🙄

    2. I know I'm really not liking this AT ALL! They've got my dander up!!! 😤

  4. This show is all over the place. Shank is sure acting like a man on parole. Of course it will be Franco. He and Liz have been happy for way too long.
    I love seeing Molly and TJ but she sure looks different. Perhaps new teeth.
    Either Sasha will have some dreaded tropical disease or just nothing.
    Kim should find out she's pregnant with Julian's baybay.
    Quite a shocker...Jason saving Sam. Wow.

    1. I noticed she looked different too, not sure if it was the teeth or not. Figured she just looked older LOL!! We never see her after all.

    2. I also thought Mollie looked different. In fact, if it wasn't for her voice I would have thought it was a different actress...

    3. I think it's a mixture of grown up & never seeing her!

  5. HE IS ON PATROL PEOPLE - LOCK HIM UP!! Even Jason would know to do that by now......
    Sasha and modeling and Deception - that seemed to be something last week with Lucy that made me wonder if Sasha HAD done adult modeling (if you know what I mean)-----she didn't want them to check into her past.....
    Drew and Kim - Bye bye please.......
    Molly will find something about her grandfather/Alexis father I think - cause we dropped that WHOLE watch/picture thing too...
    I am so tired of these storylines -
    I do NOT want Franco to have Drew's memories.......

  6. I think that Shiloh is going to try to give Cameron Drews memories.

    1. Oh yeah that's definitely what's happening or what he wants to happen. But what may happen is Franco goes to rescue him and ends up being the recipient. The minute Skank saw Cam he had his new victim! I have to say I totally enjoyed Jason kicking the snot out him! He's beyond skanky! He's slimy skank!

  7. I also was annoyed by today's show (although I always love GH). Maxie and Hiney get on my last nerve. HOW did Jason know to go to DOD house to find Sam? And HOW many times is stupid Sam going to get herself kidnapped? WHY can't she arm herself if she puts herself in a dangerous situation. And, even in soapland, she wins the title of WORSE MOTHER OF THE YEAR.

    HOW LONG will Cam have community service for his minor infraction? OMG, he tried to buy pot for a dying friend and didn't even buy it, and he has to work it off for like 10 years?

    And, Kim, she couldn't BUY a contraction today, even as upset as she was. NO ONE speaks like that (at least not in real life).

    Sasha and Michael are gag-worthy; I guess my guess that she was injected with truth serum was not correct.

    Jason attacked Skank and just left him there without tying him up and calling police? Great move, now he grabbed gun a kidnapped Cam?

    I also kept thinking that Molly looks sooo different, older, or different mouth/teeth?

    And WHY did Dr. Neal go to Alex's house to end their professional relationship? That is SOOO unprofessional! He should have done it at their next session, NO ONE would go to a patient's house like that. . .

    And, to continue my bitchfest, Molly is asking for a summer internship NOW, in August, when school starts again in a few weeks?

    1. I give you a thumbs up for every single thing you wrote in your bitch-fest! I couldn't have said it better.

      Sam and Kim are more gag-worthy than Sasha/Michael, but that's my only nit pick, lol!

      Thanks AntJoan!

    2. YES to all of this. I think Haley had something done to her teeth too--caps? The fact Shank HAD a gun in the room and didn't have it out when Jason was there? DUHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Cam has more time than Bernie Madoff at this point..plus, aren't they supervised? Although the ONLY Scene I liked was the kids being goofy. The Sam stuff just got to me--and screw the kids. It's hilarious. Alexis was in her house, Molly was at the Metro--who was taking care of Scout? I guess it doesn't even matter now. Which is why NO character on GH should get pregnant anymore.

  8. I hope "Molly" didn't have some work done. Her lips look very different.

  9. It’s the teeth! I looked at an older pic and she had more gums showing. I had to fast forward much today-had enough of Kim-she really needs to go, and can’t watch Peter & Maxie. Sick of Shiloh!

