Monday, August 26, 2019

Stefan + Laura Nik's Birthday Speech + Helena Confrontation

OH MY GOD...this whole clip is IT!! LOVE


  1. Brought tears to my eyes to see so many cast members I just loved-JJ, Kim, Amber, Connie T., Tyler, Sarah B., Genie, Becky, Stephen, Nancy and Tony G., and all so young. Glad we still have a few of them, but those were definitely the good old days.

  2. has anyone explained why NUDREW is talking so Southern? I live in the South, but it's just weird he has that accent.

    1. I THINK and can't be sure that Roger is trying to distinguish the character from himself. I think he does the inflection of Billy's Drew pretty well. I don't know where Drew grew up tho??

    2. As long as people aren't saying "He's so TODD" I'm happy.


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