Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Lunch with Lesil

So, we had the Michael Knight news, now there's Hayley Erin coming back to GH for a bit--I think as ghostly Kiki. Should be good watching she and Maura back together again! 

HAPPY NATIONAL RADIO DAY! My son is a DJ at the local college station and I support our alternative station, WBER as much as possible. I love radio! 


Carly's make up was just SO OFF today....


Dev gets his last paycheck. 

Joss and Jax are eating breakfast-- he asks her if she wants to invite Dev over. She's like NOPE, you're intimidating. Hayden stops by the table. Joss is snotty to her-- leaves. Hayden is going to tell Jax he has to take Dr. O to lunch LOL Dr. O asks about Jax's surfing..thanks him for saving her life. 

Joss tells Carly she doesn't want to go to school anymore. She wants to do online classes because of the emotional toll. Carly says she has to go to help her heal. 

COFFEE WAREHOUSE DRAMA!! Jason wants to know who's slowing up the coffee unloading from the trucks. LOL.you know it's gonna be DEvvvvvvvv. But first, SaSon talk about DrewCo. Then Dev comes, late. Sonny tells him to get it together. Jason's going to keep an eye on the whippersnapper. 
Sonny leaves. Jason gets on Dev's back about respect lol. OMG too funny. "Respect is earned"!
DEPOSIT IS MISSING! Jason gets a LOOK on his face. 


Peter and Maxie..blah blah blah.. And DR O bursts in and wants help with her fashion emergency from Maxie. Maxie and she have a nice talk about Jax and Maxie is happy to help her. She and Peter don't tell her about Franco, they'll tell her later. She goes to meet Jax. 
She and Jax have Lunch. Jax has a giant scotch. They talk about his surfing and Monte Carlo. They both like the Grand Prix.  Carly butts in and tells Obrect about Franco. She's upset and leaves. 

Hayden is impressed with Maxie, she thinks she should be an editor in her own right. Maxie is like "I have James to think about" ahahahha (yeah, right). Peter thinks Hayden is right, Maxie could do ANYTHING. 

Scotty wants DrewCo to get treatment. Curtis and Drew talk about DrewCo. 


Shiloh tries to tell Franco who he can trust and Franco knows it's not him. Shiloh says You didn't even know you had a son, did you? 

Shiloh is taken to Pentonville...he taunts Drew on the way out. Curtis tells Drew he can't find Dr. Maddox and Anna isn't answering her messages. 

Scotty goes in and says he cut a deal for DrewCo...he has to wear an ankle monitor and stay in Port Charles. Then Drew comes down. Franco tells him he will fill him in on his past if he tells him about Oscar. 

Drew shows him Oscar's photo. Tells him about the cancer. DrewCo realizes he missed having a son by a few months. Now Drew wants to know about Afghanistan. 


Kim and Monica talk about Franco/Drew. Monica basically thinks that Kim should help him and give him a place to stay since she knows him and knows the man he was. She really pushes Kim..then Kim gives her her resignation. Monica says don't go but Kim says she has to. Then she runs into Franco when she leaves. 

Drew tells Curtis the money Tex hid from Afghanistan is in "Tex's wife's car" but tomorrow tells Liz it's in Cam's car. SO, The car Drew gave Cam must be Tex's old car. Anyone remember saying he got it from an old Army buddy? 


JPS tweeted this "Together again, AGAIN"! These two appeared on AMC together--and are happy to be on the same set! 


  1. YAY!!!! Great picture! :) I didn't know they are friends! COOL! :)

  2. JPS and michael knight not needed. clean house GH

  3. I don't think he is long-term though........
    things we have dropped: Aiden's baking/Charlotte's bullying/Valerie is never seen/
    but I DO have a great idea - Krissy has no storyline SO I want her to be a police officer - go through training - she is not a college person but she should 'want to help others'.....wouldn't that be good? Alexis would be all upset,etc. ...and Sonny would be upset........

  4. He'd make a cool Stefan Cassadine

  5. So that's where Drew got the car from? I just assumed he bought it....

    1. We are trying to figure it out on twitter...I'll find the You Tube clip of it ...I don't know HOW it could be Cam's car? Hmmmm

    2. I think it'sr Cam\Oscars car.

    3. I thought Drew bought it from soapland dealership LOL for Oscar and then after Oscar dying gave it to Cam per his Will.