    1. I think you're right, watching again...maybe between school and the the new teeth thing is why she hasn't been around, plus being a young adult in college....
      I have the tooth issue too, of course mine is on the back burner for a bit because of my cataract surgeries. Thank goodness I only have 2 eyes Haha. Maybe once I make a dent in paying that off I can get my dental implant. 😊

  10. Alexis's home:

    Alexis and Neil: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Hiney and Maxie: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Molly and TJ: Whoa! I didn't recognize her at first. :) She looks so different.. And TJ looks 25! :) He is very wise. :)


    Michael and Sasha: Zzzzzzzzzzzz. They look like they are in love. *GAG*

    Michael, Sasha, and Sonny: Sonny wins the line of the day.

    Sonny: Come by the house. I'll cook you dinner.

    ROFL! What?!?!?!

    Sonny: All of us.

    You should have said that in the first place! You could have said let's all have dinner together.. Cus you just saying Come over and I'll cook you dinner is creepy and weird.

    King Mufasa's hotel room:

    King Mufasa and Hulk Hogan: Superhero Hulk Hogan Jason beats the crap out of him and with his cape flies away!

    Drew and Curtis: They just come in like they are cops! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Old Colt house:

    Lucy and Sasha:

    Lucy: You are the face to relaunch deception.

    Relaunch deception?!!?! YAY! Is Lucy going to do it?!?!!? :)

    Superhero Hulk Hogan Jason: He comes flying in!

    Superhero Hulk Hogan Jason: SAM! SAM! SAM! Let me know you are here!!! Say something!!!!

    Oh! He uses his X-ray vision to see Sam through the freezer!!! HE GETS HER OUT! He starts making out with her while she is passed out. OH SHE IS ALIVE!!!! Now he can fly her to the hospital.. No? No hospital? Just giving her water? Okay.

    The REAL park:

    Joss, Trina, and Cam: Adorable scene!!!!! :) They just want to help but Cam has a point.. Then I love how the girls are just throwing garbage around so he could clean it up hahahaha.

    Cam and King Mufasa: OH OH!!!!!! Poof! Cam is GONE!!!!!

    The hospital:

    Julian and CarlyKim: CARLYKIM STOP TREATING JULIAN THIS WAY! I hate it I hate it I hate it! Come on writers just break them up already!

    Previews: OH OH! King Mufasa wants to plan the memories in Cam!?!?! :0

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  12. "Karen says Hmmm, RoHo will play 3 people on this soap: Todd, Franco now Drew. He'll lose his Franco memories."

    But then he won't be BobTodd anymore!! He will be DrewTodd. :)

    "What will Frizzies do?"

    ROFL! I am a Friz fan.. This is soapy goodness! :) I wonder if the writers are going to break Friz up for good or it's temporary. I hope it's temporary.

  13. sonya said...But then he won't be BobTodd anymore!! He will be DrewTodd. :)

    That's one of the reasons I hated RH's Franco. He played him like he was still Todd. If he plays Drew and he's still flicking his eyes around, stuffing food in his mouth to attract the camera, and talking with a constant smirk...."just like Todd, then I'll still hate the character. He doesn't seem to know how to step into a different skin.

    1. "That's one of the reasons I hated RH's Franco. He played him like he was still Todd. If he plays Drew and he's still flicking his eyes around, stuffing food in his mouth to attract the camera, and talking with a constant smirk...."just like Todd, then I'll still hate the character. He doesn't seem to know how to step into a different skin."

      Well, we really don't know what's going to happen.. We have to wait and see. :)

  14. First Sam goes to Skank's motel unarmed and not ready for any confrontation. Then Skank--who has been beat up by just about every male in the show--lures Jason there and has no gun for protection. None of this makes sense.

  15. I would really like a Cassadine story with Molly uncovering all kinds of dirt on all of them. I would like to continue the Alexis watch story like Mufasa mentioned above, and I would LOVE it if Molly found Nik. My goodness wouldn't that be fabulous?!


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