Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Helena Cassadine and Hank!!

In what I believe are a series of flashbacks, Helena shows up and is seen with none other than the DOD Cult leader Shiloh!!
Did she train him to be the mercenary in Afghanistan who stole fuel to get her coffers up?? Did she also send him on a secret mission to capture Drew and then have his memories changed to Jason so she could make her the "Solider Boy"? Would make sense. 
LOOK at how fashionable Connie aka Hells is!! SQUEE!!! 

Can't wait. TV Line had the exclusive on this, btw. Not yours truly (who usually gets all things HELENA before HELENA even gets them!!) 


  1. Wow. Can't wait. Love Helena scenes

  2. Is there any chance they might bring her back from the dead once more? She went out pretty lame with the whole Nikolas poisoning her bit....Never get tired of Helena...Constance is the best!!!!


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