Monday, August 19, 2019

Empress Helena

Scotty calls the memory transfer "Horse Manure" AHAHAHA. Drew's like: WELP, it is what it is.  "He's still gonna need a lawyer" says Drew. Scotty agrees. 

Jordan and Shiloh..he wants a phone call. He calls someone about information about Alexis. I guess the "Secret" Krissy told.
Jorday says Shiloh will not get off charges THIS time. LOL welp.. its' GH so?? Jordan says he's going to Pentonville today. 

Julian, Alexis and Sam. He's telling them he's moving to Manhattan. Wants to say a proper goodbye. Sam wonders how Alexis is feeling about it all. Alexis says she's happy for Jules. Sam says well, he could turn his life around for Kim but not you? 

Day 90000000 with no customers at Charlie's lol GEEZE 


Liz and Hayden. Hayden brings pastries into the living room . I LOVE them living together!! Hayden says she wants to be there for her sister. She needed someone when she was pregnant and had no one so wants to make sure she helps. No mention of the 'Dead baby". 
Drew and Curtis come in to tell Liz that things haven't changed. Curtis is proud of Hayden. 

CarSon's house: Sonny, Lulu Robert and Olivia walks in. They tell her that Dante's been moved and may never get better.  Olivia wants to being him home around family that loves him. Lulu doesn't think so.. he needs more help. Sonny says he should have done more for Dante when he got back from Turkey. Robert says he didn't send Dante down the path and he won't be the one to save him. 
Lulu says she won't contest the divorce. It will be final in 20 days. Olivia and Sonny want to know why. Lulu says that it's what Dante wants. 

DrewCo and St. Jaysus. Franco says he's sorry--- he's "the victim of a memory experiment gone wrong" and asks how it happened. Franco wants Jason to tell him the ENTIRE backstory of the memory story. Franco remembers being in Afghanistan. He says he doesn't believe Jason and doesn't want his help--- Jason leaves. DrewCo threw the pticher. 
Scotty goes down to see him. He says he's his father. Franco says "That must be tough for you if what they are telling me is true".. then asks, why would you name him FRANCO AHHAHAA!!  Scotty says he'll be his lawyer. Leaves
Shiloh gets walked into the jail. Franco stares at him. Shiloh realizes he's Drew.
Flashback to SHiloh beating up Drew (looking like Jason) and HELENA STANDING THERE! THAT'S WHO got him to Hells! Shiloh. 

Helena pays Shiloh for delivering Drew. 
Back in real present day, Shiloh tells DrewCo that he know that Tex told him where the money is.  SHiloh wonders if it's still there. DrewCo says "That's a question for the ages". 

OLIVA BOUGHT CHARLIE'S!! Maybe she'll make pasta. THEN customers will come! 

Somone is looking at Alexis in the iPad
Drew and Curtis are going to look for Maddox
Helena had an accomplice!! Some man.. just showed the shoes. It is Jerry? Stavros? Valentin?? Hmm. Alcazar? OOO!!! 


  1. Would be fUn to have our Jerry Jax back. Speaking of that is Jax temporary or full time now? Jasper that is

    1. When Ingo(Jax)returned, he said he would be on the show long term.

  2. Drewco's demeanor was pretty different than the last episode. Not quite as angry and mean spirited. Thankfully.
    Those of you closer to what goes on in soap you know if most of the actors watch the show when it airs?
    Where is Ned. We need some Q's.

    1. I think he's adjusting, realizing it's not "the strangers" fault. They all are victims, so he's had time to adjust probably.

  3. May be jumping the gun since I'm still watching today, but I bet GH missed an opportunity for Scott to tell Franco "Drew" that he used to be married to his mom Susan Moore. It's those little historic opportunities that GH seems to constantly miss, yet are important because they are part of the history of the show.

    1. I so agree. Link to the history, even if it is just a little nod to those of us who remember it.

  4. So the person looking at the ipad looked like it could be a woman (the hands). Also, the article looked like it involved Alexis and her hit and run. Didn't that have to do with Chrissy's ex, Kiefer?

    1. The hands looking @ the iPad did look like the hands of a woman. That hot&run article referred to Alexis running down Kiefer& he was Kristina 's ex,the one who physically abused her.

  5. Kind of strange when Jason was leaving PCPD after speaking to Drew2012. He walked past Drew and Curtis without speaking to them.

  6. I have to say that Helena looks great! Also, everyone says how young Liz looks, which is true, but just look at Olivia! Her skin, her figure, she looks AMAZING! She looks sooo young, almost everyone seems to be aging but her, she seems to be looking younger! She never looked old enough to be Dante's mother, but now, she looks younger than he does!