  6. Replies
    1. he's 60... so?? I wouldn't think so?

    2. but they are in their 40's and Tex wasn't military - he was a business man right? I dunno - just a thought........

    3. Maybe Tex died and his wife sold the car and they bought it for oscar.

    4. But maybe Tex's wife was really Helena Cassadine and put a curse on that car.

    5. "mufasa says Tex wasn't military - he was a business man right?"

      I thought Tex was military! I'm confused.

    6. I'm confused too, all this speculation is making my head spin! LOL!

  7. How did Monica know that Kim was moving to NYC? She never said it. . .

  8. you know... if anyone read my blogs that i wirte in karens absence, you would all know that Mr Knight is coming on board as Derek Barrington.


    1. Where did you write it? I didn't even know he was coming to GH til I saw it on one of the soap things I follow on Facebook and then I tagged Karen.

    2. Derek Barrington is Mike Webbers biological fathers name isn't it

    3. Aha! I looked up on Google and his other relatives, Rafe Kovich (among others). Rafe was on Port Charles and HOT! 😁

    4. it was a fan fiction blog I did one day when Karen wasnt able to blog

      here it is


      it was FICTION. please take it as such!!!

    5. Derek Barrington! HAHAHAHAHA! Delcodave you are gold! :)

    6. Oooooohhhh....LOL!!! I thought you meant today Haha! I'm 49 and have been somewhere around the age of 8-11. I remember L&L wedding and the ice princess but thru the yrs with age I've forgotten names.

  9. Coffee warehouse:

    Sonny and Jason: Oh you too Sonny? You think Drew Jr should leave town too?!?! SHUT UP!

    Sonny, Jason and Turkey Boy: GO SONNY! You tell Turkey boy the meaning of a work ethic!!! :)

    Jason and Turkey Boy: Yeah you listen to Jason too!!!! Stop slacking off young man!

    Drew Jr's jail cell:

    Drew Jr and King Mufasa: More great scenes with them! Love how King Mufasa told him about Oscar! :)

    Drew Jr and Drew: Great scene! Glad Drew Jr told him about the money!

    Police station:

    Drew and Curtis: Curtis wins the line of hte day!

    Curtis: Awwww shoot. What did he do now?



    Dr. O, Hiney, and Maxie: Dr. O looked great!!!! :) What is with you Maxie?

    RayRay and Maxie: Okay what was all that about RayRay? Are you manipulating Maxie or what?

    Hiney and Maxie: Well I agree with Hiney! Maxie you should go back to school and pursue your own magazine! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Joss and Jax: Jax intimidating?!!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Joss and Carly: Awwww! Joss wants to be home schooled. :( I get it. :( Listen to Carly and later Sonny!!!

    Dr. O and Jax: HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Great scene!!! :) What is with Carly? Why does it matter to her who Jax dates?

    Carly and Dr. O: Glad Carly told Dr. O about what happened to BobTodd!!! Someone should have!!!

    The hospital:

    CarlyKim and Monica: Ohhhhh! So Monica is the one to convince CarlyKim to stay! I thought it would be Liz! CarlyKim was affected by that Drew Jr kiss! :)

    1. I loved Dr. O and Jax, especially when she started on the Grand Prix racing thing, lol! And Carly was being a pain in the butt yesterday. Curtis did win line of the day. Perfect delivery which made me laugh out loud!

  10. Dr. O looked really good! I kind of like RH playing a different character-always hated Franco. He really is good at portraying the other personality. Can't stand Kim making those faces all the time. I hope she leaves and Julian stays, although it would be fun to have Olivia running Charley's. Storylines are getting kind of convoluted, but it looks like it might be Peter with Helena.

    1. After that phone call I think you're right...
      I like Franco, and don't want him playing Drew but he's good whatever character he plays so....
      Pretty sure Kim isn't leaving now that Franco is "Drew".
      I wouldn't mind Olivia running Charlie's but it's a pub/bar a she's talking about a pizza oven pasta etc???


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