  7. Really good episode. Dying to know who's in the shoes with Helena, would love it if it was Jerry, but probably Valentin. Bah! And seriously, what does Shank hope to gain telling the Alexis hit and run story? She was cleared. Is another re-write coming? If so, double bah!

    Mumbles talking to Julian about made me gag. At least she finally agreed to set up a goodbye meeting. (insert eye-roll here)!

  8. Sam is so judgey with Julian, why doesn't she look at her own past? And she is married to a hit man and friends with the alleged top mobster in town!

    Sooooo many times they have started with a mysterious Alexis story and dropped it. I remember about 20 years ago I was on the GH set, where I met many of the actors. I met NLG when my friend who took me to the show took me out to lunch in the commissary. At that time, Alexis was taking some mysterious phone calls, but that seemed to have stopped. When I asked her about it, she said that they had dropped it. And I can't count the times since that they have done this to her.

    1. I was thinking the same AntJoan. So judgey...

    2. I remember that Alexis (mysterious phone calls) storyline and was ticked when they dropped it as well.

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  10. Drew Jr's jail cell:

    Drew Jr and Scotty: Scotty is the only one who can talk to him and knows how to treat him!!! I LOVE YOU SCOTTY!!!! Oh and now you have a cane! :) Drew Jr wins the line of the day.

    Drew Jr: Why did you name him Franco? Is he a little,


    Drew Jr and King Mufasa: Great scene!!! :) Love how King Mufasa talked to him like he is the REAL Drew! :) The only way you will ever get your money, is if Helena is alive! SO HA! :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Alexis, Olivia, and Julian: Olivia will buy the place? YAY! Although it won't happen since Julian is staying haha. Julian talked about how they are acting like adults.. After he said that, all I could think about was how he slept with both of them hahaha.

    Sam and Julian: Sam! SHUT UP SHUT UP! Do I have to remind you that you watched as Liz's son was kidnapped?!?!!? And then when you were with Liz you said she could have another baby?!!?!?!!?! I even found the video!

    Alexis and Sam: Shut up Sam!

    Jasam: Shut up hypocrites!! The Tribbles need to show up and strangle you two!

    Friz home:

    Liz and RayRay: Love RayRay's dress it's cute. I used to have that style when I was younger.. RayRay where is Finchy Jr?

    Curtis and RayRay: GAH! He called her cupcake!!!!! :)

    Carson's home:

    Olivia, Sonny, Robert, and Lulu: It's sad! Poor Olivia and Sonny!!! Glad Lulu will sign the divorce papers and won't contest it. :)

    Lulu: Wow taking the wedding rings already? Meh that's fine. Once she signs the divorce papers she can move on with Dustin. :) And then they can have a slowwww burn. :)

    The flashbacks:

    Helena and King Mufasa:


    "Karen says, Empress Helena"


    "Helena had an accomplice!! Some man.. just showed the shoes. It is Jerry? Stavros? Valentin??"

    OH! Great theories!!! :) Mmmmm Jerry! :) *Drool*

  11. I was thinking the mystery shoe man could be Peter.
    One thing I noticed: when he was grinning at Drewco, Shank looked really ugly and sinister.
    I read that Billy Miller's last show is Friday. Yikes. I will be on vacation then until 9/1. Wonder if I will be able to find out how he leaves.
    All that stuff about Alexis is not true. She was acquitted wasn't she??

    1. Doubtful it's Peter unless they are turning him evil and having him leave the show or something??? Could be Jerry.
      Shiloh is ugly and sinister...
      Friday will be sad. 😓

  12. Connie T. still looks stunning and Becky and Lisa L. Don't age. Great to have Helena back even if it is brief. I have a feeling Valentin is the one with he. We know he is no angel. Maybe the woman looking at the Ipad is the one who poisoned Sasha - forgot her name already. Sam is so emotionless.

    1. Cassandra poisoned Sasha. I've read theories (hopes) that Helena's memories have been implanted in Cassandra. If it will get Queen Hells back, I'll buy it.

  13. Casssandra might be the one. Also, I loved Olivia hugging and kissing Robert since she is a huge fan of Tristan. Is Jordan back on the job? How unfortunate since they never showed Mac since he was appointed Temporary commish. You would think Curtis was on the police force since he is always there.

    1. Oh yes, I did love Olivia hugging on Robert, forgot about that! :)
      And you're right again, where has Mac-Daddy been? He should have been the one eyeballing Shank and giving him a phone, AND eavesdropping on the call!


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